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141 Red Light - f(x)

This is the one of the best songs of f(x) apart from 4walls

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142 Doom Da Da - Top

This should not be such low ranking! TOP's rapping ability blew my mind! This should be in the top 10! Come on VIPs!

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143 Back - Infinite

Infinite they're best dancers group & the two main vocals are amount of the best

Infinite they're the best

Hands down, best song in 2014

144 Come Back Home - 2NE1

I'm genuinely surprised that I haven't seen this song on this list. In my opinion, I think it's meaningful and well sung. However, the unplugged version will always be my favorite.

This song is super catchy, well-sung with a meaningful music video. Plus, CL, even though she's my bias, doesn't sound breathless this time!

145 Good Bye Bye - Nu'est

Nuest have been my world for sometime. Although I don't think they were as happy as they used to be during this era, they definitely felt more confident in themselves and it shows in their music. this song is pretty sad but such a good tune to dance to

146 First Snow - Exo

This song just makes me so happy...

147 Machine - Exo-K V 2 Comments
148 Insane - A-Jax
149 Wasurenaide - TVXQ
150 Flower - Xia Junsu
151 In Summer - Deux
152 Please - Kim Hyun Joong

Amazing song! Its been two months and I'm still listening to it and will do so for a long time! Just can't seem to get over it!

153 Why? (KYHD) - TVXQ

TVXQ is a wonderful duo of YUNHO and CHANGMIN.
Their powerful dance performance and the forcible vocal of "Why? (Keep Your Head Down)" are very attractive.
This is just an excellent piece of music of K-POP.
I expect their activity from now on.

How can you NOT vote for "THE KINGS". I mean even without 5 this song is absolutely amazing, how can Lucifer or Mr. Simple even compare? They do NOT show off vocal talent. This song DOES. Everything about this song is pure amazingness.

Keep your head down, just humble and show the best powerful performance dan best quality vocal and dance

Such an emotional song

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154 I Need U - BTS

It's such a good song honestly I find it great and the boys are adorable they are literally flawless even without makeup

The song has a good and powerful story supporting it. I love it so much that I even study the piano version of it.

I love this song this song keep playing and playing on my mind since I played this.

Y aren't you in top 10

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155 Dope - BTS

BTS' songs are so unique compared to other kpop groups. I also find that they are probably the most down to earth kpop idols out there and this song along with the whole album shows you their incomparable talent.

This song is absolutely gorgeous. One of the best Kpop songs in my opinion!

This song is song is so wonderful BTS than kpop song

This should be first. It is such a good song and the choreography is amazing.

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156 Space Fantasy - Epaksa

EPakSa is the singer most famous for South Korea, and the ability is called No. 1 in Asia.
His singing voice charms those who hear it.
K-POP is subject to the influence of EPakSA.
If the sad life of EPakSa is sung and heard, a tear will flow through this song.

SpaceFantasy is BEST Korean-pop, ever. He is legend of Asian music scene. But he isn't understanded by Korean. Why?

157 Break Down - Kim Hyun Joong
158 Playing with Fire - Blackpink

I like it! Because It make me more active than my past! Fighting Blackpink!

Why so low? It should be above Hangover

Der Song ist sooo cool und de Choreo kann man super ├╝ben! (^U^)/*

159 Abracadabra - Brown Eyed Girls

Probably the most covered dance across the globe with it's dark concept and famous hip saucer dance move

What the? This one of the most influential song in south korea. This song doesn't deserved this place.

I mean its really good song and that hip dance everybody dance it that sexy dark theme of them its drive me insin

What man this song sould be in top 10...most catchy song I've ever heard

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160 Because of You - After School

This is the best.. Love the lyric.. After School deserved the recognition actually.. They always be my only number 1

Really great song... Love the lyrics!

Afterschool is the best.. My favorite kpop group ever.. Hwaiting!

My favourite song by this band. It's so good. :( But I'm sad Kahi and Rebecca left but they are in this mv so... I'm glad.

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