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81 What's Happening? - B1A4
82 O.K - B1A4

Why is this on no. 65?!?!

Every B1A4 songs should be in 1-20 to be honest.

love it

The most amazing debut song ever

83 Eyes, Nose, Lips - Taeyang

Such a nice song... it is one of the best songs ever for k-pop... sending my love to taeyang and bigbang... BIGBANG FIGHTING

Are you kidding me?! This song is so damn good! Why is it so low?! This is hands down one of the best kpop songs ever!

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84 Whatta Man - I.O.I.
85 Baby I'm Sorry - B1A4 V 2 Comments
86 I Will Show You - Ailee
87 Sexy Love - T-ara

The beat is just so addicting. T-ara fits robot concept. - zeeyhun

Good harmonies make this song a treat to listen to.

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88 Error - Vixx

One of the best songs by VIXX. This is the reason I fell in love with VIXX.

The song that made VIXX a sensation to reckon with...just love matter how many times I have listened to it or seen the mv. Absolutely awesome lyrics and music! One of the best kpop songs in my opinion!

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89 Juliette - Shinee
90 Shadow - Beast

Shadow made me fall in love with Beast! It is one of those rare songs that you can listen to forever without getting bored of it.

91 Mama - Exo-K

This is one of the best K-pop song I have ever heard, I really think this should have been in the top at least 15.

I love the intensity of this song! I'm surprised it's not higher up.

This song needs to be higher than what it is. Really good Exo song.

Love this song

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92 Beautiful Night - Beast
93 Honey - Kara V 1 Comment
94 Irony - Wonder Girls V 1 Comment
95 Sleepless Night - Shinee
96 Girl's Day - Something

One of my all time favourite kpop songs! LOVE THE DANCE and song

97 Love In the Ice - DBSK
98 Pretty Girl - Kara
99 I Know - Seo Taiji and Boys V 1 Comment
100 Twinkle - Girls' Generation - TTS
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