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161 Resistance
162 Behind Closed Doors
163 Trans-Am
164 Betty Boop Boop
165 Blizzard
166 In the Sun

Most people don't know about this song. It is so catchy and pop with a definite edgs. I love it!

167 Spot Lite De-Lite
168 Axl Rose Husband
169 Come When You Call Me America
170 Baby Blue Love

The way she sings it is just amazing! Though there is hardly any music in this song, it stays in my head all the time! I love Lana so much

Though it hardly has any intrumental music in it, it stays in my head all the time! It is a great and powerful song and I love it so much!

171 Ridin'
172 Big Bad Wolf

"But I heart you
And I wanna be your girl
I heart you
So come back and rock my world"

I recommend this song big time. It's so catchy and her voice is so pretty and mesmerising.

173 Dangerous Girl
174 Salvatore

I was worried about honeymoon till I heard this song. Its perfection and it suits her style so well that I want more songs like this one. Honeymoon is an excellent album. Particularly after Art Deco

I have no idea why this is 149th. This song is one of Lana's best song and beautifully written. This. Song. Is. Absolutely. Flawless.

#149? Really? This song is literally everything and nothing at the same time.

Why is this so low? Her voice in this is so beautiful đź’™

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175 The Blackest Day

I agree, this song is underrated. You can feel the sadness in her voice. The intensity and way her sadness in her voice catches you and lets you hear her "suffer" from the absence of the person she is loves, still gives me goosebumps after having listened to it a hundred times at least.

This should be moved to the top! Amazing song. - mood333

Lyrics and lana's voice are pure liquid gold in this song!

The reason that this song is down here is most people haven't heard it. How do u get people to listen to this song?

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176 Burnt Norton
177 Thrills
178 Because of You
179 Summer of Sam
180 Dum Dum

Little bit of rapping going on here! love it - elenakho

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