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1 People of the Lie People of the Lie Cover Art

The best song of Thrash Metal. That's my favorite song. Coma of Souls shows power riffs and violent solos, but the best is its agressive voice

Superb lyrics and epic riffs. Simply the best of Coma of Souls.

Great song, up there with the best of Slayer.

I love the harsh vocals here.

2 Violent Revolution Violent Revolution Cover Art

Perhaps one of the most epic riffs. Kreator is generally amazing This was the reset between the thrash they were and the experimental band they had become. And it became the lodestone for what the true north of thrash is.

Awesome song with a lot of intensity! The bands shows true musicianship with this album release and elevates them up to the status as bands like slayer, megadeth and venom.

This and Outcast are in my opinion the two best Kreator songs. I really feel like Outcast is massively under-rated.

This song and Karmic Wheel are at the two ends of the "God-tier Kreator" spectrum for me. Phenomenal lyrics.

3 Enemy of God Enemy of God Cover Art

This song is so awesome! I love the music video with that little girl! Mille and co. Have come really far since Pleasure... And the new album (at the time of this typing, Phantom Antichrist) is absolutely killer every song is outstanding

4 Pleasure to Kill Pleasure to Kill Cover Art

Riffs and drumming straight from hell!

So crazy, it will leave you breathless.

The best album is MIlle

5 Coma of Souls Coma of Souls Cover Art

Awesome fast picking and riffing. Speedy drumming. Perfect Kreator song. Extreme aggressions should also be at least in the top 3. Its an amazing song

The intro riff is one of the best in thrash. Everything that follows is furious yet melodic. Perfection.

Both the riffs and lyrics are matured and drumming was like An Ace in the hole.the song itself defines the pure thrash

That intro riff doe...

6 Phantom Antichrist

Jaw-dropping... Best combination of melody and brutality I've heard in a long time. Not only the title song, but also the entire album is a masterpiece. In my opinion, one of Kreator's (and thrash's) best albums of all time.

Distorted guitar sounds, awesome solo, catchy chorus, clear melody, amazing voice. this song has all the qualities of a perfect thrash metal song

This song is like a kick in your ass that pushes you out of laziness.

Awesome... one of the best Songs of Kreator...

7 When the Sun Burns Red When the Sun Burns Red Cover Art

Love the main riff in this song. It builds up like crazy!

8 Extreme Aggression Extreme Aggression Cover Art

Love this and Betrayer!

9 Riot of Violence Riot of Violence Cover Art

Way too many songs post 1990 in this top ten, The people voting on this list don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. This song should be #1.

If you love true thrash metal, you're gonna love this song. Just listen to it when you really need to listen to metal music.

One of the best riffs in Thrash Metal, and Jurgen's voice just amkes the song even more awesome!

Pleasure to kill is too crazy and confusing.

10 Civilisation Collapse Civilisation Collapse Cover Art

Let there be darkness, let there be blood tonight...

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11 Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite) Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite) Cover Art

Top 3 should be possible

... This should be in top 3!

12 Ripping Corpse

More Death metal than Death, or Possessed plus way heavier than either of those bands, Kreator's first few albums were Death only Terrible Certainty forward are Thrash

13 Voices of the Dead Voices of the Dead Cover Art

The first 1 minute is so damn awesome that I wished it would be 1 hour.

I'm in love with this beauty.

14 Phobia Phobia Cover Art

I still remember the time I've heard this song for the first time in the Dying Alive DVD, I kept listening until my ears start bleeding. I'm just in love with the lead part. For me this song is the best song from them but, what's it doing here? It must be in top 3.

Like it very much as it was the first I listened to from them. They are underrated for sure.

I really enjoy this track.

I like this one very much.

15 Toxic Trace Toxic Trace Cover Art

Great riffs! :) Especially that melodic one which happens few times, once as outro.

16 Terror Zone Terror Zone Cover Art

One of the best

17 All of the Same Blood All of the Same Blood Cover Art
18 Under the Guillotine Under the Guillotine Cover Art
19 Satan is Real - Kreator Satan is Real - Kreator Cover Art

It's like kreator featuring behemoth but 9766628 times better. Open your eyes and you'll see, best kreator song...

HOW IS THIS #32? This song made a Kreator fan. Open your eyes and you'll see, This is the best Kreator song!

20 Flag of Hate Flag of Hate Cover Art
21 Iron Destiny Iron Destiny Cover Art
22 Warcurse
23 Your Heaven, My Hell Your Heaven, My Hell Cover Art

The solo is simply amazing!

24 Some Pain Will Last Some Pain Will Last Cover Art

Brilliant thrash performance! Absolutely top 3 at least!

One of Kreator's best! Top 3 at least

25 Betrayer Betrayer Cover Art

How is this in 29th place! This is my very first Kreator song I have herd.

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