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121 Halo
122 Tahiti
123 Nia
124 Sechs Kies
125 HAM

Laugh out loud a weird name. They look kinda cute but I know nothing about there songs. Its not the ham we eat but it stands for : Heart and Mind... Laugh out loud!

Laugh out loud weird name that's all I know because I don't even know any of there songs and their names laugh out loud! But I've only heard of them.

They look kinda old and cute at the same time and its so awkward how its H.A. M because its like the ham that we eat. H.A. M stands for: Heart and Mind. Laugh out loud!

X) hehehehehe laugh out loud!

126 H.A.M

I didn't even know there was a group named ham. I justed voted cause of their name!

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127 Baby V.O.X.

Love Their Hits Like Get Up, Killer (That Even Beaten H.O.T), Dolls, What Can I Do, Ya YaYa.Their Song Coincidence/Accident Had Numerous Of Awards.And Also Their Member Yoon Eun Hye And Kan Mi Youn..Fights For The Best

128 Team H
129 Cross Gene

Cross Gene is an amazing boy band!
Members: Shin, Takuya, Casper, Yongseok, Sangmin and Seyoung!
Cross Gene is a band formed from 3 different genes to make one perfect group!

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130 100%

Really awesome band.
They match with Teen Top

100% also from TOP Media. They are really talented and ALL OF THEM CAN SING AND DANCE. They even used to do their dance practice live. Even though the leader is in the army and the maknae is on hiatus, the rest of the group is still working really hard. 100% HWAITING!

"Beat" and "U Beauty" are really great songs~~ I recommend them!

They deserve it so much to be happy ~ Love all of them, every single member is so talented!

131 Wonder Boyz

Awesome group needs way, more attention for god sakes!

132 My Name

Ok so not the most popular group but I love love love this group. Their music videos are so exciting especially the music video to Hello and Goodbye, and Baby I'm Sorry, so intense. One of my favorite boy bands. Please love and support them, they really are a great group. MYname fighting!

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134 Mr.Mr

This group is amaazzinngg! Rookie group! Highway is one of their best songs! Its awesome :) their song : mrmr is really good and meaningful :) I love the leader jin! (so smexyy)

135 The Boss
136 TRAX

It really breaks my heart to see TRAX so low on this list. They have been out for so long and although they don't have the whole band they started out with they still have a few good songs out there. I still like TRAX. TRAX FIGHTING!

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137 BTL
138 Wa$$up
139 Toheart
140 Electroboyz

Because there are so amazing

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