Best KPOP Songs of All Time

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201 I'm Going Crazy - Se7en
202 I'll Back Off So You Can Live - G.NA

This is one of my favorite songs. This song is very touching...

203 Severely - F.T. Island

I love this song so much because we can feel the lyrics and enjoy the song without any dancing for once.

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204 To You - Teen Top
205 What the Hell - B.A.P
206 Sunset Glow - Big Bang

THIS IS THE BEST SONG BY THE BEST BOYBAND EVER! It is joyful, happy, upbeat, sad, mournful, angry... Everything, and it is so uplifting. I love this song and everyone I know loves it too, please vote for Sunset Glow!

207 Honey - J.Y.P (Jin Young Park)
208 Rock Your Body - VIXX

Vixx is the best

209 Nillili Mambo - Block B
210 Boy In Luv - BTS

I love this song solo much and it is 197 like what's wrong with people this should be in the top 10 like I'm so mad all of the bts songs are up so high WHY can't flood sweet and teas be like number 1 now that is the best song ever

283 place?!?! You gotta be kidding me. This song is amazing and deserves more attention. Bts songs are the best! They should always be number 1!

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211 Ah Yeah - EXID

Why is this not higher?. This is my favourite song from EXID. The beat is catchy and they all slayed that era

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212 It's Okay - BTOB

A heartfelt ballad with amazing vocals and the lyrics are sentimental and inspiring.
Plus, every member got a good amount of lines.

213 Lion Heart - SNSD V 1 Comment
214 Insane - Ailee

Beautiful and Rare like ailee

215 Where the Wind Comes from - Kim Kwang-Seok

Absolutely Best Korean Song of All Time - peyman_eun

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216 View - Shinee

This is an amazing song. DOWN DOWN DOWN VIEW!

217 My Copycat - Orange Caramel V 1 Comment
218 Letting Go - Day6

Loves the lirycs and when the first time I hear this song, the music is really great...

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219 I Luv It - Psy

My favorite Psy song! So catchy and perfectly shows a person's mind. - TheGoldenRifle

220 Jiggy - F. Cuz

Please vote for fcuz! Such an underrated rookie group with so much tslent.

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