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1 The Fame Monster

I promise, this album always in my heart until I die. Gaga's this masterpiece album got all the emotions, fear, love, sex, addiction, freedom, self-love. This is chanced me and I can't live without this anymore.

This extraordinary album includes all my favourite songs from Lagy Gaga, these include Bad Romance, Telephone, Alejandro and Dance In The Dark.

Lady Gaga's magnum opus

8 masterpiece songs! this is my 1st gaga record that I brougth

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2 Born This Way

This is an awesome album it is a mix a rock pop disco dance and opera. THis is her top album. It makes Madonna Music album look like a chew toy.

Bad Romance may not be here, but come on, this is her absolute best album.

This is truly her greatest work!

I don't get why everyone thinks it's so great :(

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3 The Fame
4 Joanne

Best record so far, great lyrics, emotion, melodies. Lovely

Best album so far


Its a gaga evolution... I love artpop!

It doesn't get any better without this album. It's her best ever.

I Made This Album On the list myself, and I think it will be a great future

This album was amazing! It wasn't a mess! The songs were amazing, artRAVE SLAYED, and everything about this album was great. The lyrics were amazing, the production was marvelous, the cover is her favorite (mine is TFM though)... way underrated.

And really The Fame is above this? It's great, but it's a typical pop album!

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6 The Remix

I love the remixes featured on this album. particularly LoveGame.
This is way better then the entire mainstream crap Artpop!

7 The Cherrytree Sessions

Even this album anybody knows is better then Artpop.
Born This Way and TFM are real masterpieces and should stick at #1 for ever... !

8 Cheek to Cheek V 1 Comment
9 Hitmixes
10 The Singles

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11 A Very Gaga Holiday

I love this album. I sold my Artpop and used the money to buy it this Christmas. Not disappointed as I was when bought Artpop. Nice lyrics, beautiful melody! Very great...

12 Born This Way: The Remix

I sold my Artpop and bought this one, and I do not regret it! Even Born This Way remixes are cooler then Artpop songs xDD

13 Female Intuition
14 Disco Heaven
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1. The Fame Monster
2. Born This Way
3. Cheek to Cheek
1. Born This Way
2. The Fame Monster
3. Joanne
1. The Fame Monster
2. Born This Way
3. Joanne

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