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41 F***** My Way Up to the Top

This song is so perfect! A combination of sexiness with a lot of sass and anyone can tell that it is a diss to someone who managed to piss Lana off!

Favorite line.
"Lay me down tonight
In my linen and curls"
And how she used it in Ultraviolence too... Oh my god! Beautiful.

This is the song that hooked me--it's not clear whether she's saying she literally f'd her way up to the top, or through a series of f'ups made it to the top anyway--and it doesn't matter, I just love how genuine her voice is on this one.

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42 Pretty When You Cry

Makes me wanna cry. This song goes deep into your very soul and pulls it out of you. It's so underrated and I need it to be higher up on the scale.

The whole song is so sad and emotional. The last time Lana sings the chorus sounds like she is singing through the tears. Amazing.

Sorry but all ultraviolence songs have to be from the top 20

Ultraviolence songs are my favorites. The END...

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43 Yayo

This is by far the best Lana song there is. I don't know why it isn't number one. I have never gotten tired of listening to it and I have listened to it plenty of times. There's many different versions if you look online and it's just ugh, so pretty.

This song should be higher than 38! In the paradise edition her vocals are to die for... She can go so high and then so low its unbelievable. Yayo is defiantly my favorite lana song mainly because of the vocals and lyrics

20? This should be number 1 or at least in the top 5, it's a piece, the song turns epic from the part of "hello heaven", and I'm talking about the A.K. A lizzy grant version, the original, I really didn't like the "Paradise" version.

This song is so underrated. it's so haunting and beautiful how could no one like it?

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44 TV In Black & White

This song is amazing it makes me think of me and my boyfriend! It describes my relationship

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45 Live or Die

Are we gonna be Bonnie and Clyde? Awesome!

46 Art Deco Art Deco

It is great and so is Bel Air, Salvatore, and Ride!

This sounds like a fresh born to die song

"A little party never hurt no one"

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47 Back to the Basics

First time listening to this and I'm in love!

This song is bae

48 Blue Velvet Blue Velvet

So smooth and relaxing. Definitely deserves to be higher. So beautiful, reminds me of a walk through the streets of Hollywood in the 60s. A work of art just like her many other songs.

Its the entire sound of this songnthat makes it great. It should be in the top 10.

"She wore blue velvet.
Bluer than velvet were her eyes."

"Feeling the rapture grow.
Like a flame burning brightly."

"And I still can't see the velvet
Through my tears."


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49 God Knows I Tried God Knows I Tried

The emotional expression of the lyrics in this song, the notion of melancholy, is absolutely stunning. Heer voice is so powerful here, and the "Let there be light" repetition at the end with those high notes killed me! Should be much much higher up a masterpiece and one of her best songs yet.

An instant Lana classic! I was so happy when I heard this song, just another brilliant beauty to add to the rest of her gorgeous catalogue.

Definitely one of her best. Simple, yet one of her few songs where her style is perfected and...what's that? Emotion?

50 Bel Air Bel Air

Amazing! She makes it become mysterious and captivating like all her songs!

It's so dreamy and hauntingly beautiful.

This song is so different to every other song on Paradise. The chorus is dreamy.

This song is so soothing and peaceful.

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51 Hollywood

Beautiful and easily would have fit in with Ultraviolence.

Amazing... One day my hopes will be made of diamonds

52 Ghetto Baby
53 Damn You

Really great song... A different sound from her. Why is this so low? Just because its not exactly advertised as much.. It is beautiful! Check it out! My fave songs are Damn You, Off to the Races, Born to Die and This is What Makes Us Girls (should be way higher). She sings about the depressing truth and this is her finest. Esp. When she says "damn you".

I'm not saying it should be number 1 but it needs a better place

This song is incredible please write me a 2000 word essay on why it is not the 1 song! 24th? No this song is too good

My favorite song ever, but not well known because it's unreleased :(

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54 Angels Forever

Gorgeous and should've been on Ultraviolence in place of Black Beauty, quite honestly, even though I love Black Beauty a lot.

Incredible song, shoulve been released with ride on paradise, should've been a second single :( Its heavenly, glorious and badass... doesn't get much better!

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55 The Blackest Day The Blackest Day

I agree, this song is underrated. You can feel the sadness in her voice. The intensity and way her sadness in her voice catches you and lets you hear her "suffer" from the absence of the person she is loves, still gives me goosebumps after having listened to it a hundred times at least.

This should be moved to the top! Amazing song. - mood333

Lyrics and lana's voice are pure liquid gold in this song!

This one, yes. It's perfect.

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56 Ooh Baby
57 Pawn Shop Blues

This song is pure magic, about a love she can't live without but knows she needs to in order to survive and the heart break it cost to be alone!

Such an amazing and pure song please give it a listen

So sad and heartbreaking and gorgeously beautiful. This was the best song off of Lana Del Ray AKA Lizzy Grant, Lizzy Grant's finest.

Gorgeous, raw, simple, effortless, classic, love.

This song is obsessive - one listen and you'll be hooked!

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58 Terrence Loves You Terrence Loves You

Best song from honeymoon so far (and maybe Lana's career.) This is eerie and beautiful and the lyrics are so relatable about tough loss in a relationship. The bluesy and jazzy elements are just stunning. It's like Lana meets Duffy and then some fantastic dragon shape majestic impossibly great thing comes out of it and we're all dumbfounded.

This song is one of my absolute favorites, and the best from honeymoon. I always feel a striking sense of sadness when listening to it, and it is really overall just a beautiful song.

If angels sang while they were sad, this is what it would sound like...

This song is so beautiful

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59 Salvatore Salvatore

I was worried about honeymoon till I heard this song. Its perfection and it suits her style so well that I want more songs like this one. Honeymoon is an excellent album. Particularly after Art Deco

I have no idea why this is 149th. This song is one of Lana's best song and beautifully written. This. Song. Is. Absolutely. Flawless.

#149? Really? This song is literally everything and nothing at the same time.

The chills Oh the CHILLS! This song is tranquility.

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60 Noir

It's so aggressive and full of emotion I love this song

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