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41 Totalitarian Terror
42 Suicide Terrorist

The best song of Kreator in my opinion sick lyrics melody and drums...

43 Awakening of the Gods V 1 Comment
44 United in Hate
45 No Reason to Exist
46 Ghetto War
47 Black Sunrise

This song gives a feeling of serenity and motivation

Very cool and super song you should listen

48 Bone Breaker
49 Demon Prince

Outstanding song

50 One Evil Comes - A Million Follow
51 Fallen Brother

Dedicated to our fallen brothers - DejanKalinic

52 Servant in Heaven - King in Hell
53 Don't Trust

How is this song bot in the top 5?
The awesome solo at the beggining, the great vocals, the good drumming.
My favorite Kreator song

54 Chosen Few V 1 Comment
55 Fatal Energy V 1 Comment
56 Under a Total Blackened Sky

I'm in deep love with this song period.

57 One of Us
58 Mental Slavery
59 Radical Resistance

Awesome Kreator Feeling

great song

Great song

60 Everlasting Flame

Incredible song, very ominous and deep. Best song off the album and very underrated.

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