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161 Girl - Kim Hyung Jun
162 Lotto - Exo
163 Because I'm Stupid - SS501

I love Because I'm stupid and I love ss501. This song is amazing and one of my favorite kpop songs. I even tried to learn to play this song on my violin. I became obsessed with this song after watching Boys Over Flowers

I love this song. It almost made me cry.

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164 Opera - Super Junior
165 Bang Bang Bang - Bigbang

This song proves that BigBang is the King! BigBang is never dies! And this song wins MAMA 2015! YEAH!

"This song is the reason why I don't have a life.The intensity,the choreography everything just comes together perfectly. Bigbang's presence is undeniable."

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166 Bonamana - Super Junior

It's super junior song so of curse it would be the best &

Probably one of the best SJ songs. It has a great beat and can easily get you dancing.

Oh this song I can't say anything about it
It's just AMAZING!
I love all songs of super junior
They are amazing

MAMACITA and BONAMANA are the best Super Junior title tracks ever! it was so hard for me to choose between these 2 songs.. >< I love MAMACITA so much but I gotta give it to BONAMANA.. that "HAHA" part, that dance break, that shirtless Leeteuk and that sexy Kyuhyun hip thrust get me every time hehe SuJu fighting! kings of kpop~ *kings of my heart too

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167 Troublemaker - Troublemaker (Hyuna & Hyunseung)

Man, the first time I heard this duo I fell in love! Troublemaker fighting!

Troublemaker is so awesome and catchy! I became obsessed with this song! And Hyuna and Hyunseung are both very good lookiing

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168 FXXK It - Big Bang

You're not the only one.

Am I the only one that loves this song like hell? (This song is litearlly my favorite song in this whole world! ) - TheGoldenRifle

169 Cheer Up - Twice

What a great song! Cheer up baby cheer up baby...

This is the most good and great song!

Seriously... best song ever

Such a nice song yet in rank 186? What is this?!

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170 Never Mind - BTS

This has a lot of meanings inside, also with the meaningful message which is dedicated to everybody out there: Never give up on your choice! I think this deserves the best INTRO ever in KPOP.

In this track suga tries his best to convey his feels of leaving home and his family and pursuing his dream. It's really emotional.

The most passionate kpop rap, end of story. It leaves you tense and breathless until the end...Suga kills it.

I love this song so much

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171 Wedding Dress - Taeyang

Wedding dress is the best

I am so deeply in love with Taeyang, I just can't spend a single day without listening to one of his solo songs.i LOVE HIM.HE IS THE BEST VOCALIST EVER!

Most amazing voice ever!

Taeyang has such a beautiful voice

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172 Insane - BtoB

'You make me go insane' love this song and all songs of btob

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173 Face - Nu'est

Best song I have ever heard in 2014-2016 (so far)

My favourite K-pop song! Everything is perfect, the dance etc. ♥ And Ren is so cute.

Best kpop song ever. this song got me into kpop. nuest are my bias band and I am very much still in love with Ren. I'm proud of where the boys have came. I love them and this song still makes me happy as ever to dance and sing to

FACE was the song that made me love kpop^^ Ren with bangs was so damn adorable^^

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174 Crazy - 4minute V 2 Comments
175 Like the First Time - T-ara

Still fresh and enjoyable

176 Boyfriend - Boyfriend

Best song ever and there other songs are good to
Boyfriend is the best love the twins!
Boyfriend is number 1# if you want a good looking
Good voices to be a fan of Boyfriend!
Boyfriend FIGHTING!

One of the greatest love song for girlfriend. Cool lyrics and raping. PLEASE VOTE, FIGHTING!

Its nice. Swear! I love the twins. I wish they we're mine laugh out loud

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177 Love Song - Bigbang

It was a secrete

The reason I fell in love with BIGBANG. As much as GD say's I hate this love song I can't help but love it. I LOVE THIS LOVE SONG. BB4EVER

This song was the song that made me a big bang fan.

Literally the best song. This is one of my favorite songs EVER by BIGBANG and I feel like this song should be in at least the top 25. BIGBANG VIP hwaiting!

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178 Beautiful Liar - Vixx LR

This song is absoluty haunting and makes you feel the lost of hope and despair that leo is feeling when he, Leo represent himself, the person that have giving up on himself in order to let the girl he love go. Ravi represent the part (Personality) of Leo that is fighting with the Leo that have giving up and does not want to give up on her. this song makes me cry every time I watch/listen to it.. fighting

This song is too beautiful to explain. every time I hear it, I start to tear up. - bubbleteaknj

179 Barae / I Hope - F.T Island
180 Touch - Miss A

I love to sing this song, and I love the kpop group who sing this song... MISS A... Fighting!

Best song & Best Choreography! Love Miss A!

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