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121 Halo
122 Tahiti
123 HAM

Laugh out loud a weird name. They look kinda cute but I know nothing about there songs. Its not the ham we eat but it stands for : Heart and Mind... Laugh out loud!

Laugh out loud weird name that's all I know because I don't even know any of there songs and their names laugh out loud! But I've only heard of them.

They look kinda old and cute at the same time and its so awkward how its H.A. M because its like the ham that we eat. H.A. M stands for: Heart and Mind. Laugh out loud!

X) hehehehehe laugh out loud!

124 H.A.M

I didn't even know there was a group named ham. I justed voted cause of their name!

I like cheese too!

125 Baby V.O.X.

Love Their Hits Like Get Up, Killer (That Even Beaten H.O.T), Dolls, What Can I Do, Ya YaYa.Their Song Coincidence/Accident Had Numerous Of Awards.And Also Their Member Yoon Eun Hye And Kan Mi Youn..Fights For The Best

126 Cross Gene

What they need to be higher

Cross Gene is an amazing boy band!
Members: Shin, Takuya, Casper, Yongseok, Sangmin and Seyoung!
Cross Gene is a band formed from 3 different genes to make one perfect group!

127 100%

Really awesome band.
They match with Teen Top

100% also from TOP Media. They are really talented and ALL OF THEM CAN SING AND DANCE. They even used to do their dance practice live. Even though the leader is in the army and the maknae is on hiatus, the rest of the group is still working really hard. 100% HWAITING!

"Beat" and "U Beauty" are really great songs~~ I recommend them!

They deserve it so much to be happy ~ Love all of them, every single member is so talented!

128 My Name

Ok so not the most popular group but I love love love this group. Their music videos are so exciting especially the music video to Hello and Goodbye, and Baby I'm Sorry, so intense. One of my favorite boy bands. Please love and support them, they really are a great group. MYname fighting!

129 BTL
130 Toheart

They have nice song...

Love the song " I no". They totally deserve more popularity

132 Super Junior-K.R.Y.

I Love Them, they're the best talented, I love their voices, mainly Yesung, but my ultimate bias is KyuHyun I'm a Gamer

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133 I.O.I

The new project girl group of Korean! - gyungmin

Love whatta man

134 MOBB V 1 Comment
135 Wonder Girls Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls rules the world! Their hit songs, like 'Nobody', 'So Hot', 'Tell Me', '2 Different Tears', 'Be My Baby' and 'Like This' are good to listen to anywhere, anytime! 'Wonder Girls' was the first K-pop group I ever knew, and this fabulous group is the reason of why I like K-pop!

I Love the Wonder Girls! They're humble and when they perform its just full of energy that will give you goosies and make you wanna stand up and sing along with them!

Wonder Girls are the queen of kpop. Being the first Korean artists to enter the Billboard singles chart with the group's single "Nobody", this has showed how great the Wonder Girls are. Their latest song for their comeback in last November "Be My Baby" has reached over 16 million views in just 3 months time. They have also released their US single/OST for their movie special "The Wonder Girls", "The DJ Is Mine". CHECK THEM OUT GUYS!

I wonder why they are so low. - Chatsa2

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136 Brown Eyed Girls

One of the few bands that are actually artists, not just idols. They are all vocally capable so there are no dead-weights. Plus, they show maturity in their music.

Great vocals, dance moves, and rapping are totally captivating. Would love to see them live.

These are my favourite K-Pop group, true talent and pioneers and music that goes beyond any language barriers.

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137 H.O.T.

I hope they can comeback again

1st kpop band like monster

138 Hello Venus Hello Venus Hello Venus is a South Korean girl group formed by Tricell Media, a joint venture between Pledis Entertainment and Fantagio, in 2012. It was announced in July 2014 that the two companies had ended their partnership, with the remaining members continuing under Fantagio.

Hello venus members are so pretty!

Hello venus the best!
Love them forever
When we have them we don't need any thing else
Lovely yooara alice nara yoonjo lime & yooyoung
All pretty!
And nice
Great dances and songs
Best female group of 2012

Wiggle, wiggle is an AWESOME song!

139 AOA

They are so cute and wonderful

Go AOA.. we love you.. you are so beautiful among the rest..

I love Aoa they treasure their fans more than any other groups.

Aoa is amazing

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140 Spica

One of the only groups to have all five be excellent vocals. Even the rapper can sing very well. This group is like a diamond, rare to find but precious to keep at the same time.

Spica is the best! They're a newer group but have just as much talent as other top groups. Spica I love you!

Spica is amazing, their style is very unique among other K-pop groups. They can rap like 2ne1.
They can sing like SNSD.
And they can dance like Miss A.
Their talents are amazing and they deserve to be number one!

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