Best K.S. Chithra Songs

Chithra is one of the best singer in the world. She sing all kind of songs and select which is top.

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1 Ooveru Pookalume

No one could sing this song like Chitra madam... She s d nly one perfect female play back singer in the world... She can sing any language song without any minor mistakes also...

Good efforts. Chithra sings this song as inspired

this song explane
about what is true life

No words to express...

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2 Paderiyen

When Padma Shri KS Chithra first sang this song, she was still new to film music scene, especially tamil music. However, her pronounciation was very good. Not only that, this song is a mixture of carnatic and folky (naatupura) music. She did justice to the song by singing in accordance with the music and storyline of the movie. Whenever, she sings this song nowadays, you still can feel the same aura in her voice!

Awesome mam un believable

3 Poove Poochuda Vaa

when I hear this song I remember my aunty

4 Eatho

THis song from Punnagai mannan is very nice

My all time favourite songs. Nobody beat her voice.. Soulfull singer

Soulful Singer..

5 Oyila Padum

Melody voice

6 Chima Chima

this song is good example her sexy voice

I like this songs very nice song

Very nice n romantic voice

7 Uyire Uyire

Chithra range of voice in this is song is extraordinary unbeatable and also she has not lose her sweet voice with that tempo

Wow! what a song? I don't remember but I may be in love with this song since Iam in 6th or 7th class. And still it never fades out of my heart. Each and every time I hear this song some new freashness arises in my mind. All credit goes to A.R.Rahman for this extrodinary magic. And this lady Chitra, What an amazing voice and range she has?!. Oh my god its just possible to Chitra. I listen to this song in Telugu and Tamil. Both compete one and other. Amazing chitra, great. Hats off amma hatsoff!

8 Oh Priya Priya

She sung more songs after malayalam is telugu count it

She is great singer all the time

9 Kalyana Thean Nilaa.. Kaaichadha Paal Nilaa....

Ever green song

She is really a great singer, which is established in this song including her voice culture... Amazing and incredible song.. Thanks to chitra amma to give this song to us... Love you amma...

10 Oolala


I think it's a different style of song from Chitra by using her magical voice..A,R.Rahmans wonderful creation.
It brought another National Award n Chitras credit.
My congrats..

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11 Kattrodu Kuzhalin

this is very nice. this song make feel us to connect with the pure romance.
i can't xplain the romance through words to you. thanks for singing this song

12 Hello Hello Doctor
13 Yenge Yenathu Kavithai

Very nice song

Very nice song sung by KS Chitra Ji

14 Madhuram Gayathi Mama Hridayam

This song stands testimony to the fact that chitra can sing complex songs with ease

Very touching song

Free flowing with all the sangathees in the song. Atrue example of brilliance and sheer talent

15 Kannalane Yenathu Kannai

Evergreen voice

One of my favourite song of chitchat chechi

I'm awake from my nap when this song aired. No words to descript of Ctitra Ma'am vocal. It so nice & beautiful song.

16 Thathi Thom
17 Chinna Kuyil Padum

Cute and innocent voice of chithra is very nice to hear simply superb

18 Ariyathe Ariyathe

Her best song I should say.. Here the content mostly supports her Tamil songs, else I'm sure, it is her best in this list

19 Payale Chim Chum

This is an award winning song of chithra in Hindi language one of the most superb and nice song

20 Idhazhil Kathai

Chitrha's tempo of voice is remarkable and very cute and beautiful.

21 Kaarmukhil Vannande Chundil

Good Narration which been clearly communicated in Chitra Maas Voice... Excellent feeling and pich mind blowing

22 Putham Pudu Kaalai
23 Madura Marikkolunthu Vaasam
24 Enge Enadhu Kavithai

Thanks to give this song to us chitra amma... Really your voice range is amazing and your singing expression is so beautiful and incredible... Love you amma...

25 Manasuna Unnadi
26 Roopthere
27 Aaja
28 Yaro Yarudan
29 Janaki Devi Ramanai
30 Anjali Anjali

From duet.. More than a lakh times I heard her voice bit alone..

I might have heard and will be hearing this song forever. I don't know how many times I have heard her version alone. What a range she has? !.No body except Chitra mam. In front of her range Balu sir's range is no where. Hats off chitra amma.

31 Venu Vai Vachaanu

She did not get because of dirty politics

K.S Chitra is undoubtedly the greatest singer of all time. She sang all the kinds of songs with ease. Still humble and polite, let our generation learn from her. We respect you and love your voice, devine voice. You are the best...

Chitra Madam should get national award for this song.

Best of Chitra's songs. I guess she is the only one singer who can sing this song.A power packed singer. Once while speaking about this song, S.P.Balu told that she is like Lord Hanuman, as She does'nt know how much power she has and this song would define her whole power. And the last part of song, who could have that range except Chitra, and each and every time she says the word 'hari' in this song, it is just incrediable and only possible by Chitra. The way she renders this song can be unbeatable and I bet no other singer can do that. Hats off Chitra amma...Hats off...

32 Raat Ka Nashabhi

Sexy Voice.. It shows Chithraji's Versatile Singing.

33 Marugo Marugo
34 Malargalae
35 Marala Telupane Priya

Sweet honey romantic voice.

36 Raat Hamari Toh (Parineeta)

Shw conveyed full of emotions through her voice.

37 Omkaradi Kande Prema Nadava
38 Ninnukori Varanam

We can say this as an anthem of Chitra. She sings it with full power and excellent melodious voice. The middile part of range in the song can be sung only by Chitra amma. What an extrodinary range she has?!... Hats off.

39 Kuzhal Oothum
40 Keh Nahi Kya Ki Nain Ek Anjaan Se Jab Mile K Chithra
41 Ram Bam Bam
42 Kunnathae Kunnaykum

What a brilliant song.. I go drifting to some heavenly world each time I listen to this song

43 Ee Sundara Beladingala
44 Tunturu Alli Neera Haadu
45 Hele Kogile Impagala
46 Angopangam Swaramukharam

No other singer can sing the feel of 'Roudram' in such a way.

47 Prem Meri Aankhom Me He
48 Manjal Prasadavum

Nice soothing song

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