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41 If You Were Like Me - Kim Jang-Hoon
42 Electric Shock - f(x)

This song is amazing and not to mention it almost have 50,000,000 view on YouTube!

Most unique and creative k-pop group ever!

This song is the best it should be in top 1,2,3 or 4

Super creative and exciting!

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43 Baby Don't Cry - EXO

This song has such a deep meaning and the boys sang it really well

I just love this song! Even though I'm a fan of SNSD and SuJu... I'm in love with EXO since I met them

Out of all the EXO songs, this is one of my favorites. The feeling is crazy!

Most touching song I'have ever heard and will

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44 Good Luck - Beast V 1 Comment
45 Love Love Love - Epik High V 1 Comment
46 Star - Heize
47 Gentleman - Psy V 1 Comment
48 It's You - Super Junior

This song was the last MV as SJ13 and in my opinion it's the best! :3 Maybe it wasn't as big a hit as many of their other songs but it is much loved and is deniably great.

I will love Super Junior - It's you and Infinite - The chaser FOREVER. Hangeng is in this music video and it makes me happy and an emotional wreck all at the same time! SJ13

That's not the most popular one but that's my favorite.
I really love the fact that it's the last MV with all of them.
It start to love them because of this MVP it was the second one that I watched just after sorry sorry of course.
And I still love to listen to it
FrenchELF forever

49 Mister - Kara

Now, this is what we call the most insane hip dance or butt dance of all time. Nothing compares even Miley Cyrus twerk!

KARA fighting!
Is one of the best song of KARA, and the best song in K-Pop - montzedesadaptadaaraujo

50 What Is Love - Exo-K

This is hands down one of the best kpop songs out there and I can't believe it didn't even make the list until now

This is one of the first kpop songs that I had on repeat for days after first hearing it! Beautiful, beautiful song!

What is love if you don't vote for EXO?

Cool job at this. I love it so much. I am not that Korean.

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51 Heart Attack - Aoa

Probably one of the biggest songs of summer last year for Kpop. Heart Attack was what made them solidify their position as one of the biggest Kpop girl groups of today

This song is wow for a band which was...

Check Yuna in the changing room!

52 Mirotic - DBSK

One of the multi award winning song from TVXQ.. The best MV.. From the title itself "mirotic" once you listen to the song the beat/melody will just keep poppin'on your head and when you know it you'll just find yourself getting addicted to it.. In short, it's "erotic to the ear"-AKTF!

This is the sexiest k-pop song ever! It's the truth. Just watch the MV or every single performance, it's just totally sexy

I love dbsk. Thank him for becoming dbsk. Kim jae joong, thank you for being a hero. Jung yun ho, thank you for being a U-know. Park yoo chun, thank you for being a micky. Kim jun su, thank you for having become Xiah. Shim chang min, thank you for being a max. Thank you did not abandon his dream of whether he should sacrifice a lot. Thank him for his hard work as if he had just debut to prove that dreams are only dreams if not put your heart into it. Thanks for letting me be a Cassiopeia. Thanks for trusting her to know even the most desperate time. Thanks for giving me friends I never thought possible. Thanks for appearing in the lives of children. Because it's the way he chose, so I will go with him

I gain power from this song.. changmins scream is legendary

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53 Monster - Bigbang

Should be in the top 10 ahh

This should not be on 86.

Bigbang for life!

Best song by BigBang also best K-Pop song of all time. Vote it!

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54 I Don't Care - 2NE1

I like their voices, specially dara and I think this song is the most wonderful song which is compost of 4 talented girl in the Asia very wonderful

Kpop with R&B feel. The vocals for the songs are great and the lyrics are catchy.

This gotta be the best song they were rookies and got 6 consecutive wins as ROOKIES! They got song of the year at MAMA too.. This song is just thebest

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55 Smoky Girl - MBLAQ

I just can't stop myself from putting this song on replay mode

This song is outta the world... like the part of G.O. always eats me hard

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56 Heartbreaker - G Dragon

It's simply amazing. Great, catchy tune which goes really well with GD's singing. If you haven't already, this is one kpop song you must hear!

The best song by G-Dragon. He is amazing!

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57 How We Feel - Clazzi & Seulong
58 U - Super Junior


59 Hangover - Psy V 1 Comment
60 Lupin - Kara

Dark concept for a girls group with a catchy hook and chorus

Ark concept for a girls group with a catchy hook and chorus - erikajayme

If you here it for the one time believe me it will become addicted!

This song for kara is really good.

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