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21 Kaarmukhil Vannande Chundil

Good Narration which been clearly communicated in Chitra Maas Voice... Excellent feeling and pich mind blowing

22 Manasuna Unnadi
23 Roopthere
24 Aaja
25 Yaro Yarudan
26 Putham Pudu Kaalai
27 Madura Marikkolunthu Vaasam
28 Janaki Devi Ramanai
29 Anjali Anjali

From duet.. More than a lakh times I heard her voice bit alone..

I might have heard and will be hearing this song forever. I don't know how many times I have heard her version alone. What a range she has? !.No body except Chitra mam. In front of her range Balu sir's range is no where. Hats off chitra amma.

30 Enge Enadhu Kavithai

Thanks to give this song to us chitra amma... Really your voice range is amazing and your singing expression is so beautiful and incredible... Love you amma...

31 Venu Vai Vachaanu

She did not get because of dirty politics

K.S Chitra is undoubtedly the greatest singer of all time. She sang all the kinds of songs with ease. Still humble and polite, let our generation learn from her. We respect you and love your voice, devine voice. You are the best...

Chitra Madam should get national award for this song.

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32 Raat Ka Nashabhi V 1 Comment
33 Marugo Marugo
34 Marala Telupane Priya

Sweet honey romantic voice.

35 Raat Hamari Toh (Parineeta) V 1 Comment
36 Malargalae
37 Omkaradi Kande Prema Nadava
38 Keh Nahi Kya Ki Nain Ek Anjaan Se Jab Mile K Chithra
39 Ram Bam Bam
40 Kunnathae Kunnaykum

What a brilliant song.. I go drifting to some heavenly world each time I listen to this song

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