SS501 is Perfect! They have the strongest bond ever! They're like Real siblings who love each other so much! FOREVER TRIPLE S here. They will always be in my heart. They are the best of the best. The love they give to their fans is Infinite. I will always wait for them to reunite again! There is something about SS501 that will make you love them unconditionally. They are Unique. Their songs is just so great even the dance steps. THEY ARE MY best BETTEREST GOODEST <laugh out loud. > Band ever! They always make the top 1 songs when they are still not hiatus. They are so humble even they became famous all over the world! I know that in this contest they would never be in the 1st place.That's because not all the triple s around the world knew this website. If all the triple s knew about this, I'm 100% sure SS501 will make it to the top.

And PLEASE STOP UNDERESTIMATING SS501! Because you don't know how great they are! CAN OTHER K-POP GROUP LOVE THEIR FANS LIKE SS501 DO?! AND ...more

SS501 is everything a group should be. Great vocals with a balanced blend of tones with a wide diversity. These guys are great to their fans and always try to evolve them in all their performances. They have also shown how down to earth and kind hearted they are by being involved in charity work which I admire the most about them. As a group or as individual singers they have proven time and again that they are powerful forces in K-Pop. SS501 is an all around world-class group.

I like everything in their performance - they deliver the songs (even if I don't understand the meaning but I feel the message) very well. Best of all is their brotherly and friendly relationship - supporting each other. They are very entertaining and humble. It's fun to watch the playfulness of Park Jung Min and his smile. I love the sweet and high pitch of Hoe Young Saeng. Kyu Jong has an angelic face and smile. Kim Hyung Jun and Kim Hyun Joong are both adorable and lovely. All of them have amazing and great voice. The credit of course goes to the Leader Kim Hyun Joong - he is the hub of the group. I just came to know them when they're no longer together but I support what they are doing now as they also need to have that individual identity but just like a family they are still the ss501 - forever.

They are so hot! They have great vocalist and most of their song are perfect! Good MVs, good songs, wonderful dances, great vocalists and great harmony, amazing raps and the most important handsome and amazing members! I'm going to vote for them! - same

I love SS501 and I always will. They were the band that actually got me to fall in love with kpop. I have not found one song by them that I don't like which is not as much as I can say for other bands. I mean I do like other bands like Super Junior, Big Bang, 2NE1, Shinee and etc. But they will always be #1 in my heart. I think if they were to come back now once Kyu Jong comes back from the army then they would be at the top of the list. I am sad that they are not in the top 10 where they should be but the fact that they are in the top 20 proves to me that Triple S fans have not given up or forgotten them. They have proven how caring and talented they R. I think they are one of the closest groups I know. They will always be in our hearts and they will never be forgotten as long as people like Triple S exist!

They are natural, good friendship between members, many their songs are very catchy. 5 members have their own talents and power however when they are together, they always take care well each others and work hard for the final results of whole group. The love among them is really true like a family, not fake or just to act in front of fans. Just go ahead for whatever you do, group, solo or just like a small units

I love there songs and their members as well, they seem like a family even when they are doing solo things. Some of my favorite songs are let me be the one, love ya, and a song calling for you. They were my first kpop group I know and Kim hyun joong is one of my favorite members. They are all really talented people!

They are amazing! Once you start listening to them you can't stop. Each member is different and when they are together they will create a masterpiece! They debuted in 2005, even though they took a break, they have come back as SS301. Hopefully SS501 will be 1 once again!

Ss501 is the best! They are one of the longest running boyband in South Korea! They also participated in lots of shows like thank you for waking us up.. Their voices blended naturally and they also have great moves! TripleS will always be waiting for their comeback!

SS501 is has a great image as our friend next door they are the original of dorky idols.. They are humble, fun, playful, and they have great sense of music.. Look at them now.. Each members have great achievement in entertainment world.

SS501 They is a Supper Star in my mind and all TripleS everyone. Because we wanna be to see and meet SS501 all member on stage again! Please help vote SS501

SS501 was the group that got me into Kpop. Their music is catchy, their vocal talent is superb and their individual personalities are great. I love all of their songs and performances and I really enjoy all of their videos. They're funny and I'm hoping for one amazing comeback

There is absolutely no kpop boy band that can compare to then. While most kpop bands are made up of looks with few real singers, Ss501 is both. Looks Every single member is so talented! Their songs are so so so amazing too! The looks, the voice, the moves, and the heart. They have it ask! They should be number 1!

SS501 is the best. They are cute, adorable, hardworking, funny, loyal, hot, generous, kind, playful and sexy. Their song are always awesome. They all have very different and unique voice just listen once and and you'll know. They really are more beautiful than flowers. People say they will never come back together but we TRIPLE S believe in them THEY WILL STAND ON STAGE AS 5 FOREVER AS 1.

I love them so much! I can't wait until the day that they reunite and shut everyone up! They are hilarious and no one can be as cute and amusing as they are when they are all together! The one thing that DSP did right was to put these five amazing guys together in the same team

SS501 are the best, always show the best on stage and even though they have separated yet they continue to work hard for their dreams, not only show a good example as artists but also as people.!

I love them and I will always love them, I will never stop being Triple S!
SS501 SS501 fighting ~ Always & Forever Triples as 1, 24/7 from Monday to Sunday night! - dannysdanii

SS501 is an amazing group and even when every member is now performing solo-ly, they are all doing well and improving themselves for a ss501 comeback

Kim Hyun Joong... He is the best... With amazing sense of humour... Down to earth and every time he bring something different...

This group? I have nothing to say. Because they're too awesome in everything. If you don't know who they're, it's just meaningless for you to live in this world SS501 fighting!

They're songs are amazing and their dancing definitely deserves something way more than applause! I love their songs, especially LOVE YA. All of their songs are catchy and meaningful, as well as their videos well choreographed. As for their music, well I have no words to describe it. They are just excellent!

SS501 is a very cool group! They can do everything for there fans just to make them happy.. And one thing that I love them so much is because of there leader kim hyun joong! He sacrifice everything for his group! Forever as one! SS501 we will wait the day that all of you will comeback! Kim hyun joong oppa! Keep up the good work, always remember that we Triple S and you're brothers SS501 will alway be here by your side to support and loved you always! Saranghe!

There's nothing I can say that isn't known. They're all talented handsome with great personalities. They're the best kpop group there is. They're not at the top right now because they are solo, but as soon as they comeback they will get their thrown back. New groups be prepared!

Kin kyun joong he's the reason I came in contact with k drama and kpop

Ss501 is the best music group in the world, hyun joong, jung min, young saeng, kyu jong, hyung joon all of them are best friends. We can get lot of good qualities from them

SS501 was my first kpop band and my ultimate kpop bias, Park Jung Min is in it. SS501 also worked really hard and they care so much about their fans. Their music is awesome and really cute too. They can pull off dark and cute at the same time.