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41 F***** My Way Up to the Top

This song is so perfect! A combination of sexiness with a lot of sass and anyone can tell that it is a diss to someone who managed to piss Lana off!

Love this so much

"This is my show"

How can this be 43 O.o

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42 Get Free
43 TV In Black & White

This song is amazing it makes me think of me and my boyfriend! It describes my relationship

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44 Live or Die

Are we gonna be Bonnie and Clyde? Awesome!

45 Art Deco

It is great and so is Bel Air, Salvatore, and Ride!

This sounds like a fresh born to die song

"A little party never hurt no one"

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46 1949
47 Back to the Basics

First time listening to this and I'm in love!

This song is bae

48 Bel Air

Amazing! She makes it become mysterious and captivating like all her songs!

It's so dreamy and hauntingly beautiful.

This song is so different to every other song on Paradise. The chorus is dreamy.

This song is so soothing and peaceful.

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49 Music to Watch Boys To

The music in this song is brilliant.

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50 God Knows I Tried

The emotional expression of the lyrics in this song, the notion of melancholy, is absolutely stunning. Heer voice is so powerful here, and the "Let there be light" repetition at the end with those high notes killed me! Should be much much higher up a masterpiece and one of her best songs yet.

An instant Lana classic! I was so happy when I heard this song, just another brilliant beauty to add to the rest of her gorgeous catalogue.

Definitely one of her best. Simple, yet one of her few songs where her style is perfected and...what's that? Emotion?

51 Heroin

Many wont like this song because of the title heroin but the song has more of meaning about love and change then just drugs

Her best lycris ever

52 Hollywood

Beautiful and easily would have fit in with Ultraviolence.

Amazing... One day my hopes will be made of diamonds

53 Ghetto Baby
54 24
55 Angels Forever

Gorgeous and should've been on Ultraviolence in place of Black Beauty, quite honestly, even though I love Black Beauty a lot.

Incredible song, shoulve been released with ride on paradise, should've been a second single :( Its heavenly, glorious and badass... doesn't get much better!

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56 Lust for Life

Such an amazing song should in top 5, not after 50.

Good heavens! I've just found this

Chills every time I listen

One of her best

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57 Noir

It's so aggressive and full of emotion I love this song

58 Paradise

I can't believe there aren't any reviews for this song! This should've been on paradise instead of burning desire or yayo. The song is upbeat and the lyrics are as sexual as cola is but happier. LISTEN TO THIS.

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59 Afraid

The best in my opinion!

60 Meet Me In the Pale Moonlight

This must be in the top 10!... This is an amazing song... Her voice is amazing... Come on people bring it up...

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