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41 Hand On Your Heart
42 Step Back in Time

Another hidden jam in Kylie's almost flawless discography. I love this song so much, for so many reasons. I love her voice, I love her attitude, I love the rhythm. And yeah, I can'l leave a comment on a third single released from an album I just adore without at least, mentioning its name or how amazing it actually is. The album, I mean, about its parental album. So here I go. "rhythm of Love" is the bomb. Even though it was released like 2 decades ago, it still has that magical spark. It has it, you know. I could listen to it all day long. And "Step Back in Time" is my favourite from the entire album. I so wanna funk... I also like it's video. Kylie was at a crossroads si she was

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43 Turn It Into Love

One of her best tracks from her 80's era. Quite futuristic for that time. Sad she hasn't performed it as much as the track deserves.

44 What Do I Have to Do

Amazing track one of her best should be in top 5 best kylie tracks excellent video also

SO underrated! Her best song.

Pop perfection!

45 Santa Baby
46 Heartstrings
47 Can't Beat the Feeling

Best on Aphrodite and unbelievably wasn't considered as follow up to ATL as single

48 Tears on My Pillow
49 Got to Be Certain
50 Wouldn't Change a Thing
51 Give Me Just a Little More Time

I love this song. This is a generation of good teen pop songs. - DynastiNoble

52 Closer

Love it. Very experimental and very dark sounding.

53 Surrender

Amazing Song! Really think it could've had potential to be a world hit! Recommend it to all kylie fans!

54 Dangerous Game
55 Too Far

99 seriously it's awesome

56 Say Hey
57 I Don't Need Anyone

Can't Get You Outta My Head is her best song, I think anyway. But I decided to vote for something different, to give it a chance. This song, I Don't Need Anyone is amazing. It was also released in the Impossible Princess era, it's on the album. The song is different for Kylie, but great!

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58 Through the Years
59 So Now Goodbye
60 Please Stay

Amazing song

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