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1 Bad Romance

Best! Her outfits are simply incredible, not too over top, but yet still edgy, and perfect Gaga! Love Gaga

One of the most ICONIC Music Videos of all time and she even won many awards for it too.

That video is my favorite hi my name is dashawn.


2 Telephone Telephone Cover Art

Telephone's video is just perfect- not to vulgar and inappropriate, but also not too boring. It has a little vulgarity, but it is balanced with the silliness of the rest. I love the part when gaga bites the hamburger from beyonce's hand.

Amazing sequel to Paparazzi! Absolutelly love it! Especially the sandwich dance part

That's the best memory of my childhood. I remember everyboy talking about this "scandal". Love it

3 Paparazzi Paparazzi Cover Art

This one of my favourite videos of all time! I love you mother monster!

Awesome video. It definitely tells a story, and the dancing is fantastic. One of my favorite lady gaga videos.

4 Poker Face

I meet and become a fan with Poker face video. And some monsters think same me

This video is beautiful! The scenery, the lighting, the effects, outfits and the dance moves are all perfection. In fact, this is one of my favourite videos of all time.
She defined herself here.

5 Marry the Night

It's the video of her life. It's a Lady Gaga's biography. 13 minutes of video aren't enough, but she could resume her twenty-five years in just a video. It's completely artistic and symbolic. It must be in the Top 10...

An absolute masterpiece. From her monologue to the French ballet. Sitting atop a burning car to getting her first record deal. This is more than a music video. This is a FILM.

This video has a very strong meaning. Its basically knid of like a video of her life. I never watch the short version always the 13 minute one. I love the dance moves in it. Love you gaga!

I love Bad Romance. I really do. But this video is just pure AMAZING (and also self directed! )
It's meaningful, autobiographical, personal, honest, and just... WOW!

6 Just Dance Just Dance Cover Art

She actually looks hot in this. After this however she became weird and uglier as time went by. Weird. I'd definitely do this lady gaga.

7 LoveGame

Too hot, I loved this video and the subway scenes, here the Old Gaga was very beautiful more than in any video clip of the Fame.

In My Opinion, the video is the last video before she turned weird. Love the dances, And A Great Place to shoot a video. Its by far her best!

8 Applause

I think this music video is one of her bests. She changes every scene of the clip and it's kind of interesting! Keep working Gaga, you're genius and ART!

Great come-back video! It is full of cultural and artistical references, making it a automatic classic! The costumes changes and the whole visual (black and white versus colour) are stunning! Good job mother monster!

Best art and pop video, she always a art pop queen.

Wow! Every moment is fantastic. This video must be 1 of the greatest work. For me is the best video...its more energetic and not ugly like Bad romance Choreography..I love you Gaga - you progresive!

9 Judas

Very good idea to clip (though a bit evil), but the work of the director and all his supporters are perfect!

This is so Like a Prayer. I LOVE it!

Love the whole Biblical theme

This is the the GaGa's best song and video so mesmeris'n n amaz'in n can't just get it outta ma mind... This deserves 2 be in top 1!

10 The Edge of Glory

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11 Born This Way

Everything about this video is perfect.

Born this way baby

12 Alejandro Alejandro Cover Art

The choreography is just amazing and although some might find it extremely provoking it's artistic adequacy is unique

Very stylish video with a powerful and important message about equality.

Great video, you shouldn't just look at some disturbing parts but the good choreography

This video was also pretty disturbing

13 G.U.Y.

This video takes the throne. Her best job to date.

What why isn't this the best one she resurrect s Jesus and Michael Jackson plus Colin Farrell is a God she is made of yellow Legos she is a Phoenix and she has a band made of the real housewives of Beverly hills

MY favourite video and my favourite song from ARTPOP

G.U. Y is the best music video of lady gaga

14 You and I

The Best Of Al

15 Million Reasons Million Reasons Cover Art
16 Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
17 Til It Happens to You Til It Happens to You Cover Art

Very powerful video and song

18 Rain on Me Rain on Me Cover Art
19 Perfect Illusion Perfect Illusion Cover Art
20 Video Phone
21 Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

She looked so damn hot in this video

22 Bloody Mary
23 John Wayne John Wayne Cover Art
24 Chillin Chillin Cover Art
25 Dance In the Dark
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