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241 Maxstep - Younique Unit
242 Like Money - Wonder Girls

First Wonder Girls American Single.

243 Breathe - Miss A

This is a Very Beautiful song.. :D

244 Letter to You - Mc Mong
245 Miss Right - Teen Top

This song WILL be stuck in your head forever!

Such a catchy chorus!

246 Standing Still - U Kiss
247 If You Love Me - Ns Yoon G
248 E.R. - Dalmatian
249 Shock - Beast

The best song ever

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250 Hurricane - B.A.P
251 NoNoNo - A Pink

They have consistantly good music, just listen to Fairytale love
The members are also variety geniuses, and have personalities that are way different than their concept

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252 Pop Pop - Girls' Generation
253 Shanghai Romance - Orange Caramel
254 Trap - Henry

I love this song and I love Henry

255 Would You Like Some Tea - Hello Venus V 2 Comments
256 Bar Bar Bar - Crayon Pop

The lyrics are nothing to shout about, and it's the type of song that you either totally love or passionately hate - but any song that can bring out such feeling can only be successful if a genius touch was introduced. Its infectious tune and dance blew me away and turned me into a CP fan overnight from a 5-year SONE.

The kind of song that comes once in decade. You either totally love it or passionately hate it, but the fact that it can bring out such divisive feelings mean the song is a work of genius. As for me, I was blown away by it and overnight dropped SNSD for CP.

257 I'm Sorry - CNBlue
258 A.D.T.O.Y. - 2PM

Sexiest 2PM! Long live your butts guys

God bless Minjun and when their part comes I feel goosebump rising and my panty definitely gets wet.absolute eargasm

259 Rum Pum Pum Pum - f(x)

One of the best songs by f (x). Love all the girls, especially Amber!

260 Missing You - 2NE1

What a unique ballad! There is a mixture of feelings instead of just sadness, such as regret, and finally acceptance that they have broken up. I also like how the instrument king/queen of ballads-the piano-is barely existent at the beginning and slowly eases into the song as it becomes more emotionally intense, and later is the sole accompaniment at the chorus.

This song is just so good! I think that whenever 2ne1 gets back in a group, they get better and better! And, not to mention all of them just looked FABULOUS in the MV!

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