Best Kraftwerk Songs

They are the pioneers of Electronic and they are GODS of Electronic!

The Top Ten

1 Autobahn

Fine song

A giant epic when you listen the LP


2 Radioactivity

A good song against the nuclear energy

3 The Model

A very poetic song

Wow... I never expected this song to be so high... My favorite Kraftwerk song... - MusicalPony

4 Computer Love

This classic tune made me realize how unoriginal Coldplay were by sampling it for their "Talk" song.

5 The Man Machine

The best song from the best Kraftwerk- Album The Man Machine

6 The Robots

It's the reason why KRAFTWERK is so famous

7 Computer World

Kraftwerk were real visionars and with this song they surpass them!

8 Trans-Europe Express
9 Home Computer
10 Tour de France

The Contenders

11 Metropolis

Great starting and it really reminds you of a metropolis. Great beat and easily one of the best songs on Man Machine. Should be ranked at least third on this list.

12 Neon Lights
13 Metal On Metal
14 Aero Dynamik
15 The Telephone Call

Amazing song from aamazing band.

Amazing Carl Bartos' voice)

16 Europe Endless
17 Pocket Calculator
18 Airwaves
19 Showroom Dummies
20 Ohm Sweet Ohm

Such a beautiful song!

21 Music International
22 Numbers
23 Music Non Stop
24 Atem
25 Spacelab
26 Sex Object
27 Expo 2000
28 La Forme
29 The Hall of Mirrors
30 Electric Café
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Top Remixes

1. Autobahn
2. Computer Love
3. Trans-Europe Express
1. Autobahn
2. Europe Endless
3. Radioactivity
1. Autobahn
2. Radioactivity
3. The Model


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