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441 Don't Touch Me - Ailee
442 Rising Sun - TVXQ
443 Butterfly - F[X]
444 BTS - Dope

Addictive beat, hardcore rapping, amazing vocals. This song is perfect from every aspect. Not to mention the jaw-dropping dance moves and the high quality music video production. All of this package coming from a small company and they managed to produce a First Class music video, respect!

Really great song! Amazing choreography! This is the song that got me into kpop. BTS ARMY 4 LIFE!

The beat is extremely catchy and is very likable song. You hear both rappers and singers equally and the dance is just so fun to watch. Makes you want more.

Best song ever

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445 Hurt - Kim Yong Jin
446 Return - Lee Seung Gi
447 White Wishes - Boa
448 Trap - No Min Woo
449 The Reason I Became a Singer - 4men
450 Daddy - Psy
451 First Love - After School

This song just embraces your feelings a lot. It's catchy, and it's also a mixture of slow and funky. It's just honestly a good song that didn't have the opportunity to become big when it came out.

452 Save Me - BTS

I began to love kpop because of this song. It's just amazing, unique and awesome like all of the bts's songs.

The boys sweet moves got my heart beating crazy

This song is so beautiful - I get shivers every time I listen to it!

Y is BTS so high up like they should be in the top 10

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453 Blood Sweat Tears - BTS

This song is by far the most different from the songs bts has produced. The MV is extremely artistic and riddled with lots of references and symbolism. The song has well written lyrics and has been awarded with many achievements. If you haven't seen the video yet, you should definitely check it out as well as BTS!

Cool and really artistic. BTS are doing their best to create new concept and it come out like this and it's beautiful.

The first time saw the video, I sat there for like... 10 minutes trying to find my way back to reality. Now I keep listening to the song and falling in love all over... again and again.

Sooo good - azziebbz

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454 Flower Road - Kim Sejeong

Ahhh so beautiful - dopfui

455 Spring Day - BTS

Seriously? The best song ever. - Brxtney

Bts is a good dancer kpop is all about dancing and singing that all not all about abs or anything

I love this song because in this song in on friendship and I really love bts

Because this song is so realxing and bts is my favourite.the song is sooo great!

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