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81 Can't Let You Go Even If I Die - 2am

Strong ballad with High notes sang by the boy band 2am. Attained best digital song for golden disk award 2010

Even though I don't speak Korean fluently, I find myself knowing the words to this song and I really like... NO! Love this song to bits and pieces. It's constantly on repeat on my iPod. A+

This song... It got stuck in my head without me even trying.

82 Into Your World - EXO K

I think this song is one of the Exo song and it doesn't deserve 88 place

This song is one of the best please listen to it rather than only the songs from videos

This is my fave exo's song since MAMA until now--overdose--. This doesn't deserve 101 place! Top 10 is the right place.

83 Go Away - 2NE1

My hatreds are now going away... Yeah!

84 Dream Girl - Shinee

Every time I hear this song, it makes me feel like replaying it again & again.. Like not bored at all..


85 Making Lover - Ss501
86 Trouble Maker - Now (There Is No Tomorrow)
87 Last Romeo - INFINITE

It is excellent. Song and dance are very very perfect.

88 BTS - Dope

Addictive beat, hardcore rapping, amazing vocals. This song is perfect from every aspect. Not to mention the jaw-dropping dance moves and the high quality music video production. All of this package coming from a small company and they managed to produce a First Class music video, respect!

The beat is extremely catchy and is very likable song. You hear both rappers and singers equally and the dance is just so fun to watch. Makes you want more.

Really great song! Amazing choreography! This is the song that got me into kpop. BTS ARMY 4 LIFE!

Best song ever

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89 Cry Cry - T-ara

Because I like all T-ara song and their songs make me feel something

I LOVE this song
Cry Cry can't you see the music... Hot like fire... you R my boy

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90 A-Cha - Super Junior



Yesung just killed it here... yeye oppa hwaiting!


91 O.K - B1A4

Why is this on no. 65?!?!

Every B1A4 songs should be in 1-20 to be honest.

love it

The most amazing debut song ever

92 What's Happening? - B1A4
93 Blood Sweat Tears - BTS

This song is by far the most different from the songs bts has produced. The MV is extremely artistic and riddled with lots of references and symbolism. The song has well written lyrics and has been awarded with many achievements. If you haven't seen the video yet, you should definitely check it out as well as BTS!

Cool and really artistic. BTS are doing their best to create new concept and it come out like this and it's beautiful.

The first time saw the video, I sat there for like... 10 minutes trying to find my way back to reality. Now I keep listening to the song and falling in love all over... again and again.

This song is amazing, by far the catchiest kpop song I've ever heard.

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94 Baby I'm Sorry - B1A4 V 2 Comments
95 Whatta Man - I.O.I.
96 In Heaven - JYJ

The best song from JYJ. The massage from JYJ to their fans. JYJ is the best. Forever together, happy together. JYJ can't back down. Rise up to be the 1st best of Korean group.

This is by far one of the most beautifully composed and written song in Kpop. Truly touching and is always sang with heart.. JYJ, I believe in you guys! Fighting! & - paulinealedia

This song is very awesome, make me cry, haha #laugh out loud#
and the MV is very very amazing, especially KIM JUNSU

No words to describe it... Its just AWESOME!

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97 I Will Show You - Ailee
98 Eyes, Nose, Lips - Taeyang

Such a nice song... it is one of the best songs ever for k-pop... sending my love to taeyang and bigbang... BIGBANG FIGHTING

Are you kidding me?! This song is so damn good! Why is it so low?! This is hands down one of the best kpop songs ever!

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99 Juliette - Shinee
100 Sexy Love - T-ara

The beat is just so addicting. T-ara fits robot concept. - zeeyhun

Good harmonies make this song a treat to listen to.

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