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1 Fever Fever Product Image

I am a HUGE Kylie fan and I would give anything to meet her. Kylie Minogue's Fever album is 100% amazing! It is simply the best of her albums... It is great and it reach number 1 in loads of countries! Fragile, love affair and your love are the best songs on there... They are brilliant and I can't get enough of them. All of her songs are AMAZINGG! I love her so much!

Her best album BY FAR! Can't get you out of my head, Come into my world, Love at first sight, In your eyes, Fever... Wow, that's amazing!

I love Kylie. Fever is definitely her strongest album, no skips. Aphrodite is a close second.

My favorite Kylie Album I Love all the hit's of it plus the Album Tracks

2 Impossible Princess Impossible Princess Product Image

Kylie's most underrated album. It has often being cited at copying Madonna's "Ray Of Light", but Kylie's album was released 4 months prior to Madonna's. Although they are both excellent albums - Kylie's is the best!

Too Far is an amazing, experimental, solely Kylie-penned trip-hop track which should have been released as a single.
The whole album is built of risky masterpieces, especially: Some Kind Of Bliss, Breathe, Limbo, Dreams and TOO FAR!

Also, it is the only time that Madonna has taken the light, happy side while Kylie has gone for a more dark, mysterious image. It is usually the other way round.

Easily her best album besides Fever and Body Language. This is the original Ray of Light, yet has been buried underneath under other material that it's criminally underrated. It's honest, unique, and beautiful.

The most experimental songs of Kylie Minogue career, is defined as "Glorious and Magnificent", each song has its own personal marks a real Masterpiece of Pop music.

Such a unique album. Unexpected from Kylie. Laid back and a darker vibe but her best album in my opinion - cutting across genres.

3 Aphrodite Aphrodite Product Image

Quite possibly the best-ever pure pop album made to date (2016)...All The Lovers sets the tone and pace, with stunning melodies and gorgeous synth programming - the high vocal harmonies in the chorus just add the icing on the cake. From there the high quality never ends and there are zero fillers in sight. An amazing achievement by all involved in creating this gem!

All I enjoy her music, Aphrodite is the first Kylie Minogue album I've actually purchased. I put the CD on and listened the All The Lovers, the lead single, the catcy song that made me by the album. Once the song finished, I started to regret buying it because I thought the good would end there. But it did not! The rest of the album brpught out masterpieces like "Aphrodite", "Looking For An Angel" and "Get Outta My Way".

Aphrodite is easily the best album I've ever listened to. The musical dynamic is indescribable. This album is so alluring musically, as well as lyrically. The songs all have this very majestic feel to them.

Way past her best, but better than the music from that year. Kylie keeps chasing the next trend... Thank God she doesn't do a Madonna and get sub-standard musical guests and bore people into irrelevance.

4 Light Years Light Years Product Image

Light Years, X, and Aphrodite are all pretty close for me, but I will pick Light Years because she truly went out on a limb with this one. She experimented with many different styles, both retro and modern and brought herself into the new century with a bang. "Light Years" is actually also my favorite song.

It makes me want to dance, So Now Goodbye is a really good song. When I listen to this album I feel like I am on a cruise. When you listen to it with your earphones, it's so magical.

Light years is the best kylie album ever. When kylie was back in 2000, she hit it with this album. kylie is cool! Specialy in this way! Go on kyle!

This is her "happiest" album and has a great retro feel!

5 X X Product Image

As someone's already mentioned, this album is painfully underrated. It can't be denied that "X" is not her most cohesive album, but this doesn't overshine the highlights of this album. There are some ups and downs but no filler can take away the greatness of brilliant tracks like "Speakerphone" (this song is a fan favourite for a reason and, arguably, it can be labeled as one of the best tunes off the entire album), "Like a Drug", "Nu-di-ty", "Wow", "In My Arms" (I aodre "2 Hearts" but this should've been the first single), "Sensitized". Let's not forget that we got golden bonus tracks too (I'm, of course, talking about "Cherry Bomb" and "Carried Away", among others). Now, it's difficult for me to point out the downs of this album, because I honestly love all the tracks (sure, some of them are growers and I didn't like them at first but now I've come to constantly replay them).

On this album, Kylie explores more in many different directions. The opener, "2 Hearts" shows us a ...more

This album is very underrated, but it showed us a Kylie stepping out of her comfort zone and experimenting with new sounds, and the result of it was a brilliant album with songs like 'In Your Arms, Like A Drug, Heart Beat Rock, Wow, The One, among others' instant classics.

One of the best Pop albums ever.

X is the best Kylie Minogue album because every song is great. Maybe its not her most cohesive but Kylie was in creative control and you can tell she did what she wanted with this album

This is the album that got me into Kylie! It is so underrated. Like a Drug, In My Arms and The One are masterpieces!

6 Body Language Body Language Product Image

Fever is great, but without a doubt this album is packed with catchy hooks. Always fun, Body language is a node to the 80's and to the American market. It's Euro-fun with out the cheese and sexy without the sleaze.

Hands down, "Body Language" is a masterpiece! I know it was not as successful as its predecessor (such a shame it was not! ) but this album is way more provocative than "Fever" that's a masterpiece on its own, but it kinda revolves around the same genre (that's not a bad thing, though 'cause she mastered it perfectly) when "Body Language" brings a R&B-ish type of sound. It is such an unique album in her enitre catalogue. And let's not forget it features "Slow" -one of the best songs she's ever recorded. "Red Blooded Woman", "Chocolate", "Secret (Take You Home)", "Sweet Music", "Still Standing" are all gold. I just wish we got more singles.

Even the unreleased tracks from this session are amazing, not to mention the B-sides. "City Games" should've made it on the album, though, and even be released as a single. It is that good! "Cruise Control" is another hidden treasure (for the fans outside the USA) that should've been featured on the standard edition of "Body ...more

I absolutely love this album! It's the only one I've heard of hers, but it's one of my favorite albums of all time

Coming after Fever, it had a lot of expectations but I think it is close to or as good as Fever!

7 Kylie Minogue Kylie Minogue Product Image

Excuse me, why is this masterpiece so low on this list? If anything, this flawless album should be at number 2, behind "Impossible Princess". I will never understand why Kylie's best works are so underrated. This album is perfect for the first song to the last one. Kylie began exploring new horizons and experiment with her music with "Let's Get To It" -an amazing album, by the way, that should also be higher on this list- but with "Kylie Minogue" she managed to give us a perfect cohesive album. "Confide In Me" is a masterpiece on its own. "Put Yourself In My Place" is an outta this world song. And so on, every single song from this album is just beyond amazing. Justice for this gorgeous album!

I feel this is her best because she wasn't following any formulas and helped write more songs. She did that with Impossible Princess but to a point her music was unrecognizable. This album has a soft, quiet feeling yet at the same is one of her boldest and most mature.

The combination of contemporary pop with dance music, leaves you with the feeling of being in the past while living in the present. It's surprising.

Her best and most cohesive album! Not one bad track on it.

8 Kiss Me Once Kiss Me Once Product Image

Sure, "Kiss Me Once" may not be her best album (though, I strong believe that it is actually one of her best) but it is not one of her worst either, and that's for sure. I'm aware of the fact that after "Aphrodite" it was kind of a challange for Kylie to come up with something better than her eleventh studio album, which set the bar like really high, but that was not impossible -after all, we're talking about Kylie, a highly talented and creative person. And with album I was not disappointed at all, per contra, I was delighted. The only problem with this album was represented by the single choices (that's not a new problem though, I mean, let's just remember the singles we got off "X").

"Into the Blue" was the perfect lead single but it should've been followed up by "Million Miles" as the second single and then "If Only" as the third single. Surely, I could just go on because almost all of the songs were single material (yet, we only got two singles out of which one is not the ...more

Kiss Me Once is the best album that Kylie Minogue has ever made. I believe it to be her "Britney Jean" album (another one of my all time favorites). The production is very consistent with the era that it was produced in, and I like that because it reminds of that time period.

The best songs are "Into The Blue" "Kiss Me Once" and "Fine" I love all of the songs on this album and the Kiss Me Once photoshoot is without a doubt Kylie Minogue's most beautiful and iconic. Everything about the 'Kiss Me Once' era was fabulous, sexy, and fun. Love it love it love it.

This album was a watery and angelic delight!

Best albums:

1. Kiss me once
2. Aphrodite
3. Impossible princess
4. Fever
5. Kylie

Solid album... Best since "Fever".

9 Disco Disco Product Image
10 Golden Golden Product Image

Great cohesive album that blends her sounds. This feels like a concept album which is great for road trips and creating nostalgia. Her voice sounds relaxed and pleasant. She makes the most of what she's got, she really is into the music as an artist. Bonus tracks are also nice to add to the end and this overall journey.

Just released on 6th of April and the first time for many years Kylie has a number 1 album in her homeland Australia and the UK.
This album is awesome not a filler most of the albums songs. An be easily a single. Kylie has co-written all the songs on this album making the first since Impossible Princess in 1997/98.

Golden should be in the top 5, Kylie songwriting is underrated but somewhat matured well. Golden is the closest Kylie is ever going to get making a concept album.

I think it is a great album. I like dancing, raining glitter and every little part of me.

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11 Let's Get to It Let's Get to It Product Image

Absolutely stunning album right down to its artwork, not to mention the songs and production. Literally, every song could've been a single and a hit. It's varied enough to keep your interest piqued, yet cohesive throughout, thanks to having been produced by Stock (& Waterman). It's got ballads, classy mid-tempo RnB-tinged pop, a mindblowing rave anthem, pure pop with quality songwriting (including some from Kylie herself) and she comes across as one very confident and sensual lady here. It's incredibly disappointing this album has long been so criminally overlooked - I'm a massive Kylie fan and this is, to me, her very best album.

This album is one of the most -if not the most actually- underrated albums in Kylie's entire discography. But "Let's Get To It" is, in fact, way better (quality wise) than most people seem to believe. This album marks a change in Kylie's then musical style. She approached a more mature and sophisticated sound. From now on, her music starts to get better and better with every album. It is so sad that this amazing collection of way above average songs underperformed. It is also unbelievable how even the singles underperformed too. Sad, truly sad.

Sure, there are some fillers on this album but they're not bad at all. They only two problems I have with this album is that one: the remixed and far superior version of "Finer Feelings" (I'm talking about the Brothers in Rhythm mix that got released as a single) was not featured on the album, and two: "I Guess I Like It Like That" was not released as single (this one is still a mystery to me, like, this song is arguably the best song on ...more

Completely underrated! This album is incredible and reminds me a lot of Madonna's bedtime stories. Kylie tried something new here and oh man did it work! One of the best albums I've ever listened to! Favorite tracks are too much of a good thing, finer feelings, let's get to it, and no world without you

12 Rhythm of Love Rhythm of Love Product Image

It is a great album! Love Kylie

Her best Stock Aitken and Waterman era album

13 The Abbey Road Sessions The Abbey Road Sessions Product Image

More contemporary arrangements or past hit and the unreleased song Flower is the best Kylie has ever done musically.

Beautiful versions of many of her hits - many as good or even better. Vocally Kylie never dissapoints here!

Great album the best Kylie has vocally done

14 Enjoy Yourself Enjoy Yourself Product Image

This album had omething very specal. First at all the love songs were dramatically amazing and also the sounds were easy and catchy.

15 Ultimate Kylie Ultimate Kylie Product Image
16 Kylie Kylie Product Image

Besides FEVER, this should be listed as number #2, and FEVER should be listed as #1. Kylie's debut album screams 80's, but for anyone who loves 80's music (like me), this is a must have! Some of the songs on this album (in my opinion) still stand the test of time and sound like classics, instead of just some random cheesy 80's dance songs.

Just for the album track Turn it Into Love

17 Love at First Sight Love at First Sight Product Image
18 Kylie: Greatest Hits Kylie: Greatest Hits Product Image

The original hits CD is so strong, it as incredible the amount of big hits in the early career. Contains all the hits from 1987 to 1991. The SAW team (the greatest British music production team) made Kylie a superstar and gave her their best material.

19 Hits Hits Product Image
20 Boombox Boombox Product Image
21 Kylie Christmas: Snow Queen Edition Kylie Christmas: Snow Queen Edition Product Image

A great album released in 2016

22 Skirt

A Kylie minogue album released 2 years ago
In 2016 she released this album with not many tracks on but some good songs on

23 Live in New York
24 Showgirl Homecoming
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