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41 Anemone

This song so good. I'm shocking why this song not on top 5

42 Shine

This Great Song...
According to the title of the song this song sheds light...
U must tray it...

This song is awesome it's one of my favourites I think it should be ranked higher!

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43 Heaven's Drive
44 Snow Drop
45 Trust

It's an amazing song which totally lives up to immortal rock songs

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46 Feeling Fine

It is the best song in the Smile Album

47 Fate

I'm not sure why this song isn't number one, this is the first time I've ever been compelled to write a comment on anything besides facebook in my whole life. This is one of the most emotive songs I've ever heard live. The whole world deserves to hear it, I'm not sure that many western rock songs could really compete with this song back to back live. Larc forever!

48 xxx

So different from other L'arc songs. I don't like fangirls but damn, this song is so hot.

49 All Dead
50 Spirit Dreams Inside
51 Singin' in the Rain
52 Natsu no Yuuutsu [time to say good-bye]
53 Caress of Venus

Gotta more and more...

54 Floods of Tears
55 Time Goes On

Beautiful melodiesđź‘Ťand always with great memori when hear this song..

56 Hoshizora
57 Lover Boy
58 Neo Universe

This song rocks should be top 10

59 Kaze ni Kienaide
60 As If In a Dream
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