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1 Born to Die

I just love this song.. Her voice when she say "we were born to die" is really to die for.. I'm addicted to this song..

My favorite song on the planet!
She is amazing! I love this song! And CHILDREN OF A BAD REVOLUTION is incredible too :D
Lana del rey is the hit!

While Summertime Sadness is one of Lana's greatest hits, you can probably thank its mainstream radio popularity in 2012 and 2013 for its success on its list. It pales in comparison to Born to Die, which expresses love in a way that isn't even borderline cheesy (like Video Games or Blue Jeans) but, however bleak and existential it may seem, prioritizes the true virtues of love. "Born to Die", besides being the album's titular title song, symbolizes the entire album and, in a way, Lana's musical legacy.

This is such a wonderful song... I'm addicted to it... It's music video is awesome too... The lyrics are great too.. I love Lana Del Rey and her music... She's a true artist and this song is a true masterpiece that is filled with deep emotions that will take your breath away... - Malavikasunilk

2 Summertime Sadness

Give this song a listen. You won't regret it. LDR at her finest.

This songs means so much to me.
The way her voice directly hits your nerves.
The beauty she has in her eyes sais it al.

Rank of this song is just too low! It should be in top 5!
It's such a great song, great melody, great lyrics,...

Even when I'm not sad I listen to it. her voice is so good in this song its different from her other songs

3 Ride

This song comes with a beautiful and artistic intro. Some people may not like it but I think there's no reason to no Love it :D

I believe this song is amazing and I love how it actually tells a story
The song makes you feel what she's talking about and honestly I feel freedom listening to it. It relaxes me and it makes me alive. It truly does and I think it deserves to be higher on the list. It's an amazing song of an amazing singer and I love it

This song is amazing! It deserves to be way higher on this list<3
"I've got a war in my mind... So I just ride" It's so inspiring and beautiful. One of my favorites of hers!

The bridge in this song just makes me feel euphoric. Lana is otherworldly and this song proves that. - Infinityldr

4 Video Games

"Heaven is a place on earth with you... " Beautiful. By far my favorite song by Lana and it should be No. 1.

This song is haunting and touching, its very relatable! I love the piano that plays at the end when there's no singing, it has a lingering effect and this song is just amazing as a whole! Definitely should be 1st.

Love your music lana

I like this song. It helps relaxing me for some reason. - Userguy44

5 Blue Jeans

"I will love you till the end of time
I would wait a million years
Promise you'll remember that you're mine
Baby can you see through the tears? "
Amazing lyics and amazing song, will be definitely 1st for me

This song and video til the end of time

As much as I love "Born to Die" and "Video Games" this song is a brand new favourite!

Honestly like Blue Jeans a tee-bit more than Born to Die (: Love you LDR!

6 Young and Beautiful

I just so love this song I don't know why I mean her voice is so smooth and I don't get bored of her voice by the way most of the songs in my iPod her songs not to be creepy but ya I'm just a normal fan of Lana del Rey big fan big fan haha and it's a really lovely song so touching I love her voice and especially her beauty it's the best song EVER and my favorite song forEVER

"Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful will you still love when I have nothing but my aching soul I know you will I know you will"

This is beauty in its finest and reminds me of a mixture of Radio and Born to die all at once

Best of the best!

It's a lovely song! Very touching, it touches your heart...
"Will you still love me when I have nothing but my aching soul? "
I like this song best among all her songs, makes me go back to hear her other songs. But I still find that this is the best, go check it out now!

7 Off to the Races

Such a damn cool song. Didn't really listen to Lana much till I heard this song. I couldn't decide between this, ultraviolence, and diet Mountain Dew, but this is probably my favourite.

It's a really dark song, if you listen to the lyrics it's about a young girl who's with an obviously older man because he's got money and she's fooled herself into thinking she loves him. They're both probably involved in some crime and gambling and her life completely depends on him.
"My old man is a thief and I'm gonna stay and pray with him till the end"
"I'm not afraid to say that I'd die with out him"
If you haven't read or really listened to the lyrics, you should.

This song also has a very different sound, but amazing nonetheless. Totally original. I heard someone who described Lana's music perfectly, it's "like being injected with dark waves and purple and gold dust". Her vocal range in it is amazing, too. I couldn't even put a genre on the ...more

Absolutely adore this masterpiece of a song. a different timbre and character from her other music which makes it so alluring and different but still with her captivating vocals and rhytmic production. best line is definitely "i'm your little harlot starlet queen of coney island" I smile whenever I hear it.

Borderline strange at some points, but pure genius was put into every inch of this song. She has such a unique and mesmerizing voice... It's truly astounding. I'm seriously obsessed with the softness and babyish quality of her voice when she sings "I'm your little scarlet, starlet, singing in the garden..". Definitely not her most popular song but I think that's one of the best things about it. Perfection.

Everyone knows born to die and blue jeans but trust mr listen to others like off to the races.. Without U... Summertime saddness... Dark paradise... I love Lana del rey

8 West Coast

Honestly I could vote for any one of her songs, they are all amazing, but I decided on this one because it kept calling me back. The tempo change, the way it goes from a steady verse to a dreamy chorus and back again, it's like time freezes and you're just trapped by her voice, but you never want to get free from it. Reality ceases to exist, it sounds cliche, but I really could listen to this song on repeat, even after already hearing it hundreds of times. "Ultraviolence" is her magnum opus, and this is her crown jewel. It may not be her biggest song commercially, but it is quintessential Lana. She does a perfect job of capturing the feel of the West Coast, literally. My favorite Lana song, and one of the best songs of all time.

Should be on top1.. very mesmerizing voice... my first song of Lana del rey which attracts me like a bee to a flower. Her voice is one of most sexiest voice in music industry.

Literally her best song

Stunning song.

9 National Anthem

This song is addicting! I simply love it and gives such a great retro feeling and you just feel like swaying yourself with the song!

I love everything about this song. If you ever get a chance please listen to this. It is amazing. It was hard to pick a favorite lana song, but I would have to go with this one :D

"Money is the reason we excist. Everybody knows it, it's a fact, kiss kiss"
Amazing song, amazing video, Lana, you are AMAZING!

This is just so badass, one of my favorite songs

10 Dark Paradise

This song is actually so beautiful, it should be number one. Seriously though this is my favourite. I mean oh my god her voice is stunning and full of such passion LOVE HER - so obsessed with Lana!

This is definitely the greatest of all. Passion, emotion, great lyrics and her voice. It just makes me feel I am feeling her pain.

This song makes me miss my dead lover I never had. This song just hits me. I listen to this every night and get teary eyed to sleep.

I just love this song!. Touches every atom in your body! She just is COOL and a very good singer! You rock LDR!


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? Don't Call Me Angel

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11 Gods & Monsters

Such beauty

Amazing voice in this song. Never heard anyone say f*** more beautifully than her in this song.

This is the most beautiful song ever! If you haven't heard it you've missed a lot! The lyrics are amazing, and the song is absolutely perfect! I am in love with this song! Listen to it! I love Lana for this song! Thanks to an amazing singer for an amazing song

One of her best - this song reflects meaning and purpose within her; gives reasoning to her success whilst outlining her morals and perspective on Hollywood life, and does it more beautifully than other other song I've heard. Deserves at least #3

12 High by the Beach

At first I didn't think much of it, then I realized the chorus kept playing on my head for months! Really, really addictive.

One of her finest work the beat, the lyrics, it is magnificent

I just fell in love with her after listening to this song... Do I need to say more?

A simple yet dark and beautiful song.

13 Carmen

Love this song and people need to listen to it she shows vocal. Ability and passion so you should hear it. MAKE IT NUMBER 1!

Lana don't belive in god, God belives in lana

I absolutely love this song! It is one of my favourite songs ever! It is so emotive and basically just all round an amazing song! This should most definitely be number one! It is definitely my most favourite Lana Del Ray song! It really gives you an insight into her past and her involvement in drugs, alcohol and prostitution. MAKE THIS SONG NUMBER ONE!

Great song very good I think that she should be more popular than she is and I'm sure that she will get very popular due to this album and I recon that she will make los of more great albums!

14 Black Beauty

A masterpiece...

To this day I have no idea why this was only a bonus song practically swept under the rug. This is her most focused, beautiful, and nostalgic-feeling song I've heard and none of her other songs really suit her image better than this song.

Heard this song 2 days ago and I'm obsessed. The way she sings makes ne melt. Her voice in this number is really something special. Not sure if it'll be out longer since it's one if the few that got leaked this week.

The first time I heard this,I cried. My boyfriend sung this to me while I was suffering greatly due to depression and existential crisis.

15 Love

One of her best songs. And the lyrics is so powerful!

She only gets better and better with every album! This song might be one of her best yet.

I fell in love with her after this song.

This song just takes you to another place, captures your soul, makes your eyes tear up, and fills you up with happiness and love.

16 Cola

I have a question. Wouldn't Lana get a yeast infection if she put cola down there?

Very sexy song


Great intro music and the first line hits you like a brick. Great song

17 Brooklyn Baby

So atmospheric, literally like a portal to another planet

This is definitely one of Lana's best songs, along with Video Games and Shades of Cool. To me, it just means so much. In its simplicity, it resonates a lot more than if it were a lot more complex. The dichotomy between the chorus and the verses are really entertaining, and really quite emotional ("I say, I say") and the last minute of the song always gives me goosebumps.

Lana you are a brooklyn baby!

This is my favorite song of hers, maybe even my favorite song of all time. I love the beat, lyrics, and the meaning behind them. Overall, it's just a beautiful song

18 Radio

If you just listen to the lyrics and what she is saying it is truly beautiful. Few people know this song compared to her other songs... Which are also phenomenal.

This is my #1, somehow this song doesn't get old. It is the only lana del rey song I can listen to non stop and still miss it... I love this song and its been a few years since I heard it, still love it like the first time I heard it... I doubt many people know this song cause its HEAT, and should be #1

This song means so much to me, the lyrics are so beautiful. The topic is quite different compared to a lot of Lana's song, but I absolutely love it. It's uplifting but still has an overall melancholic atmosphere. Absolutely stunning song.

Her voice in this song is so captivating! The lyrics are wonderful and along with the music just make the most beautiful combination. This song should definitely be in the top ten, if not higher.

19 Once Upon a Dream


Lana's cover for this classical song is dreamy and haunting in the very best ways. Always got chills whenever I listen to this song. Applause for Angelina Jolie for asking Lana to sing this cover for the "Maleficent" movie.

This song is like her best song. I listen to it everyday!

Love this song so much. Very emotional and I could listen to it everyday (which I do).

20 Shades of Cool

This song is absolutely amazing. It is indescribable in terms of how different it sounds from any other song. The chorus makes one feel like they are flying and on top of the world and it is so relaxing but entirely amazing at the same time. The bridge is perfectly placed and the chaotic sense of it is an interesting change in the overall theme of the song.

People just listen this song. This is awesome. They way she sung the sung... It's spectacular. The drum beat at 4th minute is wow... Long live Lana. She should make songs like this at least two in a album. The video of this song is also dashing. She is incredible.

That chorus itself is ANGELIC. The way her voice just swoops up to those delicious notes, the way the interval leap just HITS you in all the right places, EVERYTHING. That guitar solo, those lyrics, how the song just manages to create such an atmosphere, it's just all kinds of amazing. I live and breathe this song.

122? This song should be in the top ten!

21 Without You

This is top 5

Great song but don't know why it got put at number 10 it should at least be put in the top five or even number 1 'great song'!

I love it, it isn't such a sappy love song like most love songs are... it's so original compared to a lot of love songs...

Hauntingly beautiful song. Beautiful meaning and lyrics too.
'I'm nothing without you. All my dreams and all the lights mean nothing if I can't have you. '

22 Ultraviolence

Ultraviolence is a piece of art. This song is so tranquil and relaxing but the lyrics are so powerful. Nothing will ever compare to Lana Del Rey's Ultraviolence. You can talk about her being just another indie girl but she is so much more than that. See, Melanie Martinez romanticizes topics and makes depression and sadness look cool. Then, she takes that and makes it a nursery rhyme beat with strange baby reference lyrics. Halsey is just a tumblr sad girl who hasn't really been through what she writes about. Majority of her music is just for aesthetics. Billie is a talented singer, but she doesn't relate to me as much as Lana but she is very talented. Lana is just the right type of artist for me. She doesn't romanticize her depression too much, but she talks about it enough to relate it. And she doesn't have generic song lyrics, and lastly, she doesn't talk about what all the other artists do. Ultraviolence is the best album and will always be..

The album itself is just beautiful. I'm asking for the vinyl for christmas.

Her voice calms me and makes me feel as if my mother was still alive and she is singing a lullaby to her sweet baby. These kind of songs like Young and Beautiful and Dark Paradise are so calming and heart melting to me. My mother loved the song Summertime Sadness and we sang it all day.. I looked at Lana and now she has literally changed my life. I'm on Spotify right now listening to Lana. Ultraviolence is my favorite album and it always will! My mother was young and beautiful and I loved her. In Money, Power, and Glory, She sings me to sleep like I'm a baby in my mothers arms.. Ultraviolence has changed my life. This should be number 1 and Summertime Saddness should be right behind it on number 2.

Ultraviolence is going to be an epic album! Believe me, Jim told me that...

23 Cruel World

Lana herself has admitted that it's her favourite song of ultraviolence and she has reason. Being slowly built with heavy guitar and extremely long notes, this is the lana's song that will make you feel melancholic and at the same time it will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction.

One of her best written/constructed songs. Escalates, gets you lost in the moment. Her haunting voice has never been so comforting.

One of my favorites ever. The chorus just gives you chills and the guitar is amazing in this

You're young, you're wild you're free. You dance in circles around me. You're crazy. You're crazy for me.

24 Playing Dangerous

A whole movie in your head when you listen to it

This is the most addictive song I've heard... Also #CHILDREN OF THE BAD REVOLUTION#
It makes you fantasize a lot and you will enjoy it quickly... PURE LOVE THAT'S WHAT THIS SONG IS :D

Gosh... Love this one... So many sick songs. Love you Lana

Come on people... Listen to the original on

25 Lust for Life

Such a good song. Should be much higher.

Such an amazing song should in top 5, not after 50.

Chills every time I listen

Good heavens! I've just found this

26 Old Money

Her best. A summation of everything she's capable of, and it's her most gorgeous melody.

I love this song. The way Lana sings the chorus sounds slightly nervous and unsure. It's amazing. Also, she sings a shorted version of the first verse at the end of the song but it seems so different.

This is the only song that has ever made me cry. It is perfection. So much emotion, beauty, and divine lyricism. Her best song in my opinion.

I don't get how this isn't ranked higher its such a beautiful song. the melody reminds me of the love theme from romeo and juliet and the lyrics are just amazing

27 Florida Kilos

This one is definitely my favorite but I voted for cola

Most amazing one

What? Truly, all the other songs of lana are perf but this one is a song I'll listen to in many years. My favourite song since I discovered lana completely one year ago and I love it. It has a chilly effect on me and a day without listening to Florida kilos isn't that awesome. Love it.

This is one of my favorite Lana Del Rey songs of all time. It gives you a chilling feeling.

28 Body Electric

Just wait for The Paradise Edition. This song is gonna blow peoples' socks off! One of her very best, for sure.

This song is so cinematic and powerful, I'm so surprised it's not higher on the list; her voice is so pure and beautiful in this one and it feels really empowering

How is this in 97th?! This song is amazing, it should be at least in the top 20! The song can be creepy, dark but beautiful at the same time. This is a masterpiece!

"Elvis is my daddy Marilyn's my mother Jesus is my best friend" "suicides my baby heaven is her father" BEST SONG ever!

29 Sad Girl

Oh I really love this song! It makes me feel sad and I like how I feel about it. Lana is like the best songwriter and best singer in the world.

This song literally represents everything that's going on in my soul. Can't get enough. Listen to it now and vote to get it to the top!

Chills take over when the chorus hits. You can hear the melancholy in her husky voice.

Amazing! Such perfect lyrics and beautiful sound

30 Tomorrow Never Came

How is this not higher, it’s absolutely stunning

31 Heroin

Many wont like this song because of the title heroin but the song has more of meaning about love and change then just drugs

Her best lycris ever

32 Venice Bitch


Are you kidding me!? 104!? This one is one of her best tracks. Transcends you to a whole other universe.

It's perfect, just perfevt... the lyrics, the music, the duration..

33 Chelsea Hotel No. 2

Leonard Cohen lyrics + lana del rey's voice makes this song absolutely perfect

Perfection for your ears, my favourite song, whilst listening to it I see beauty in life... I don't know, worth a listen definitely

I can't even describe how perfectly Lana delivers this song...

I think this is the best lana song but whatever...

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34 Pretty When You Cry

This song is so beautiful, it honestly transcends much of her other work.

Makes me wanna cry. This song goes deep into your very soul and pulls it out of you. It's so underrated and I need it to be higher up on the scale.

The whole song is so sad and emotional. The last time Lana sings the chorus sounds like she is singing through the tears. Amazing.

Sorry but all ultraviolence songs have to be from the top 20

35 Mermaid Motel

Love it so much the chorus is so magical

36 Money Power Glory

The way Money Power Glory starts slow and slightly condescending then blooms to such an emotional chorus is incredible. Deserves to be much higher up in this list.

Oh my God. #84? This is shameful! I'm going to see her next May, and if she doesn't play this I can't begin to describe how disappointed I'll be.

"I can do it if you really really like that..."

Listening to this song makes me feel invincible

Why isn't this in the top 20? BEST SONG EVER!

37 Art Deco

It is great and so is Bel Air, Salvatore, and Ride!

This sounds like a fresh born to die song

"A little party never hurt no one"

This sounds so born to die.

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38 Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems

This song is beautiful and so underrated, give it a listen!

This song is SO AMAZING. Lana and Stevie make the perfect combination and they sound amazing together. The backing instruments sound exquisite and beautiful. can't wait for more from lana!

39 Get Free

This song makes me fly. From the the beautiful verses to the burst of the beachy chorus. Probably the best from the album.

40 Salvatore

Should be number #1

I was worried about honeymoon till I heard this song. Its perfection and it suits her style so well that I want more songs like this one. Honeymoon is an excellent album. Particularly after Art Deco

I have no idea why this is 149th. This song is one of Lana's best song and beautifully written. This. Song. Is. Absolutely. Flawless.

#149? Really? This song is literally everything and nothing at the same time.

41 Live or Die

Are we gonna be Bonnie and Clyde? Awesome!

42 Honeymoon

Definitely the most beautiful song on the Honeymoon album.

You really have to listen to it a few times to truly appreciate it. its one of her best in my opinion

I just love the way she says "dark blue".
This song is perfect like the other ones.

43 Freak


BEST SONG! Way too low

Bessst song

44 Music to Watch Boys To

The music in this song is brilliant.

Greeat song must be higher in the list


Best song in honey moon album
Good luck

45 The Blackest Day

This song is like my own favorite brand of heroin. I dig the pain.

I agree, this song is underrated. You can feel the sadness in her voice. The intensity and way her sadness in her voice catches you and lets you hear her "suffer" from the absence of the person she is loves, still gives me goosebumps after having listened to it a hundred times at least.

This song is so far one of the best songs of Lana, you guys should give this song an opportunity.

This should be moved to the top! Amazing song. - mood333

46 When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing

Best song ever

47 God Knows I Tried

The emotional expression of the lyrics in this song, the notion of melancholy, is absolutely stunning. Heer voice is so powerful here, and the "Let there be light" repetition at the end with those high notes killed me! Should be much much higher up a masterpiece and one of her best songs yet.

An instant Lana classic! I was so happy when I heard this song, just another brilliant beauty to add to the rest of her gorgeous catalogue.

Definitely one of her best. Simple, yet one of her few songs where her style is perfected and...what's that? Emotion?

48 Hollywood

Beautiful and easily would have fit in with Ultraviolence.

Amazing... One day my hopes will be made of diamonds

49 Never Let Me Go

The chorus is really beautiful and addicting. I seriously cannot go a day without listening to this song! It's not too loud or soft, and it never sounds wrong, it's always something to look forward to listening to. Love this song, very catchy. All of Lana's songs are amazing, this one just stuck out to me

So beautiful, so light hearted yet so rich in melody and message. Reminds me of a late night date with my boyfriend cuddling in the car, and it never gets old. This is by any standards, a great song.

A good song in my opinion gives you that... Feeling every time you play it, no matter how many times. It may be personal, but for me this song just hits the spot.

Give this song a listen! You'll love it instantly trust me! I can't stop listen to Never Let Me Go. Lana, baby you're the best.

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