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121 Bad - Tablo V 1 Comment
122 A - Got7

love it

Be what u r cause u r the best especially Jae bum

123 Supa Luv - Teen Top

I got the supa love supaaa love amazing song

124 Marry U - Super Junior
125 Love Revolution - Cnblue

Love revolution suh a wonderful song like other cnblue's song I don't belive how is perfect like this they are really rock especially in my head and where you are is wonderful I am a big fan of cnblue and always be a boice all of cnblue members are fascinating some time I think they are really humans I hope they are succsecssful every time blue boys you always must be perfect for boices we always suport you

Cn blue is a wonderful band with good singers and great songs,
Cn blue Fighting!
And everyone sing wonderful in cn blue, even the drummer Kang Minhyuk

CNBLUE are amazing! Their music own unique style! And they're very talented band!
CNBLUE Fighting!

I love yonghwa oppa
O love their song

V 7 Comments
126 Bad Girl Good Girl - Miss A.

All Miss A song is really awesome

Miss A is the best group! These four girls are Amazing! One of best dance song!

This Song is the best

It's a really great song! Just listen to it!

V 3 Comments
127 Bae Bae - Bigbang

This song! I can literally listen to it the whole day

I absolutely love the crazieness of this song, TOP is particulary amazing in it

128 Mr. Taxi - Girls' Generation

This song is really catchy, only people with a terrible taste in music would say it's terrible.

V 1 Comment
129 I'll Be Back - 2PM V 1 Comment
130 Devil - Super Junior V 3 Comments
131 Happiness - Red Velvet

This song is so beautiful!


132 Deja Vu - SS501

Dude how can you not love this song?
SS501 is and always (no matter what) will be amazing

133 Day by Day - T-Ara
134 Empty - Winner
135 Mamacita - Super Junior
136 Obsession - Shinee V 2 Comments
137 Lollipop - 2ne1

2ne1 & Bigbang - an awesome combination here

This song was awesome

138 Koe o Kikasete - Big Bang

I like this song most than others.. Taeyang songs is very nice. And the most that I like is Top voice is very little in this song. Yey!

V 2 Comments
139 Blue World - Super Junior
140 Catch Me If You Can - Girls' Generation V 1 Comment
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