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1 Chris Adler Chris Adler Christopher James Adler is an American drummer, best known as a member of the groove metal band Lamb of God.

He is very talented black label and ruin are the best examples for his amazing drumming he got 2 awards this year best modern metal drummer

His Double Bassing is a Nuclear weapon

2 Randy Blythe Randy Blythe David Randall "Randy" Blythe is the vocalist and lyricist of American heavy metal band Lamb of God and side-project band Halo of Locusts.
3 Mark Morton Mark Morton

He is the most underrated guitartist in last 15 years... Just hear any riff or solo he is my favourite guitartist then mick thompson is a 2nd place - nooreldeen

4 John Campbell

This man plays bass like a beast. His bass is audible but not super overwhelming and that's what makes him great

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5 Willie Adler Willie Adler

It seems that willie gets no attention whatsoever next to mark Morton but seriously he is just as good

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