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181 Crazy - 4minute Crazy - 4minute V 2 Comments
182 Beautiful Liar - Vixx LR Beautiful Liar - Vixx LR

This song is absoluty haunting and makes you feel the lost of hope and despair that leo is feeling when he, Leo represent himself, the person that have giving up on himself in order to let the girl he love go. Ravi represent the part (Personality) of Leo that is fighting with the Leo that have giving up and does not want to give up on her. this song makes me cry every time I watch/listen to it.. fighting

This song is too beautiful to explain. every time I hear it, I start to tear up. - bubbleteaknj

183 Goodbye Baby - Miss A Goodbye Baby - Miss A

Miss a is the best.. Ggogogogo miss a we love you :) I hope you can visit here at Philippines I hope sososos

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184 Hug - DBSK
185 Mona Lisa - MBLAQ Mona Lisa - MBLAQ

It is really a catchy song! Awesome coreography! And good vocals!.. Monalisa is one of the best songs of 2011! Great feeling! =D gotta love it!

I love this so song so much, I love their dance too int his mv, it's just so cool, always make me want to dance all the time

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186 Get Out - JYJ Get Out - JYJ

How can I say?
I love the beat, I love the music, I love JYJ
What else could I say?

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187 Barae / I Hope - F.T Island
188 Touch - Miss A Touch - Miss A

I love to sing this song, and I love the kpop group who sing this song... MISS A... Fighting!

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189 Rain Sound - B.A.P Rain Sound - B.A.P

You probably cry when listening to this song

190 My Type - Ikon My Type - Ikon
191 My My - A Pink

So adorable song. One of the best A Pink's songs.

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192 Hanarete Itemo - 2PM
193 I'm Going Crazy - Se7en I'm Going Crazy - Se7en
194 I'll Back Off So You Can Live - G.NA

This is one of my favorite songs. This song is very touching...

195 Severely - F.T. Island

I love this song so much because we can feel the lyrics and enjoy the song without any dancing for once.

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196 To You - Teen Top
197 What the Hell - B.A.P What the Hell - B.A.P
198 Sunset Glow - Big Bang

THIS IS THE BEST SONG BY THE BEST BOYBAND EVER! It is joyful, happy, upbeat, sad, mournful, angry... Everything, and it is so uplifting. I love this song and everyone I know loves it too, please vote for Sunset Glow!

199 Honey - J.Y.P (Jin Young Park)
200 Rock Your Body - VIXX

Vixx is the best

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