Young and Beautiful


It's such a gorgeous way of expressing someone's insecurity about the way the world views them, and whether the person they care the most about in the entire world can really love them once all the shallow and superficial things that were first attractive have faded away! This song really speaks to me and others who are insecure about being able to be loved and puts such an interesting spin because it shows that even those people who seem to have everything going for them can often feel truly worthless when it comes to things that matter.

This song is where my love for Lana Del Rey started, the beautiful lyrics, how she wraps her beautiful voice around those lyrics and translates them into purpose and meaning that no other artist could do, she has her quirky and unusual songs but this one is so unique and its sad that it's often grouped together with her other songs because its on a whole other level. What more could you want than a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice singing a beautiful song? - brad1

I love this song so much, it's a true masterpiece. When she sings the part "Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful... I know you will..." it breaks my heart because it seems that she knows he won't love her but she doesn't want to admit it.. You can feel the pain in her voice. that's just how I feel about this song. Probably because I know he won't but I don't want to admit it. Lana Del Rey as always is expressing my feelings.

I heard this song in the Great Gatsby, when Daisy and Jay Gatsby are in the lawn and they're talking near a tree, after they silently slip away from the hustle and bustle of the party. It fits so beautifully into that one scene, that I instantly fell in love with it.
It pulls my heartstrings. I used to think Lana Del Rey was overrated. This one song, it changed it all. Must listen.

Great song! Especially the video with the violins reminds me of great Gatsby and the roaring 20's. And it's the meaning of the song I truly love! They may love you or find you cute now, but will the stay by your side and grow old with you?!

I think it should be the Top 1! I didn't know she was a good singer until I once heard this one on the great gatsby, the melody hit me directly in the heart and I became addicted I listened to it for like a week in a row, the way she says "will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful? " I mean.. !

This song is so beautiful. It really means a lot to be because it reminds me a lot about life. Life can make you bitter, and in this song she's asking if her love with still love her when she's no longer young and beautiful. There is a lot to be said for this song, I absolutely love the beauty of it.

So romantic and yet sorrowful. I love the meaning of the lyrics and the sound of her voice. It truly is my favorite along with "Born to Die". I love Lana Del Ray. She is so different from regular bs artists who come and go without much impact on society with there talent and fame.

This long is a musical, lyrical masterpiece. It has the perfect emotion; depicting an appreciation for the timeless love she feels. Its simply perfect. Her voice is soulful and deep, carrying out the nostalgia and pain of enduring love.

Stand out song, I didn't know after changing to being positive this enigmatic melancholy could leave me powerless and slave longing for more, I'm not hailing this song just because I want you to know this song deserves attention

My god, this song is my big favourite of her songs. The piano theme is so pretty. I have actually learned the song on piano! It goes along so well with the movie and I love that it's actually pretty simple. Like the violin, drums and piano.

This song is so beautiful! Her voice, the music, and lyrics all fit perfectly and that happens rarely. Her voice is soothing and the music is beautiful. It gives me goosebumps while listening to it. Definitely one of her best songs.

Both versions of the song are amazing but the orchestra version is so much darker and just seems to hit me better! It touches me in ways I can't even fathom...

The meaning of this song is very deep and its so true. Its just like shes asking "Do you love me unconditionally? "

I love this song because its deep meaning, hope of a woman.. So feeling music, voice... Probably a masterpiece!

This song just moves me by far her beat work so polished so moving I literally feel everything when I listen to this song and the way it fits into the film the great Gatsby, just so good, my lady crush

I am in love with this song. This song made me have a crush on lana del rey. It's so touching and the way it was presented in the great gatsby, is absolutely amazing. This is my all time favorite song.

A really good song worth listening to and downloading if you're into slow and totally awesome music/song with a combination of great background music to give it a boost.

This song is crazy gd! 1 of my all time favorites! Voice lyrics beat, everything was perfect in it! And when the song poped up in the movie the great Gatsby, simply beautiful!

This song is addicting and perfect. I can't stop listening to it. Her voice is phenomenal and unique, and the lyrics are so beautiful. There aren't many like her nowadays.

Amazing, this song is really beautiful, I have a lot o feelings while it plays, Is the best Lana song, even better than Born to Die or Blue Jeans, It's just the best.

Totally mesmerizing! This song is truly addictive, and the lyrics are profoundly meaningful. I absolutely LOVE it, it's my favorite!

This is the deepest song ever made. It makes you dig into your soul and listen with every bit of life you have. Why is this not number one. A very beautiful song - E115EnRaged935

This was the best song out of the great gatsby sound track and I just love it, I love the way he sings and I love everything about her, she is a real role model

I LOVE THIS SONG so much that I heard it in my head when I was asleep! I love her voice in this part: hot summer nights... mid july... when you and I were forever wild... !

God this song literally appeals to my soul. Her voice and the music is very touching. One of the loveliest and addictive songs I have ever heard.