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141 Golden Grill
142 Break the Cycle
143 Resistance
144 Behind Closed Doors
145 Trans-Am
146 Betty Boop Boop
147 Blizzard
148 In the Sun

Most people don't know about this song. It is so catchy and pop with a definite edgs. I love it!

149 I Don't Wanna Go
150 Spot Lite De-Lite
151 Axl Rose Husband
152 Come When You Call Me America
153 Baby Blue Love

The way she sings it is just amazing! Though there is hardly any music in this song, it stays in my head all the time! I love Lana so much

Though it hardly has any intrumental music in it, it stays in my head all the time! It is a great and powerful song and I love it so much!

154 Breaking My Heart

Awesome and catchy. Really good.

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155 Ridin'
156 1949
157 Big Bad Wolf

"But I heart you
And I wanna be your girl
I heart you
So come back and rock my world"

I recommend this song big time. It's so catchy and her voice is so pretty and mesmerising.

158 Dangerous Girl
159 Burnt Norton
160 Thrills
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