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81 T-Max
82 Seo Taiji and Boys
83 Deux
84 Akdong Musician

AKDONG ARE SO CUTE. They are refreshing and are not your average Kpop artists

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85 I.O.I

The new project girl group of Korean! - gyungmin

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86 Fiestar
87 Monsta X

They are so cute and so good looking at all times.@3@

They have very great songs anytime and I love them good lack

The group is amazing! they're hilarious and they have different personalities that work together I feel like they're really close. They're really fan orientated

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88 Astro

To be honest I really love their music and all of their cute personalities. I discovered them from " to be continued " and when I heard they were an actual band I fell in love with the music, the choreography and the group members.

They are juniors but They sing, rap and Dance very good and they are so young and They deserve all the love ASTRO FIGHTING

I also discovered ASTRO from "To Be Continued". I loved their songs in the drama so much, so I searched it up on Youtube, and found out that they were a real k-pop boy band. After looking at their pictures, and reading stuff about ASTRO's members. I decided to make ASTRO my biased group. They are amazingly cute, and deserve to be pushed to the top. They also are young, so that gives them a little advangtage.

Fell in love from to be continued, breathless is amazing

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89 Coed School

Your songs was so great! I play your songs every time I work for my assignments! Hehehe ^-^ I love co-ed

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90 Touch

They sing and dance well particularly for rocking the Club promotions. Theirs songs have nice beat, catchy refrains and really enjoyable to listen to and dance with. Hopefully, the group line up become stable. I just wish they have more new songs and more promotions so more people can enjoy their music.

Especially, Let's Walk Together is great. New members performed their shows. Dances were cool because they performed fully on notes. Music accord and member's voices created balance. I recommend it

Nice songs especially the song lets walk together

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91 M.I.B. V 3 Comments
92 Topp Dogg

Topp Dogg is an amazing Rookie group with hardcore in-your-face raps. They also have some cool vocals in their group too.

Yes someday I really hope that they become more popular

A lot better than some of the top 20 groups

I love every songs of toppdogg. Oneday I believe yr gonna be the number 1 group in Korea, I believe you

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93 Day6

Here in 2016, I find it mind boggling how these 5 boys are able to balanace their studies, writing songs, practicing their instruments, and for Jae, cohosting a show. I absolutely love how each member is multitalented in singing and playing several instruments (not only their respective instruments that they play in their live shows). I know that some of them can dance fairly well and act too. I've never seen idols as polite and kind as Day6 and I hope that they can continue to gain more attention as they deserve to be recognized more. Literally, each of them sing and play instruments. There's really no lead singer because they all sing. And Jae and Young K rap as well. I really love their music style and their lyrics really power through as well. They're personalities are hilarious and I hope people will pay more attention to them because they really are amazing. If I'm being completely honest, their hilarious personalities pulled me in first then I heard their music. I believe I ...more

Day6 is amazing! I love how they all play an instrument! They're all so talented! I hope the become more popular in the future!

ITS AMAZING! They go full on live. And don't get me even started with their energy and talents!

Congratulations song is awesome!

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They are very new, but hot damn are they taking charge! Their songs are so eccentric and catchy, I just listen to them on repeat! Not to mention, they are all adorable! ( Almost adorable enough to not pull off the sexy atmosphere, but wow they still do ) They are really talented and deserve to be at least in the top 20, in my opinion! :) And don't even get me started on their choreography, amazing!

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95 NCT

They are new but such an amazing and new sound!

NCT fighting xoxo hope you guys will progress as the time goes and archive all the success, love and respect you guys deserve... fighting! You guys are debak

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96 Chocolat

Chocolat is the best! Some people didn't actually notice them but their music is the best!

97 GP Basic
98 Dal Shabet

Their songs rule the world! They have great songs like 'Hit U', 'Pink Rocket' and 'Supa Dupa Diva' which are good to listen to anywhere, anytime!

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99 Azura
100 S.E.S
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