Best KPOP Songs of All Time

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341 Hot Summer - F (X)

Hot summer... A hot hot summer!

342 Please Don't Go - Girl's Day
343 Wild - Nine Muses Wild - Nine Muses

Amazing song (love the piano) that shows all the members.

344 Swing - Super Junior M Swing - Super Junior M
345 Second Confession - BTOB Second Confession - BTOB

Its very beautiful and romantic

346 Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms - High 4, IU

Omigosh this so is amazing! It has such a soothing touch! Love this song~

347 Mr. Chu - Apink

I love this song. Still stuck in my head

I Love this song Mostly the song is unique and Lovely and cute
And the song reminds you Happy and Gracefully

APink Song Is The Cuttest and Top New Generation Group

The song is so catchy and easy listening Well, yea, I saw comments on allkpop and Koreanindo as well. People said that this song wasn't as catchy as NoNoNo, but for me, it s still my favorite Yeah, maybe they said that because this song is kinda different from NoNoNo. Don t compare things that are different, please

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348 Ringa Linga - Taeyang Ringa Linga - Taeyang

To awesome of a song to miss I mean come on who doesn't love a shirtless taeyang!

349 Voodoo Dolls - Vixx Voodoo Dolls - Vixx

One of the best songs by VIXX. I absolutely adore them and the scary video makes me like it even more!

This is one of my favorite Vixx songs of all time! Really great song and a really great group! Ken

350 1004 - B.A.P 1004 - B.A.P

I'm so shocked this isn't on the list like what is wrong with y'all.

351 Paradise - Infinite Paradise - Infinite
352 Angel (Into Your World) - Exo

Best song ever! Has a really deep meaning

353 S.N.S - B.A.P S.N.S - B.A.P
354 Tell Me Your Wish - Girl's Generation

This song is hilarious! At half of the song it gets quieter and quieter so I 'm like THAT'S IT! But then one of the girl says while it is quiet... DJ put it back on! Then the music comes back on and they keep singing! I love GIRL'S GENERATION AND SISTAR

355 A - Got7 A - Got7 V 1 Comment
356 Forever Young - Got7 Forever Young - Got7 V 1 Comment
357 Way - Super Junior Way - Super Junior
358 At First - JJCC (Double JC)
359 Don't Hate Me - Epik High Don't Hate Me - Epik High

It's a really catchy song and it really nice

360 Give It to Me - Sistar Give It to Me - Sistar

It is a very very beautiful song and have a good choreography

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