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Noona's young romance? Well not anymore, SHINee with members Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, and Key is the contemporary band that debuted with their "Replay" single and now they have grown to be more manly and as better as ever from releasing "Ring Ding Dong" and "Lucifer".

Today, they are known not just in Korea but in other parts of Asia, Europe, and U. S and has officially debuted in Japan with the remake of "Replay" and topping in their music charts like Oricon in it's first weeks of sales.
--These boys have made each and every shawols (their fandom) as proud as they can be as they continue to sweep the music industry with their contemporary music dashing talent for dancing.

Ok, let's get this straight. None of the members are homosexuals so please don't make any assumptions! I've seen the majority of SHINee's activities since they debuted. From what I've seen, all the members seem to be genuine and responsible, there is NO proof that they are gay. They stated their ideal girl types not MALES. Just because they are dressed a bit flashy, it's their stylist and directors. They do not have a choice and need to obey the orders from their authorities. Sure, they have skinship but who wouldn't. They have lived together since they debuted 2008- and they, of course, would have gotten closer. In Korea, that's how they show their affection and attitude not out of romance but as siblings. Though, they may have their flaws, such as Onew's current mistakes in 2013, who is perfect? To me, they seem to be the most legit and talented boy group in 2013. They were already successful in 2008. The only fact that I can't tolerate is when people prejudge them. Calling them ...more

SHINee is the best! #1 KPOP group!
They are the best when LIVE perform (not like the other group), and bad at lipsyn (Sorry, but, it's true&. Well, their lipsync ability is improved now XP)
Their singing ability n dancing ability is no doubt. They can sing well while dancing so complicated choreography&.
Although each member have really different personalities, they're synchronizing well at stage. Be the cute boy which melt noona's heart at Replay till the sexy-hot men which make noonas go crazy at Sherlock, they're really improved so much since their debut (well, they're great even since their debut&). VERSATILE! Each member have great voice! Dancing skill is amazing! Their choreo is so complicated but indeed so beautiful! Their personal talent are so great, not only singing and dancing, but also acting, modelling, mc-ing...
For me, they're the best!

Shining SHINee's Lucifer is really makes noona's heart RingDingDong, their love is oxygen and Shawol will be ...more

I love them so much. They are talented and they TRUE to themselves.

Dubu Leader Onew, even if your such a dork, I still love you. You make fun of everyone else. You make everyone laugh. You complete our day. Your smile is so perfect. When you smile we smile. You make our heart melt. And also your voice. Your voice is so attracted, so unique. What kind of person are why so perfect?
Bling Bling Jonghyun, you're a funny, also a dork, and such a powerful voice. Actually I'm so envy to you that you can reach those kind of high notes. 4 octaves? WOW! You make me cry whenever you sing. Your latest song Selene 6.23, actually made me cry. When I played it I can feel your emotion when you sing. I love you and always do.

ALMIGHTY DIVA Key, why so diva? I'm inspired to you because of fashion. I hope we can get along someday, I love fashion a lot. Your singing skills are so great, its not just you can sing in high notes but also you can rap. Last time when Minho oppa was not ...more

SHINee are the best K-pop band EVER! They were the ones who brought me into kpop with 'Hello' as the first kpop song I ever listened to. SHINee is a group of talented young men which are as follows: Jonghyun, Key, Onew, Minho and Taemin. Each member has a diiferent character which makes them stand out to the crowd more. The members of SHINee work incredibly well together and their voices blend magnificently. They show us Shawols (SHINee fans) that we can be who we want to be, show our character and not be afraid of judgement. They inspire me in music as its my passion and I look up to them as role models to my future (if I'm lucky enough to be a singer like them :P) they make me feel proud to be a shawol and not only can they sing but they can dance too! They are all talented and can perform perfectly on stage without fault. I suggest everyone to listen to SHINee's songs. I could go on all day about my opinions of SHINee but I think I'll stop here haha :) SHINee+Shawols FOREVER! :D

SHINee was my first guy group they introduced me into k-pop with their videos 'RingDingDong' and 'Lucifer' all I knew was man the guy with the long hair is hot (Taemin). I started looking more into it and fell in love. SHINee is good is many ways they out of many groups known for they're complex dances, wonderful dances, and choreography. Through the years though the group that grew most was them. Minho now is singing more than he used too he just rapped he's improved tremendously and Taemin the baby of the group has grown up his dancing has improved a lot considering he was one of the best dancers his voice has expanded in ranges he can sing higher now. The group stays together but each of them spread out with their talents. Taemin is featuring in a lot of videos including Trap by Henry, Boa's 'Disturbance' and is now even in a unit group! Minho has expanded his acting. Key starred in a musical last year. They don't lip sing and they dance while singing. Onew and Jonghyun? Their ...more

There's a reason why SHINee is DBSK 2.0. They're voices while singing are insanely perfect. They have the skill and attitude like DBSK did. Jonghyun's voice is a perfect roll, he can go high or low, whichever the song prefers. He suits it to the song and there's not many people who can do that. Minho with his rapping, and now singer voice, is actually amazing considering he didn't come from a rapper background like others.
Onew's perfect ballad shaped voice is perfect for that soothing tone, there's no wonder why many people love to hear it a lot.
Key's rapping, much like Minho's, is perfection. Also, it is very possible for him to sing, and when he does, it's just as beautiful as anyone's. But when it comes to his dancing, watch out, because those moves and those hips can kill. He brings his diva side into his dancing, all the better in my opinion.
Taemin is THE dancer of the group. He cannot stop dancing, said it himself. His heart and passion goes into each move he makes. ...more

They are all so talented in different ways...
Onew oppa is so soft voice and I love his voice sing a ballad songs and he is very funny and natural in everything the best leader.

Jonghyun oppa, I love his powerful voice, consistent in all his high notes, and a good song writer, a funny dorky man too.

Kim kibum oppa, I love his fashionista look and his english speaking, a great singer and a good umma to his member, and also a great and almighty diva in all.

Minho oppa, great rapper and also not only a great rapper but but he has a very good and soft voice, a very good actor, a good dancer to and a macho man in a group.
Taeminnie, great dancer and also a great singer verry pretty man that is prettier than me/other noona their, a cuteboy and a funny playful maknae..
I love them much.

Onew oppa, key oppa, jonghyun oppa, minho oppa and taeminnie.. Saranghaeyo.

SHINee is very unique. You can easily distinguish voices, however they sound exceptional in sync. They have complex yet flowing choreography, obe of the few points that set them apart. Live; they sing with their true voices, and they just sound melodious. They many songs that range in style, yet one can tell which songs are SHINee's. They have overall a powerful performance, harmonious voices one and alone, have smooth dances, moving songs. To top off this heap of talents, SHINee has pretty and handsome, faces that can make both genders swoon.

They all have different personalities which makes their group stand out among these other groups. They all have amazing skills both in dancing and singing and they are a unique group who creates their own style whether it be fashion, style, performances, concept, etc. And during their live shows, it doesn't seem like they are having any difficulties. The studio versions and MV's of their songs doesn't have much difference with their live performances. THEY NEVER FAIL US! They may not be the best but they are working on it! Lets just hope to see them in 10 more years. SHINEE FIGHTING!

Yes I am so happy that it's high up on this list because they deserve it. SHINee was my first kpop group that I got into and my first song I listened to was Lucifer. Even though I am not Korean I still find their songs amazing. Some of my favorites are Lucifer, View, Replay, Hello and Ring Ding Dong although I have many more songs by them that I love. SHINee will be going to the army soon and I saw many posts in which people were like that SHINee will disband once everyone returns from the army as they will be in their 30s and SM wont allow them to stay. After reading that I started crying but IT IS JUST A RUMOR. So SHINee has been losing fans because of all the new bands that are coming out and I feel so sad for them. More people should know about them. They are my all-time fave group and will be even if they disband. Even though I love a lot of other bands like EXO, Got7, Infinite and a lot more but SHINee is the most amazing band I have ever know and I will continue supporting them ...more

There are no words to describe the awesomeness that is SHINee. They are just that completely amazing and awesome like that. They're so good that I can't even pick a bias. Onew is such a charismatic leader, Key is the diva, Jonghyun's voice is just amazing, Minho raps LIKE A BOSS and Taemin is so cute but HOT at the same time.

They all have unique personality and are different in so many ways, but it's what makes them so perfect. They have dancing skills that are amazing compared to most groups and their voices fit perfectly with each other. Although many think they're young, but their talents are beyond. They have improved more more through these few years, seeing the difference and how much more they could accomplish if they were given a chance. - Yukisakurasan

They are amazing singers and dancers; they perform amazingly live. Undoubtedly, SHINee is one of the best live acts that the K-pop industry has to offer. Personality wise, they don't put on fronts for variety shows, and they come across as fun and relaxed people. From "Replay" all the way to "Sherlock", I can tell that they have improved very much on both singing and dancing.

They sure one of the best live performance in kpop music. Their dance and music are so amazing. High note and hard dance, they can handle it well. I think they are very talented and especially young. Onew as the eldest, 23 years old internationally this year. They still have long time to study more and improve their skill. And their debut song "Replay" is so lovely, I fall in love to this song first time I heard it.

First kpop group I ever liked not because of their looks (but their looks still count anyways) but mainly because of their meaningful handwritten songs and their beautiful voices... I don't just like only one member, I like the whole group because' all of the 5 members make SHINee complete and unique. And their dance moves are truly amazing and its complicated.

Every member from SHINee is well talented and have their own colors. They all know how to sing (well, Minho is a bit weaker than other members, but I think he still sings really good as a strong rapper), dance very well. Despite how awesome they are as individuals, when they are SHINee, their teamwork just make them amazing! They somehow show their own characteristics when they are SHINee, but everything just fits perfectly as Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Taemin and as SHINee! They do lots of live-singing (really live singing). Their voices are really strong and charming even with difficult but fantastic group dances. They are also funny, smart, and good-looking! In my opinion, they are also one of the most talented idol groups in the K-pop history, and they deserve the name of SHINee (the people who shines)

SHINee the best! I started to know SHINee when I watched their Ring Ding Dong MV. I gotta say SHINee is the reason why I started loving Kpop. Plus, they are my inspiration. They have great personalities and very humble. Their choreographies are all very unique. In short, I love SHINee very much. Each member has their own charms, but my bias is Minho oppa! The guy that forever is in my heart. SHINee, flaming charisma, FIGHTING!

SHINee has been strong ever since they first debuted in 2008. They never cease to amaze me with their music and choreography. They've all developed so much over the years and have done an amazing job not only in Korea, but overseas in Japan and other parts of Asia. They're probably the best dance group in the kpop industry. Their image is constantly evolving and remains fresh and new. They also have some strong vocals and strong tracks in all different genres of music. All the members of SHINee have developed a strong relationship with one another. I wish them luck and success in and a long lasting career. SHINee fighting~

SHINee is a group that will get you laughing if you are having a bad day. They all have many individual talent and when they combine them then its just amazing. Each and every character (Onew, Minho, Jonghyun, Taemin, and Key) have inspired me in a way. Their songs are also amazing and Lucifer was the first song I watched from them and they are also the first kpop group I knew when I started watching kpop. I also recommend you watch SHINee's Hello as it just cheers me up. They have been through so much together and literally grew up together, and I will continue to support them. P.S Give them lots of love and SHINee FIGHTING!

Honestly, Big Bang was the one that introduced me to K-pop but Shinee was the one that kept me in! I am normally very dubious with the entertainment world and I know they have their secrets, but Shinee without a doubt has amazing teamwork and the best I have seen ever!

They are a all rounding group that can do just about anything. Sure in the beginning they had their traits that they were best at like JongHyun and Onew with their vocals, Key as an allrounder, Minho as visual, and Taemin as dancer, but they have gone so above and beyond that now. They can all work as visual, their vocals have been strongly built and everyone can sing so beautifully now, dancing is to the point that they all have their styles and each and every one of them have been getting better and better.

In their concerts, they are the best! They seriously can't lipsync whatsoever so they always sing live making it that much better. Variety shows with them are always very interesting and make me feel ...more

Shines is amazing. They are talented singers and dancers. Their performances are always perfect with their great live singing and their intense choreography. They each have a place in the group and they stand out individually. Our leader onew has a sweet and melodious voice. Jonghyun has one of the best voices in kpop, his singing is fantastic. Key is super talented since he can sing, rap, and dance amazingly. Charismatic Minho is a great rapper and finally our maknae, Taemin is a dancing machine and a wonderful singer who has improved so much since his debut. I love shinee so much and for me they are the best kpop group. They are cute, funny, and very hardworking.

They're improving everyday. More powers to my idol group SHINee! All the best! Each member showing their unique talent is just beautiful. Showing off a taste of variations to their 2 new albums especially "the Misconceptions of me" where they sing their songs with a heart and a twist of fire is better be called appreciation. Listening to their voices and the every beat they sing is just SHINing. Keep up being SHINee you deserve the Shining spot in the music world. Bet on it! ~shawolphilippines

SHINee is coming up to their 4th anniversary this may. They are very hard working and they are very skilled choreography wise. I reckon you should vote for them because they also have to learn a song and then, for some, learn it in Japanese. All over I would say that they are smexy-fun-cute-gorgeous-great personalised guys

They sing good, they dance good, and their teamwork is just so perfect! All 5 of them are so good looking, but on top of that, they all have such good personalities and are so close to each other! They can pull off any and every style of clothing, hair... Etc since they are contemporary band and I just love them so much