Best L'Arc~en~Ciel Albums

The best of L'Arc~en~Ciel album, from its debut until today, all their albums including compilations, remixes.

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1 Kiss Kiss Product Image

Arguably the most "complete" album L'Arc ever produce

Black Rose, and suna dokai never forgotten in my head

my top laruku songa are here

I really like this album!

2 Ark Ark Product Image

Best album. Every song is a masterpiece. There's not a single song I don't like!

I totally love this album!

1999 album, best selling album of l'arc~en~ciel
2. forbidden lover
4. Pieces
5. Driver's High

3 Heart Heart Product Image

Every song is amazing. Yukihiro gave the band new life and it sports two perfectly crafted singles in Niji and Winter Fall. Anata is their best ballad too.

Totally underrated! My favorite!

Way underrated L'arc album.

1998 comeback album after sakura's deparute because of being arrested due to having heroin possession
1. Niji
2. winter fall

4 Dune Dune Product Image

l'arc en ciel debut album
1. Floods of tears

5 Real Real Product Image

Quality wise, its more like Ark and Ray combined. Well, technically tighter plus the rockier mood, and with more prominent showcase of Yukihiro's talent in electronica. The sound isn't like their other albums (Each of their album has different "colors", that's why L'Arc~en~Ciel never boring. This album released on 2000, so the songs and their arrangement are set to reflect the new millennium). Confidence and solidity after their last success, and advancement toward new era of L'Arc before their hiatus is all in this one

This is in my opinion the album that truly defined L'arc en ciel's talent. This was when L'arc was at the very top of their game.

Freakingly beautiful album this is. The best.. I feel the anger hate love every emotion in this album.

2000 album, before solo projects
2. NEO UNIVERSE/finale

6 Heavenly

I love this album, It's happy but nostalgic, strong, every song is connected to the following one. It's a completed album.

1. Vivid Colors
2. Natsu no Yuuutsu

7 Awake Awake Product Image

This is the best. what can I say, it opens with a kick ass NEW WORLD, and it contained some of the finest Hyde's songs in it (My Dear, Killing Me, Ophelia, Hoshizora).

L'arc en Ciel is the kind of musician which has equally distributed good songs in their album. But in my opinion, this is their best.

2005 album, before 2nd solo projects

this is the best album! invitation to freedom

8 Ray Ray Product Image

1999 album, 2nd best selling album of L'Arc~en~ciel
1. Shinshoku ~lose control~
3. Kasou
4. snow drop

9 Tierra Tierra Product Image

Raw and inspiring. Listen to this album and Dune to understand the core of L'arc sounds. Overall, every L'arc album show us their capability to blend commercial with artsy taste, their versatility as musician, and how solid they are as a band. Here, we can hear how L'arc music as a new band of four young mind, fresh from indie scene, display their poetic approach to brings the mood of dreamy emotion. The later L'arc album, while more advanced technically, seems to get drown by their own fame.

Highlight in this album: In the Air, Blame, Inner Core, Nemuri Ni Yosete, white Feathers

All dead, blurry eyes and blame (*☻-☻*) just for this songs Tierra it's best album of 94's

10 Smile Smile Product Image

my favourite album
I like this album, thanks for l arc en ciel.

2004 album
1. Spirit dreams inside -another dream-
3. Hitomi no Jyuunin

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11 True True Product Image

It's the more pop one, but personally it's my favorites. I think it's pretty interesting to listen this one to see the transition of the band before and after Sakura left. Also in my humble opinion, between this one and Heart, Hyde's voice was at it best. Every song is good (well, the engrish in Good Morning Hide maybe isn't) but I recommend the Fourth Avenue Cafe (probably, the most known one), flower, Kaze ni Kienaide and Lies and Truth. Hidden jems are I Wish (a X-mas song, sort of), Round and Round and Caress of Venus. Finally, I like the less Farewell and Dearest Love but if you like slow songs maybe you like those better than me.

As for the "after Sakura" albums, I recommend Real (they were at the top of their career back then) and the recently released Butterfly (it's a bit of return to the roots + experimenting with new stuff).

1996 album, last album with sakura as a drummer
1. Kaze ni Kienaide
2. flower
3. Lies and Truth
4. the Fourth Avenue Cafe

12 Butterfly Butterfly Product Image

Laruku proves that they still produce quality music. Hyde's voice is as sublime as ever <3

A lot of great singles are compiled:
Drink It Down
Good luck my way
Nexus 4

New tracks:
Wild Flower
Bye Bye
Shade of season (loved this one)
Mirai Sekai.

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