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21 American

Oh my god this song, I'm still not sure which one is my absolute favorite, but I was so surprised American wasn't in the top five at least, her voice here is amazing, the way she says "like a child" is just so captivating, it's unlike anything I've heard before.

This song is the most beautiful. This honestly makes me think of all those memories where you're drunk and so carefree but having fun. It also reminds me of the memories where you're sitting at the beach, lying in the sand at sunset just listening to the waves.

This used to be my favorite song and I miss listening to it all the time, it would hit me hard.. I used to listen to it on the bus all the time and just watch everything go past me. Beautiful song I will be listening to it more often

LOVE THIS SONG! It's a song thAt catches those feel good memories around those you love. It makes u want to treasure everything and live in the moment! LOVE IT SHOULD BE TOP 5 AT LEAST

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22 High by the Beach

I just fell in love with her after listening to this song... Do I need to say more?

A simple yet dark and beautiful song.

This song is stuck in my head

This song is sooo catchy and the best song by Lana, it should be at the top 5 at least - Bayano1

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23 Serial Killer

Amazing song. Amazing lyrics. So addicting, sexy, seductive, just like Lana Del Rey herself. It's unlike any other song by her or anyone else for the matter! Heard this song for the first time 3 months back and I'm STILL completely, COMPLETELY, in love with it! Love you, Lizzy Grant!

Wanna play you like a gameboy what's the thrill of the same toy! Uh, can you awesome!

This is the first song I ever heard by Lana Del Rey, and it's absolutely AMAZING! A bit freaky, I've got to admit, but still such an addictive song to listen to... It can never be overplayed :D

Very hopefull song

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24 Cruel World

Lana herself has admitted that it's her favourite song of ultraviolence and she has reason. Being slowly built with heavy guitar and extremely long notes, this is the lana's song that will make you feel melancholic and at the same time it will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction.

One of her best written/constructed songs. Escalates, gets you lost in the moment. Her haunting voice has never been so comforting.

One of my favorites ever. The chorus just gives you chills and the guitar is amazing in this

It's so hauntingly beautiful, it deserves at least the top 5 definitely. its one of those songs you really think about even when you're not listening to it.

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25 Diet Mountain Dew

I am HORRIFIED at the fact that 'Diet Mountain Dew' is at 17th! This deserves to be a lot higher than 'Ride'! Where are your ears, people. This isn't just a stunning song; it's an artwork. You MUST listen to this song and vote for it!

This is by FAR the catchiest song I've ever heard. It's so glamorous. Picture a rich new york girl who is manipulative... Like cruel intentions. Anyways! This song is THE best.

One of my favorites, such a upbeat tune and is a extreme to tapping song. I'm a bit shocked it scored so low! Really a good song and would reccomend it to anybody

This is actually my favorite of hers. I don't understand how it never became a hit because its quite investing to listen to, especially multiple times.

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26 Sad Girl

Oh I really love this song! It makes me feel sad and I like how I feel about it. Lana is like the best songwriter and best singer in the world.

This song literally represents everything that's going on in my soul. Can't get enough. Listen to it now and vote to get it to the top!

Chills take over when the chorus hits. You can hear the melancholy in her husky voice.

Needs to be higher

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27 Once Upon a Dream

Lana's cover for this classical song is dreamy and haunting in the very best ways. Always got chills whenever I listen to this song. Applause for Angelina Jolie for asking Lana to sing this cover for the "Maleficent" movie.

Love this song so much. Very emotional and I could listen to it everyday (which I do).

Just love how she brings out the dark and evil in this one!

This song is like her best song. I listen to it everyday!

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28 Playing Dangerous

This is the most addictive song I've heard... Also #CHILDREN OF THE BAD REVOLUTION#
It makes you fantasize a lot and you will enjoy it quickly... PURE LOVE THAT'S WHAT THIS SONG IS :D

Gosh... Love this one... So many sick songs. Love you Lana

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29 Florida Kilos

What? Truly, all the other songs of lana are perf but this one is a song I'll listen to in many years. My favourite song since I discovered lana completely one year ago and I love it. It has a chilly effect on me and a day without listening to Florida kilos isn't that awesome. Love it.

This is one of my favorite Lana Del Rey songs of all time. It gives you a chilling feeling.

This song is so sexy, I absolutely love it! It should be higher

It's so catchy I love it so much

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30 Burning Desire

One of lana's perfect songs. Words can't express the beauty of this song. Love you Lana

I'll choose' burning desire' always. I'm addicted. This song should be number one or at least top 3.

This song is raw, smooth and sexy. I love Lana. "I've got a burning desire for you babyyy" It makes me dreamy and so happy. I gives me shivers. Her voice is amazing!

I love this song so much. Her voice when she sings the chorus. The lyrics are so perfect. This was a tie between this and Young and Beautiful. I unfortunately picked Young and Beautiful but all her songs are great.

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31 Body Electric

Just wait for The Paradise Edition. This song is gonna blow peoples' socks off! One of her very best, for sure.

This song is so cinematic and powerful, I'm so surprised it's not higher on the list; her voice is so pure and beautiful in this one and it feels really empowering

How is this in 97th?! This song is amazing, it should be at least in the top 20! The song can be creepy, dark but beautiful at the same time. This is a masterpiece!

This is one of my favourite songs. Horrified its in 31st...

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32 Kinda Outta Luck

This is one of her best unreleased songs! This should've been at least in the top 30!

Beautiful song! One of her finest!

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33 Queen of Disaster

My favourite lana del rey song. Very catchy. not moody like most of her other songs

Queen of Disaster is Lana's famous unreleased songs. It's beautiful and catchy.

This is so catchy and amazing it honestly deserves to be in the top 5!

So catchy!

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34 Chelsea Hotel No. 2

Leonard Cohen lyrics + lana del rey's voice makes this song absolutely perfect

Perfection for your ears, my favourite song, whilst listening to it I see beauty in life... I don't know, worth a listen definitely

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35 Honeymoon

Definitely the most beautiful song on the Honeymoon album.

You really have to listen to it a few times to truly appreciate it. its one of her best in my opinion

I just love the way she says "dark blue".
This song is perfect like the other ones.

36 Mermaid Motel

Love it so much the chorus is so magical

37 Money Power Glory

The way Money Power Glory starts slow and slightly condescending then blooms to such an emotional chorus is incredible. Deserves to be much higher up in this list.

Oh my God. #84? This is shameful! I'm going to see her next May, and if she doesn't play this I can't begin to describe how disappointed I'll be.

"I can do it if you really really like that..."

Listening to this song makes me feel invincible

How do we suppose to get there with the way that we living today...

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38 Love

She only gets better and better with every album! This song might be one of her best yet.

This song just takes you to another place, captures your soul, makes your eyes tear up, and fills you up with happiness and love.

This song is amazing, lana always make it better


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39 Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems

This song is SO AMAZING. Lana and Stevie make the perfect combination and they sound amazing together. The backing instruments sound exquisite and beautiful. can't wait for more from lana!

40 Pretty When You Cry

Makes me wanna cry. This song goes deep into your very soul and pulls it out of you. It's so underrated and I need it to be higher up on the scale.

The whole song is so sad and emotional. The last time Lana sings the chorus sounds like she is singing through the tears. Amazing.

Sorry but all ultraviolence songs have to be from the top 20


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