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21 Sherlock - Shinee

I'm so curious yeaah. It still the hit with their hit movement dance.

They always sing well.. there dance moves is GREAT as always.. I love SHINee.. They are my Forever idols

Love this song! SHINee for life!

Best SHINee song (: Fighting!

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22 I'm a Loner - CN Blue

A unique band. They don't depend on dancing or those pricey clothes to showoff the brand name or those trying hard cute faces! A total thumbs up for CNBLUE!

For me this is not the best song of CNBLUE, but I like it, as it made them so popular in a short time! After that they prove they deserve all their attention, being truly talented and musically gifted!

CN-blue is definitely one of the coolest band of Korea. Dance is cool but to me music goes well when you're slamming on the guitar, beating the drums and holding the mic screaming out loud.

Its just the best kpop group for me.i love all their songs

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23 The Chaser - INFINITE

I've never met anyone who doesn't like this song even non kpop fans like whenever I listen to this song I get so pumped up its amazing

Out of nowhere I hear this song and none of them have even sung and straight away I loved it. I can't stop listening to it. Hands Down the Best Kpop song ever!

Infinite is the best!

Amaazing vocals, great choreography, a catchy time and a unique beat - what's not to love about The Chaser?
It IS the best kpop song ever

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24 Wolf - Exo


We are one we r exo! 33♥3

When I heard this song for the first time, I hated it. But now I love it so much, that's weird isn't it?

EXO cute wolf ever

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25 Good Boy - GD x Taeyang V 2 Comments
26 Oh! - Girls' Generation

"Love This! " Girls' Generation rules! I'm not a fanatik fans but I love SNSD especially Sooyoung and Hyoyeon!

Love it so much!

27 Fire - 2NE1

2NE1 is simply the best out there. The group brings a in a new breed of kpop fans with their rebellious image and aggressive and confident sound. The group is consistent of four members, each with her individual personality and set of skills, gathered together under YG, in the competent hands of in house producer Teddy Park. Although a very risky experiment, this proved to be the most successful recipe in kpop, as they broke the barrier into the more underground upbeat music full of swag that only male groups were allowed to express. Fire is their official debut track, which probably made for the most explosive and mesmerizing debut any girl group had.

This song is awesome, the first time I heard it I immediately loved this song. This song make me want to listen to this song over and over again

2ne1 is the band the k_pop
This song is awesome, the first time I heard it I immediately loved this song. This song make me want to listen to this song over and over again
Thumbs upthu

They Have Originality! Ugh! Supporting!

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28 History - EXO-K

Exo-K is amazing at all their songs. I LOVE THEM! EXO should be more loved. They are really good looking and talented. I adore them. I tell every friend about them. And every friend falls in love with them. And I can understand why. I'm an EXO fan forever.

Ah I love this song! IT'S so AMAZING! Everyone needs to check out EXO they r a new awesome Kpop boy band!

Come on! History is a really good Song! Like MAMA and What is love. I can't understand this judgment.

They will be history

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29 It's War - MBLAQ

The song really suit them very well.. No one can bring the charismatic feel like MBLAQ..
thanks to It's War, I'm an A+.. (the fact that I've never being a fan of any idol group)..
but, It's War open up my eyes to see how amazing MBLAQ is..

Great song. Performance is intense joining dance and acting. Melody is just addicting. Vocals? Superb... It can make anyone listening feel the intense emotion that is so MBLAQ.

This was my gate to kpop I love it so much and also the band. Members of MBLAQ are awesome and funny and so so cute, I loved them since idol show

This is one of my favorite songs ever. - DogsUnleashed

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30 Replay - Shinee

Replay will never ever get old! It's the absolute best song in kpop for me! I'm always coming back to it because it's so catchy and awesome! This is their debut song and possibly best song ever by them!

Replay is a cute and catchy song. It may not be SHINee's best song, but I still like it a lot.

No matter it was released 5 years ago, this song is still SHINee's masterpiece for me. When everyone had moved on to "Lucifer" or maybe "Dream Girl", I'm still in love with this debut song and nobody can change it. It's so cute and catchy that I "Replay" it 77 times everyday!

I love this song. I love this song in both Korean version or Japanese version..

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31 Blue - Bigbang

I got into Big Bang and K-pop because I heard this song. Till recently, I thought K-pop was just the same kind of music all the time... Big Bang a great example of variety and quality in this industry. Amazing song and even greater artists

Once you hear this song, you can know how big bang explode their name

Its just so amazing! Looking forward for more songs. Keep it up!
Big bang forever!

Blue is the BIGBANG's best song ever!

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32 Sugar Free - T-ara

I love it so much! T-ara is an amazing girl group. More like teen pop. Catchy tune, good singing, and good effects. The goodness of not being Korean. Sugar Free is the best.

Sugar Free has greatest effects for a song.

Reminds me of a teen pop song.


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33 Growl - Exo

Best of the best. They're the most successful rookie group. Congratulations SMEntertainment. You've trained the boys really well.

Amazing song and music video...their dance is awesome too.!

This song is the start of my passion for kpop songs, best song ever

I can remember how it was the most popular song in 2013 and 2014. It was a great phenomenon at that time. Everyone was addicted with it
Unforgettable song in K-POP history 👌

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34 Genie - Girls' Generation

Love the song..
Love the music..
Love the choreography..

Voters are blind. WHAT? 24? CRAZY

I really love yhis song it is so wonderful and meakmy ahappy

This song is my favourite from them and this is timeless. It's a classic

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35 I Love You - 2NE1

I Love You, I Am the Best, Fire and any other 2NE1 songs should be in top5 cause their songs are awesome... I Love You is the new concept of 2NE1. They are trying something new in their music and I love it. Teddy Park you are the best. You make awesome music for them and thank you 2NE1 for always delivering them to us Blackjacks and the new Blackjacks or Kpop fanatic. I hope they will continue to make their awesome music!

Only 11th place? Its a great song that deserves to be higher!

18, really?

Why 2ne1 are at the top 10 they should be There! But. Still supporting!

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36 Miracles In December - EXO

Baekhyun, Chen, and Kyungsoo are like the power trio. Their vocals kill me every time. Needless to say, I cried when I first heard this song. It's truly a beautiful and meaningful song. And I know that everyone thinks Exo is overrated, but I think that they deserve the spotlight for all their hard work and talents. This is especially showcased in this song.

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37 If You Were Like Me - Kim Jang-Hoon
38 Electric Shock - f(x)

This song is amazing and not to mention it almost have 50,000,000 view on YouTube!

Most unique and creative k-pop group ever!

This song is the best it should be in top 1,2,3 or 4


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39 The Boys - Girls' Generation

This song is perfect, it shows that girls have a manly side to them which means that girls can also do what guys can do! I love this song, especially the theme and costumes used

This is a new side of girls' generation, the song is good too, I like this song, and all of SNSD song, so make SNSD number one, SNSD

This song deserves the first position! Not 22! Look at the number of times they have performed this song and how much laurels they earned for this song! The song is so awesome that people can not help dancing to its tune! :D

First loop song that I heard <3 love SNSD

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40 Baby Don't Cry - EXO

This song has such a deep meaning and the boys sang it really well

I just love this song! Even though I'm a fan of SNSD and SuJu... I'm in love with EXO since I met them

Out of all the EXO songs, this is one of my favorites. The feeling is crazy!

Most touching song I'have ever heard and will

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