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101 For K Part 2

This song is underrated. The opening music is beautifully haunting and nostalgic, and the lyrics evoke the sensation of sitting in a cheap coffee shop at midnight, with everyone around you smoking Marlboro cigarettes.

102 Break My Fall V 1 Comment
103 Raise Me Up (Mississippi South)
104 Maha Maha

The chorus is so infectious. This song is Maha Maha (get it because Maha means great in Sanskrit)

105 Party Girl (St. Tropez)

How is this song not higher?

106 Girl That Got Away
107 Ruby Tuesday
108 You & Me

Could fit into any album. Really underrated masterpiece

V 1 Comment
109 Aviation

Love this song! Can't believe it wasn't on the list...

110 Heart Shaped Box

It's a Kurt Cobain song but she does it so brilliantly! Best cover

111 Puppy Love
112 Last Girl On Earth V 2 Comments
113 Disco
114 Out With a Bang
115 Fordham Road
116 Is It Wrong

Listen to this song! this is my favorite song you won't regret it

V 2 Comments
117 Lift Your Eyes
118 Tired of Singing the Blues
119 Be My Daddy
120 Caught You Boy
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