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161 First Snow - Exo

This song just makes me so happy...

162 Machine - Exo-K V 2 Comments
163 Come Back Home - 2NE1

I'm genuinely surprised that I haven't seen this song on this list. In my opinion, I think it's meaningful and well sung. However, the unplugged version will always be my favorite.

This song is super catchy, well-sung with a meaningful music video. Plus, CL, even though she's my bias, doesn't sound breathless this time!

164 Good Bye Bye - Nu'est

Nuest have been my world for sometime. Although I don't think they were as happy as they used to be during this era, they definitely felt more confident in themselves and it shows in their music. this song is pretty sad but such a good tune to dance to

165 Insane - A-Jax
166 Wasurenaide - TVXQ
167 Flower - Xia Junsu
168 In Summer - Deux
169 I Need U - BTS

It's such a good song honestly I find it great and the boys are adorable they are literally flawless even without makeup

The song has a good and powerful story supporting it. I love it so much that I even study the piano version of it.

I love this song this song keep playing and playing on my mind since I played this.

Y aren't you in top 10

V 18 Comments
170 Space Fantasy - Epaksa

EPakSa is the singer most famous for South Korea, and the ability is called No. 1 in Asia.
His singing voice charms those who hear it.
K-POP is subject to the influence of EPakSA.
If the sad life of EPakSa is sung and heard, a tear will flow through this song.

SpaceFantasy is BEST Korean-pop, ever. He is legend of Asian music scene. But he isn't understanded by Korean. Why?

171 Dope - BTS

BTS' songs are so unique compared to other kpop groups. I also find that they are probably the most down to earth kpop idols out there and this song along with the whole album shows you their incomparable talent.

This song is absolutely gorgeous. One of the best Kpop songs in my opinion!

This song is song is so wonderful BTS than kpop song

A beat full of impressive jams and beats

V 7 Comments
172 Break Down - Kim Hyun Joong
173 Abracadabra - Brown Eyed Girls

Probably the most covered dance across the globe with it's dark concept and famous hip saucer dance move

What the? This one of the most influential song in south korea. This song doesn't deserved this place.

I mean its really good song and that hip dance everybody dance it that sexy dark theme of them its drive me insin

What man this song sould be in top 10...most catchy song I've ever heard

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174 Because of You - After School

This is the best.. Love the lyric.. After School deserved the recognition actually.. They always be my only number 1

Really great song... Love the lyrics!

Afterschool is the best.. My favorite kpop group ever.. Hwaiting!

My favourite song by this band. It's so good. :( But I'm sad Kahi and Rebecca left but they are in this mv so... I'm glad.

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175 Girl - Kim Hyung Jun
176 Because I'm Stupid - SS501

I love Because I'm stupid and I love ss501. This song is amazing and one of my favorite kpop songs. I even tried to learn to play this song on my violin. I became obsessed with this song after watching Boys Over Flowers

I love this song. It almost made me cry.

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177 Opera - Super Junior
178 Troublemaker - Troublemaker (Hyuna & Hyunseung)

Man, the first time I heard this duo I fell in love! Troublemaker fighting!

Troublemaker is so awesome and catchy! I became obsessed with this song! And Hyuna and Hyunseung are both very good lookiing

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179 Bang Bang Bang - Bigbang

This song proves that BigBang is the King! BigBang is never dies! And this song wins MAMA 2015! YEAH!

"This song is the reason why I don't have a life.The intensity,the choreography everything just comes together perfectly. Bigbang's presence is undeniable."

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180 FXXK It - Big Bang

You're not the only one.

Am I the only one that loves this song like hell? (This song is litearlly my favorite song in this whole world! ) - TheGoldenRifle

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