Gee - SNSD


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The song is catchy, it's not autotune music (ex:Friday Rebecca Black), and that's the first kpop song I have ever heard. Trying to see what that song was called and who wrote it made me discover kpop in the first place, and it's really an upbeat song. The video is probably the most viewed song on YouTube that is kpop. Just wish it was as high as party rock anthem videos...

Best song and it is catchy and love this group. Even their one of the team mate is out of group. The girls continue to perform from SONE or their fans. And it's the first Kpop song that had reach 100 million viewers in kpop history. All though I m a girl I love this group than other girls/Boys groups. Lost of love From SONE. FIGHTING

My first ever kpop song that made me fall in love with kpop and get to know beautiful and kind people who love the same type of music as me and also come to respect awesome idols despite the language barriers. Because love need no words

Gee is the most favourite video on YouTube and I think these song is the mother of kpop

Gee is so catchy snsd's songs are so catchy how can you not love it!? I love Gee and SNSD

Followed by PSY's Gangnam Style (which isn't a proper music at all), SNSD's Gee is the most viewed Kpop video in Youtube. Gee and SNSD beats every other of the Kpop artistes. Gee should be the first!

Best song ever! With their simplest yet elegant costumes, these 9 angels influenced and made the the world dance to its beat. Truly, madly, and deeply the best!

Snsd should be number 1 because they are really good at singing and there dance move are extremely good and I hope they become 1 number in the future!

I think it SNSD because of their hard work and how they were trainees for a long period of time and how popular they are

One of my first KPop songs. It made me fall in love with SNSD. The Japanese and Korean versions are both great and the music videos are good too.

I love SNSD and this is my favorite song! Nobody must have heard such a good song like this!

Everyone knows SNSD is the queen of Kpop. No need to argue. The song "Gee" was one of the most successful Kpop song, it's also the most view Kpop video in YouTube.

This song is super move, has excellent choreography. And it has always been well received by its rhythm so original and above all because its members transferred us that joy and meaning through GeeGee

The best girl group in kpop and in the world. billboard even approve that Girls Generation are the best girl group in the world! They are one of the most fans in kpop. They are the only girl group that can compete with boy bands such as big bang, suju and dbsk. They are the big four together with big bang, suju and dbsk. Not to mention they have more than 118,000,000 views in YouTube and 9 weeks at #1 charts with Gee song. Unlike t-ara, they are very beautiful WITHOUT plastic surgery. Many girl group copies and plagiat their style, their song such as cherrybelle and 9 muses, etc, it's because they envy them and they wanted to be like them but FAIL 100% cause they'll never be replace by stupid girl group plagiarism. They are the LEGEND and the QUEEN of kpop! Everyone approves that, cause there are no other girl groups that can replace them as the legend and queen of kpop. Not even 2ne1 or t-ara or kara or sistar or even wondergirls. They are the best girl group ever! Billboard even ...more

Gee gee gee gee Baby Baby Baby Bay... I love this song so much. It brought me to KPOP in 2009! I love SNSD

Gee is the song that make Girls' Generation become popular all around Asia. Gee is also the first and the only song that bring 9 trophies in the row. It has the most view of Kpop MV on YouTube. It's the song that every Kpop fan know. Gee is the best! 1 - ror":{ "message":"(#803)someof

I don't even know how anyone could not get this stuck in their head. I love this song! Girls Generation, fighting!

Their voices are so cute I love them so much I wish I was Korean so I can be kpop star

This is one of the first kpop songs I ever heard and basically converted me to kpop! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

Gee was the first ever Kpop song I watched. It's so catchy. The choreography is so good. SNSD did a great job!

I don't think that I need to say anything, our legendary queens are the best

Gee is my favorite kpop song ever, and I just love that its one of the most popular kpop songs ever...

Gee will always be my number one song in the kpop industry with it cute dance and catchy beat

One of the Defining songs for Kpop, many covers were made and people all across the globe are in love with it. Attained best digital song for golden disk award 2009