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1 Promise of a Lifetime
2 What Faith Can Do

This is a really good song which can help us not give up even in the baddest of times... Kutless is awesome

I like this, Carry On, and Promise of a Lifetime. One of my favorite Christian bands. Skillet is good too. - Alpha101

This song is so encouraging and it can help you have faith.

I think this song should be #1

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3 Sea of Faces
4 You are Everything

You are Everything.. Song guys is very meaningful, very inspirational to all of us Christians every time I sing this song it makes me cry that GOD is everything we need in time of circumstances that we face everyday of our lives... "GOD BLESS US ALL"... - JezrelDagohoy

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5 Strong Tower

How is this not #1? - LarkwingFlight

6 Take Me In
7 Remember Me
8 Word of God Speak

Hey, this was originally a MercyMe song! - LarkwingFlight

9 God of Wonders
10 Amazed

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11 Carry Me to the Cross
12 Treason

Song from the Album 'Sea of Faces'. This song has an amazing tune and I think it deserves a place in the list, if not the first place!

13 Even If
14 Hearts of the Innocent

First song I heard by Kutless

This is the Kutless I love! - LarkwingFlight

15 To Know that You're Alive
16 Finding Who We Are
17 Perspectives

Love this song and the lyrics.. So far I loved all of the Kutless songs I listened to... They have great inspirational meanings and all of their songs are in one word : BEST! Laugh out loud! LOVE THIS BAND! And I was pretty surprised when this song wasn't in the list...

18 Carry On

One of my favorites! - Alpha101

19 Your Touch
20 Draw Me Close
21 Better is One Day
22 All of the Words
23 You Alone
24 Believer
25 Beautiful
26 Complete
27 All Who are Thirsty
28 We Fall Down
29 Ready for You
30 It's Like Me
31 Let You In
32 If It Ends Today
33 Tonight
34 Mirror

Best song from the new album 'Surrender'... Give it a try guys...

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1. What Faith Can Do
2. Sea of Faces
3. Remember Me
1. You are Everything
2. Promise of a Lifetime
3. Sea of Faces


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