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101 24K

Best group ever

*I love their song Still
* They're very handsome
* Songs are contagious and moved
* It is a shame that are in this position if I could rate it the top

102 S.E.S
103 Brown Eyed Soul

Great voices and as the name suggests a lot of soul

V 1 Comment
104 C-Real V 1 Comment
105 Lovelyz

They are cute and lovely unlike those people who only know sexy stuff. They are also talented. Just because they aren't as beautiful as Girls Generation, Twice... as sexy as Sistar, swag as 2NE1, 4minute... Doesn't mean that they aren't talented. Seriously, they need more attention!

They are cute and their voice are so nice and sweet. Lovelyz

Best Talent in Girl Groups: Lovelyz
Best Vocal in Girl Groups: Lovelyz
Best Choreography in Girl Groups: Lovelyz
Best Variety Skills in Girl Groups: Lovelyz
Best Visual in Girl Groups: Lovelyz
The Most Realistic Visual in Girl Groups: Lovelyz
The Cleanest Mind Girl Group: Lovelyz

106 Team 10
107 GP Basic
108 Smash V 2 Comments
109 Airplane

I love them! However, not many people know about them. :(

V 1 Comment
110 Stella V 1 Comment
111 WannaOne

I think BTS and Seventeen should be up there they are amazing groups and BlackPink to

112 Azura
113 A-Prince V 2 Comments
114 Clazziquai

It shoul be in top 20's. Their songs are incrediebly awesome! Especially their song She Is and others. Clazziquai Fighting!

115 Tahiti GirLs V 1 Comment
116 Two X
117 N.O.M
118 Tiny-G

Dohee for the win! Tiny-G is basically... munchkin version of other girl groups... Their concept is a bit off but they have a lot of talent and potential to be more.

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119 Akdong Musician

AKDONG ARE SO CUTE. They are refreshing and are not your average Kpop artists

The best duet ever!

120 Stellar
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