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121 Bubble Pop - HyunA Bubble Pop - HyunA

HOW IS BUBBLE POP NOT ON THE LIST YET?! Its an amazing song! People might complain that it's annoying, she's promiscuous, etc., but you cannot deny that it has all the qualities of a perfect kpop song. I am a huge BigBang fan but this is the one song I have listened to every single day sometimes on repeat, for a year and not even gotten a little bit tired of yet:) Its perfect to just feel good and dance around to!

Bubble Pop Is The Best K-Pop Song Ever Made. Hyuna Is Amazing And She Is One Of The Best Singers In Korea At The Moment

In my opinion, Hyuna is the hottest and best singer in Korea...
Her shape, her breast her back everything is attractive to everyone.
And also in Ice cream and Ganam Style.

122 Heartbeat - 2PM Heartbeat - 2PM

This song really is amazing! 2PM really awesome in this song! Their performance is super duper WOW! Their dance, the choreography is daebak

Awesome song and I love watching the choreography of it. I thought this would be higher on the list.

The lyrics just pierced my heart

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123 JoJo - Shinee

This is the song that made me fall in love with Kpop... So refreshing, not your typical dance/techno beat.

Best song of SHINee ever! Their talented, hot, funny and sensitive(emotional).
They should Perform there! They actually are the first Kpop group to go to London
For their concert! By letting them go there to perform will not only bring Kpop to everyone, but also making them proud

124 Tonight - BigBang

This song is one of the best! And even it's not BIGBANG's most known song, I still hear it everywhere

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125 143 - Henry

I love this song! So cute and I love amber

A great song from Henry. Definitely, one of my fave songs.

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126 Overdose - EXO

I love this song, it should be in the top 10. Sehun looked so hot as always

Make you wanna dance and it's such an amazing song

I got into kpop because of this song. I just love it!

Best kpop song

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127 Supa Luv - Teen Top Supa Luv - Teen Top V 1 Comment
128 Ugly - 2NE1 Ugly - 2NE1

Song is a mix of Rock and Elec and reflect so much strength - u521du97f3u6727

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129 Marry U - Super Junior Marry U - Super Junior
130 Kissing You - SNSD

The best korean song I've ever heard, I never imagined I was dancing after hearing it

131 Bad - Tablo Bad - Tablo V 1 Comment
132 Bad Girl Good Girl - Miss A. Bad Girl Good Girl - Miss A.

Miss A is the best group! These four girls are Amazing! One of best dance song!

It is the Miss A's best song ever! Miss A is awesome. After all, they are one of the best girl groups.

All Miss A song is really awesome

It's a really great song! Just listen to it!

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133 A - Got7 A - Got7 V 1 Comment
134 Bae Bae - Bigbang Bae Bae - Bigbang

This song! I can literally listen to it the whole day

I absolutely love the crazieness of this song, TOP is particulary amazing in it

135 Mr. Taxi - Girls' Generation Mr. Taxi - Girls' Generation

This song is really catchy, only people with a terrible taste in music would say it's terrible.

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136 Obsession - Shinee Obsession - Shinee V 2 Comments
137 Lollipop - 2NE1 Lollipop - 2NE1

2ne1 & Bigbang - an awesome combination here

This song was awesome

138 Day by Day - T-Ara Day by Day - T-Ara
139 I'll Be Back - 2PM I'll Be Back - 2PM V 1 Comment
140 Koe o Kikasete - Big Bang

I like this song most than others.. Taeyang songs is very nice. And the most that I like is Top voice is very little in this song. Yey!

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