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21 From Flood Into Fire

Such an amazing song. Not to mention the first time we get to hear Mille's clean vocals and wow... They are good. Features many riffs, breakdowns and crescendos that keep this song going for a superb 5.5 minutes.

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22 Golden Age

Endorama is probably the most underrated kreator album. Golden age is a fine song.

23 Your Heaven, My Hell V 1 Comment
24 Under the Guillotine
25 Death to the World

Just an awesome masterpiece of an awesome band!

26 Love Us or Hate Us
27 Betrayer

An incredible thrash, raw, incredible lyrics...

28 Command of the Blade
29 World War Now

Best song of 2017 so far - christangrant

30 Terrible Certainty
31 Impossible Brutality

Should be in the top ten list, Kreator classic brutal notes

The drums in this song are awesome.

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32 Amok Run
33 Reconquering the Throne
34 Satan is Real - Kreator

It's like kreator featuring behemoth but 9766628 times better. Open your eyes and you'll see, best kreator song...

I am a headbanger, but this song made me a Kreator fan.

Satan ii pe bune

35 Gods of Violence
36 Tormentor

Not in the top-5 list? One of the most known thrash tracks of '80s

37 World Beyond

Fresh great song from different from all the others...

Awesome... Like all the others... Love it ;-)

Fresh sound - simply awesome...!

38 Murder Fantasies

Yeah I want to kill you. When I hate the people I listen to this song.
Very good song. Have to be top 10

39 Agents of Brutality

It contains one of the best guitar solo ever!

40 Some Pain Will Last

One of Kreator's best! Top 3 at least

Brilliant thrash performance! Absolutely top 3 at least!

That chorus riff with the stabbing bass is just incredible

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