Best Lamb of God Non-Singles

Lamb Of God Is :-
5 Members band and they are :-

1 - Randy Blythe (Lead Vocals) he is one of the most underrated & talented vocalists &lyrics writer in these days

2 - Chris Adler (Drummer) he is one of the most underrated drummer he got amazing skills and technique style smooth drumming with awesome bass pedals he got same talent as drummers like Joey Jordison, Dave Lambardo, Lars Ulrich, Mike Portony

3 - Mark Morton (Lead Guitarist) he is one of the most talent,high skills guitarists and best groove metal guitarist nowadays he got amazing riffs and solos ...

4 - John Campbell (bassist) he is one of best bass players alive nowadays and he plays bass like a beast he will be the 21 century cliff Burton

5 - Willie Adler (Guitarist) he is a good rhyme guitarists and one of the most talented
this list is about :-

songs which should have been singles and they are non-singles
what is your favourite non-Single? you can vote for your favourite non-singles

The Top Ten

1 Omerta

This song is so epic one of the best done by lamb of god and one of the most meaningful too - nooreldeen

2 King Me

I loved everything about this song it is so epic the lyrics the heavy drums and the Vocals everything was awesome - nooreldeen

3 Descending
4 Terminally Unique
5 Hourglass

Amazing song with unique guitar work and drums.. - nooreldeen

6 Vigil
7 The Faded Line
8 What I've Become
9 Insurrection
10 A Devil In God's Country
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