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21 Jeff Cook

Hopkins legend. 3 time all American. Hopkins Hall of Fame. National Hall of Fame. Holds record for most points in a season at Hopkins (80). Won MVP on the losing National Championship team in 81. Won the turnbull award twice. Won the Enners award for nation's best player in 81,

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22 John Tavares V 2 Comments
23 Jordan Macintosh
24 Ned Crotty

How is he not listed? He made the American Lacrosse team in college! College!

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25 Roy Colsey

Your skills amaze me so much and I know its hard to be a top middfielder with a hat trick every game

26 Brodie Merril V 1 Comment
27 Jesse Schwartzman

Plays for Denver Outlaws And was starting goalie for team USA. Need I say more?

28 Dan Dawson

No one has the uncanny field vision that DDD does. He is unselfish but knows how to put it in the back of the net when needed. They don't call him "Dangerous Dan Dawson" for no reason!

I no 25 tennagers who play for the intermediet shamrocks and you are there favourite player and your on of mine you are the BEST DANGEROUS Dan Dawson

29 Brendan Mundorf

I'm not saying he's the best of all time but didn't he win the MVP two years ago.

In my opinion brendan is the best

30 Frank Urso

For those of us who first learned with traditional sticks and even remember the advent of of plastic heads, Frank Urso cannot be forgotten. Frank and his coach, the great Bud Beardmore, dominated the game at the precise time the game began to evolve into the modern game we now know.

How could he not be listed? He changed the game at midfield. 4x All American at Maryland, and national champion. At the time, best shot in the game.

31 Peter Baum
32 Josh Sims
33 Ryan Flanagan
34 Tim Nelson
35 Lee Zink
36 John Galloway V 2 Comments
37 Tucker Durkin

He made the 2014 FIL world championship team and is on the same team as Myles and Lyle Thompson

38 Tillman Johnson

Are you brothers with Lyle Thompson

He's really good

39 Roland Petit Jr.
40 Pete Eldredge
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