While their debut was forgettable, they redeemed themselves ten-fold this season with WOW, which is by far one of the strongest rookie singles of the year. I'm a big fan now and I've grown to appreciate everything that I looked over earlier in 2012. They're great guys and they're tremendously talented and I'm so excited to see what they come out with next!

BtoB is a really talented group. They are really born to beat. Ever since they debuted not long ago, they are already able to travel to 2 countries, Singapore and Indonesia and are ready to perform in Taiwan, Philippines and Hong Kong. They really have done melodies proud

I think they are all truly talented people, each can sing and/or rap really well live. I got hooked on to their song "Insane" the very first time it debuted. They came back really well with their new mini album, Press Play, and have shown their abilities to change their themes. Look forward to hearing a lot more from them!

No one can deny that BTOB is one of the rookie with the best vocals within the group the debut this year. WOW is just amazing and really made them shine. I'm really looking forward to this group so much! Each individual members are talented and equipped with various skills! Looking forward to their future performances too!

They all have good vocals. I totally love them because of their cuteness, vocals, dance, etc. They always make me smile when I listen to their songs. I hope they will be successful in the future! Fighting BTOB!

Their new hit song WOW really made me WOWing all the way... RETRO + STYLISH + CATCHY
This year's best rookie group may be theirs :D please support BTOB melodies! If you haven't listen to WOW, go listen now you will surely like it, I promise

BTOB is so underrated, I'm not even kidding. They debuted with a great song, Insane, that I completely got hooked to the minute I started listening. Then their other songs on the album also blew me away.
More so than that though, their vocals are just AMAZING. Like, no other rookie group even comes close to BTOB when it comes to vocals and lives. These boys are TALENTED.

They are have a big fans from the first week..
And there skills is perfect / I believe they will be a big stars one day
+ they sing very well and they have 3 raber '. ' that's great
I really love btob and I'm huge fan &

They have real talent. Each of them has an amazing voice, plus they seem to truly love what they do. Their live vocals are really good - not very different from the recorded version of their songs.
Unlike other idol groups, they are not afarid to show their true selves, or their makeupless faces.
They have multiple talents, such as singing (of course), dancing, acting, playing various instruments, they seem to lrearn foreign languages very fast.
Also, I feel how much they care about their fans.
From the very beginning, I loved this group, I anticipate every little thing they do.
I personnaly feel (and hope) that they can go really far.

I am a fan of BEAST too. And comparing to BEAST's debut, they have better vocal than BEAST. I think they will be great in the future. They have everything that it takes to be a star. I'm sure one day they will be just like their sunbaes.

BTOB is a promising group that consists of very talented members with great personalities especially when they're together. They are well equipped with skills and passion. Their hardwork and teamwork will get them far. Just wait and see. They have Melody by their side.

BTOB never show that they're tired even in broadcast or in their program. They always want to do the best for their fans. In their mind I think Fans are number 1 and always give inspiration. That's why when we see them on T.V., they always smile. Do the best BTOB! One day you can be like BEAST, your sunbae

Love them before they debut, they do are similar with beast, but they have their own uniqueness and they should receive more love from us, melody and btob, daebak

This group has multiple talents. They came out better than I expected when they debuted. Great mixture of personalities too.

BTOB is the best they are very talented their songs are very nice it will really touch your heart. Not like other group their songs are very noisy, like nonsense for me because it's just all about catchy lyrics and dancy rhythm. Others are not even good at ballad... CUBE ENTERTAIMENT is the best!

They're so talented. They all can sing and dance so well, and Ilhoon can rap really well too. They're just amazing.


Btob is the best. In this group I thing sungjae is the best.
Btob have very strong voice and perfect music videos.
They are really good.

I like all of their songs... Addictive.. Amazing vocal and harmonization... Funny... Totally awesome...

They are really cool guys. I hope they will make great progress on the road to success. And, with their hard work, I am sure they can become one of the greatest bands in the world oneday. I am with you guys all the time.

BTOB is the best of this year! They can lots of things... Play the musical instruments, speak English, Chinese, Japanese... Powerful Vocal,
Write the lyrics, composition ability...
I believe They'll be the best of the world!

I like btob because they so all handsome and can dance too! They're song wow! Was really fun and love it!

Amazing group! Just breath-taken by their awesome vocals, instrumental talents, etc. I love BtoB!

From the get go they have impressed me so much
all the members can sing, dance & rap, I love them

Their vocals... Its not the same old kpop mainstream. This is for real! They are truly promising