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261 Shanghai Romance - Orange Caramel
262 Trap - Henry

I love this song and I love Henry

263 Would You Like Some Tea - Hello Venus V 2 Comments
264 I'm Sorry - CNBlue
265 Missing You - 2NE1

What a unique ballad! There is a mixture of feelings instead of just sadness, such as regret, and finally acceptance that they have broken up. I also like how the instrument king/queen of ballads-the piano-is barely existent at the beginning and slowly eases into the song as it becomes more emotionally intense, and later is the sole accompaniment at the chorus.

This song is just so good! I think that whenever 2ne1 gets back in a group, they get better and better! And, not to mention all of them just looked FABULOUS in the MV!

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266 Tried to Walk - B1A4

Truly an amazing song. It's really catchy, and it has a deep meaning to it. Their vocals are incredible, the beat just makes you wanna dance on the spot, the video is also really good, everything about this song is great. B1A4 is an awesome group! All of their songs are catchy, but in my opinion, this song just stands out the most. It's a really beautiful song and it made me tear! Really good acting, there's seriously nothing to hate about this group. Let's fly, B1A4 hwaiting~!

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267 Thriller - BTOB

The best of BTOB ever

268 Forever - Girls' Generation
269 Delicious - Toheart

Key's rap is amazing!

270 No Mercy - B.A.P

The dance moves, though! Still love this song. My top ten favorites from B.A.P. Go something like...
10. Warrior
9. No Mercy
8. Excuse Me
7. Hurricane
6. Coffee Shop
5. Stop It
4. One shot
3. 1104 angel
2. Rain Sound
1. With You

271 Voodoo Doll - Vixx
272 Beautiful - Park Boram
273 Catallena - Orange Caramel
274 Lonely - B1a4

I love the harmonious voices.

275 On the Street - Sung Si Kyung
276 Again & Again - 2PM

I really like them
Although there are many problems with them in 2009 I still like them
They are very compact, although there is a problem
And I am very pleased with this song again and again
With their choreographer and lyrics
I hope they have this award
Love you 2pm and jay park
Fighting oppa
Wishes best for 2pm

Best song ever I love it in fact instead of super junior 2pm was the band that started kpop for me since I'm a foreigner. Everyone says snd, big bang or super junior now a days. I'm waiting for their comeback so badly

Breakthrough song for boy band 2pm, along with their ex leader, Jay Park

Beast idols! Love!

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277 Lupin - Kara

Dark concept for a girls group with a catchy hook and chorus

Ark concept for a girls group with a catchy hook and chorus - erikajayme

If you here it for the one time believe me it will become addicted!

This song for kara is really good.

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278 BTD - Infinite

They are the coolest group that I ever met! Their choreography also amazing! Plus they are known as dancer group because the synchronization was superb! Japan T.V. show also made some experiment about the synching in their dance move the result is 99.9% sync! It awesome! They are the trend idol in Korea and currently busying to expand their music to Japan and also others country.

INFINITE is not just an idol... They are for INSPIRITSS! They are INFINITY! Their 99.9999% sync make the INSPIRIT falls for them.. The one and only! INSPIRIT have to be a good friends... So vote them for me! Come on INSPIRITSS! Vote them for me!

In my opinion BTD is one of the best song of 2011. Powerful song with awesome dance. The scorpion dance is one of the coolest dance by kpop group. Even their dance 99,9% synchronized

Infinite scorpion dance AWESOME!

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279 Bad Woman - FT Island

Hongki- one of the best voices in Kpop, and FT Island unfortunately, totally underrated, that's a shame, because no one can express feelings like Hongki!

It's awesome, how I feel myself, when I see them do something... They're always perfect and funny.
I think, that we, Primadonnas are very lucky, because of they are for us &"
I love them better then everything...
And SeungHyun's first mv with them... THE BEST SONG EVER (LL)

Unbelievably amazing. I love this song. Even my mom likes it and she doesn't like Korean songs. There's something about his voice in this song that makes it amazing to no end. Thank you, FT island!

I love its Music Video. It made me cry. I love Hongki's husky voice. They really act naturally. I like it :))

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280 Mirotic - DBSK

One of the multi award winning song from TVXQ.. The best MV.. From the title itself "mirotic" once you listen to the song the beat/melody will just keep poppin'on your head and when you know it you'll just find yourself getting addicted to it.. In short, it's "erotic to the ear"-AKTF!

This is the sexiest k-pop song ever! It's the truth. Just watch the MV or every single performance, it's just totally sexy

I love dbsk. Thank him for becoming dbsk. Kim jae joong, thank you for being a hero. Jung yun ho, thank you for being a U-know. Park yoo chun, thank you for being a micky. Kim jun su, thank you for having become Xiah. Shim chang min, thank you for being a max. Thank you did not abandon his dream of whether he should sacrifice a lot. Thank him for his hard work as if he had just debut to prove that dreams are only dreams if not put your heart into it. Thanks for letting me be a Cassiopeia. Thanks for trusting her to know even the most desperate time. Thanks for giving me friends I never thought possible. Thanks for appearing in the lives of children. Because it's the way he chose, so I will go with him

I can't believe that a song like this is so low down on the list...It deserves to be in the top 10 at least if not first. The melody, the beat It's beautiful

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