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201 Rock Your Body - VIXX

Vixx is the best

202 Nillili Mambo - Block B
203 Boy In Luv - BTS

I love this song solo much and it is 197 like what's wrong with people this should be in the top 10 like I'm so mad all of the bts songs are up so high WHY can't flood sweet and teas be like number 1 now that is the best song ever

283 place?!?! You gotta be kidding me. This song is amazing and deserves more attention. Bts songs are the best! They should always be number 1!

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204 Insane - Ailee

Beautiful and Rare like ailee

205 View - Shinee

This is an amazing song. DOWN DOWN DOWN VIEW!

206 I Luv It - Psy

My favorite Psy song! So catchy and perfectly shows a person's mind. - TheGoldenRifle

207 Bad - BIGBANG
208 NalinA - Block B
209 Tell Me Goodbye - Big Bang

Such a Good song to listen to. It's a nice and relaxing song to listen to.

A beautiful song where Big Bang's voices really shine through

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210 Breathe - Miss A

This is a Very Beautiful song.. :D

211 Miss Right - Teen Top

This song WILL be stuck in your head forever!

Such a catchy chorus!

212 Standing Still - U Kiss
213 NoNoNo - A Pink

They have consistantly good music, just listen to Fairytale love
The members are also variety geniuses, and have personalities that are way different than their concept

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214 Pop Pop - Girls' Generation
215 Bar Bar Bar - Crayon Pop

The lyrics are nothing to shout about, and it's the type of song that you either totally love or passionately hate - but any song that can bring out such feeling can only be successful if a genius touch was introduced. Its infectious tune and dance blew me away and turned me into a CP fan overnight from a 5-year SONE.

The kind of song that comes once in decade. You either totally love it or passionately hate it, but the fact that it can bring out such divisive feelings mean the song is a work of genius. As for me, I was blown away by it and overnight dropped SNSD for CP.

216 A.D.T.O.Y. - 2PM

Sexiest 2PM! Long live your butts guys

God bless Minjun and when their part comes I feel goosebump rising and my panty definitely gets wet.absolute eargasm

217 Rum Pum Pum Pum - f(x)

One of the best songs by f (x). Love all the girls, especially Amber!

218 Destiny - Infinite

This should be at the upper part of the chart. They won 4 #1s in just two weeks of promotions!

They are the 1st Korean singer that film the MV in Universal Studio.

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219 Singing Got Better - Ailee
220 Call Me - Taegoon
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