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1 Paul Rabil

I've been watching some of your videos and you are my favourite player in the hole WORLD

I think you are the best lacrosse player because I have seen all of you games on YouTube

Paul Rabil scores goals at will and makes it look easy. He is definitely the best lax player of all time!

He’s the best

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2 John Grant Jr.

When I metJohn Grant at a Valor lacrosse tryout, my heart nearly stopped. John Grant isn't just one of the top three of all time, he's the best to ever play the game. You think about his persistence when he injured his knee, it almost ended his life. But he fought through it and became better than he was before at the position of attack. John Grant has always been my favorite player, even though I play midfield. Now granted, Lyle Thompson will some day be higher on this list than he is, but in my opinion, he is presently the greatest player of all time.

I'm you're biggest fan. You are also the best

Lacrosse is the best sport ever

Everybody knows he is that good.

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3 Thomas Sears

First goalie I ever saw take over a lacrosse game. At Uva in '81 (I think)... incredible save, lazer clearing passes... and coming out of the goal decking guys...

4 Conor Gill
5 Paul Gait

His brother isn't bad either. - XxSpitfire34109xX

I think he's the best of all time

He is as soon good like me

Paul gait is lacrosse

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6 Mikey Powell

Mikey Powell can do amazing tricks like doing a front flip then shooting it behind his back! He is an amazing lacrosse player and his brother isn't too bad either.

Cool how his last name is named after a Skateboard brand. He has a great Lacrosse brother too. - XxSpitfire34109xX

When I met you at rhino camp you had awesome moves props to the "Ostrich"

I think you and also casey are the best becuse of all your YouTube videos

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7 Brian Wood

Played with angainst Brian all I can say it was pure poetry. He is and always will be the greatest of all time. Watch his film. You tell me



8 Mark Millon

Mark Millon is the best and an insiration to who ever sees him play

9 Kyle Harrison

Love this guy. I've seen him in person in multiple occasion. He is an amazing play as well!

Amazing got his kit as well designed by him to

This guy has skills!

Super cool guy, and the best player out their (even better than Paul Rabil

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10 Jim Brown Jim Brown

One thing I have to say, : The only reason people think paul rabil is the best is because he gets all the endorsements. I watched him play live and he isn't that good. he doesn't play real lacrosse. by that I mean he doesn't pass. This guy Jim Brown the football running back fro the browns actually had mad skills at lacrosse. he should be at least top ten. I don't if he's better than rabil or not because he played 50 years ago but people please realize that paul rabil isn't as good as you think he is.

Tremendous athlete - played during a period when lacrosse was not nearly as popular as it is today

Actually, football was his #2 sport at Syracuse - in his passion.


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11 Gary Gait

For Paul Gait to be higher than his brother is OUTRAGEOUS. Gary Gait changed the game. No one will ever forget the Air Gait. He carried Syracuse on his shoulders, and it was him that brought them to the championship title. Now yes, Paul does sometimes get overshadowed by Gary, but Gary is still one of the top three ever.

Should probably be #1 player. Dominant, spectacular, made those around him better; changed the game.

Having Gait at 12 gives this list zero credibility. Number 12? Are you kidding me?

This one play says it all… v=A9cm_HpvlI4

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12 Max Seibald

Best MLL player by far. Since coming into the league this guy has proven he's one of the best scoring middies. He is one of the fastest players on his team... The Denver Outlaws.

Did a clinic at a summer camp I was at clearly there to help the kids and to show his overall skill

My name is max

13 Matt Ward

Are you brothers with Dillon ward?

14 Casey Powell

Casey Powell not being on the top 5 makes me so mad. You think about how long this man has played and how much he has changed the game, and you find that he is classified as a LEGEND. Casey Powell truly is a lacrosse legend.

Casey is a legend. He always sets up clinics at my lacrosse fields and he is a true legend. If you haven't seen him up close, you haven't seen him before.

Ryan Mastin which is me

He was a GOAT

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15 Rob Pannell

Better than John Grant Jr. in my opinion.

Rob has elusev speed

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17 Dave Pietramala

This man REDEFINED lacrosse and the position of defense. I was shocked when I didn't see him in the top 5. Pietramala is a legend.

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18 Jordan Wolf

Best rattlers players I have ever seen. I'm your biggest fan.

19 Brian Dougherty

YEAH PHILLY, even if nobody can play for the Barrage anymore

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20 Brendan Mundorf

I'm not saying he's the best of all time but didn't he win the MVP two years ago.

In my opinion brendan is the best

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