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1 English

The english, for me, is very easy to learn. At less is easy to learn fast about the basics to understand common things, but it has a very big lack of sense. This can be good because you don't need to memorize a lot of conjugations for verbs.

English has been my second language since elementary level. It's easy, comfortable and understandable language everywhere (*conditions applied)

None of the words in English use tones or accents like Chinese. They don't force you to move your voice in a certain way when you talk. They have mostly been creative with the words and as for the ones that sound the same you can easily find the meaning of by using the context of the sentence. Also, there are tenses. In Chinese the way you have to give the message "I went to the store" without any context, you would have to say "yesterday I go to the store" or "I go to the store a few hours ago." In English you don't even have to use a time. Plus, the written language is easy to read and write. It is also very fast. I don't know how people read those characters, or even write them. They have to memorize each and every character how to read and right them. It is a very easy and understandable language. I rest my case.

It's just simple and easy. Yes the rules are dumb, but I say it's easy because it's everywhere. If you go on the internet, a lot of it is in English. Even if you use other languages, there's no way you haven't picked up on a lot of English just by using the internet. I mean, hell, you're reading this comment. There are probably tons of foreign readers reading this. A lot of you probably just picked up on some English naturally! Good job!

Irregulars suck but we're all exposed to lots and lots and lots of English to not pick up on it. You can go to remote villages in impoverished and illiterate countries, and many will understand basic English like, "Hi!", "How are you!", "Good!", and "Thank You!"

2 French

The pronunciation is interesting, the vocabulary is big and I think it is good. Sounds fine, also, as a native spanish speaker I can say the french is easy because I feel the rules and conjugations familiar.

French language is the official language of 29 countries and 57 countries and regions where French is the first ("mother") or customary language, and a total of 84 Member states of the International Organisation of La Francophonie. Approximately 274 million people are speaking the language. According to a demographic projection, total French speakers will number approximately 500 million people in 2025 and between 650 and 700 million people by 2050, 80% of whom will be in Africa.

French is one of the best advanced world's language and the best Latin one. Great it has evolved from Gallo-Romance, Occitan and descends form the vulgar Latin, also took lots of influences from Celtic languages, Germanic, post-Roman Frankish... and also Creole languages (french based, Haitian), and also most recent Argo, Louchebem, Verlan and lots of famous dialects, official second languages in Basque country, Brittany, Corsica.. Officially spoken in 29 countries and Francophonia is strong of 84 states, it makes the 5th most spoken language in the world.

An important language speaks in the all world, culture, elegance, prestige and beautiful. If you don't have the luck to be francophone it's the language to learn and discover an entire new world of the french language. If you don't believe me try, it's really worth it.

3 Spanish

Spanish sounds so cool and it is easy to pronounce the words because you say it like you read it. And the grammar has very good rules. Sometimes learn all the grammar can be hard but it is because there is no lacks of sense in the lenguage. However, it sounds great.

Spanish deserves to be first on this list. It is lot more simple and elegant than English. English is just bland and a language lacking vital features as compared to Spanish.

We have the best language despite if most of people are confusing it with Italian, they are plainly different. I will no judge Italian language here, but I am convinced that people think they love Italian and actually they like Spanish language.

You have to say first that the Spanish language is originally from Spain (Europe), because so much people don't known that Spain is on Europe, and then also most people from South America and central america speak it.

4 Russian

I can compare Latin, Greek, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Russian and English. English has the biggest vocabulary, but unfortunately including too many homonyms. Being spoken worldwide, English is also the fastest in coming up with new terms and notions, which often remain unknown in other European languages until years, sometimes decades, later. A practical advantage of English is its simple grammar, but that also limits possibilities of expressing subtle aspects. Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch and even German also have simplified grammars, albeit not as simplistic as English.

Latin and Greek are beautifully structured and both well suited to poetry and science, but Latin seems a little cleaner. Roman poets loved decoration as much as Greek poets, but the Latin language can also express the essence of things with stoic and efficient purity.

Grammatically, Russian is structured similar to Latin and Greek, taking all the advantages from that. Of those modern ...more

Russian sounds so nice and it's actually pretty easy to type and write words that you know despite there being loads of different letters in the language. This is not biased, I'm learning loads of languages and they're all great in their own ways.

Best language to express any specific feeling situation it's deep and very precise language... Maybe that's why so much writers and poets used this language for their masterpieces

Pretty cool language! It is mad when your watching an action movie and there are Russian terrorists talking in their language and it just makes em look badass!

5 Italian

In my opinion Italian sounds like the most beautiful language out there. first off it's quite simple to learn as the grammar makes a lot of sense, once you master the accent reading and speaking are quite easy. The languages grammar is very basic and hardly ever has some silly rules in the vocabulary. Unlike English, Italian doesn't use as many words so it's a lot easier to form sentences. Other than the grammar and spelling, Italian sound very pleasent and beautiful, the words blend into each other very well, the words don't sound muffly and mumbled when spoken and at the same time words don't sound to hard. The language is very clear and is very identifiable. Forget what people say about Italian being similar to Latin as it's not, the Italian accent derives from latin but other than that the words are quite different, Italian can be very useful as you can use it to learn other similar languages easily sich as Spanish or French and you can use it when going to Italy. This is why I ...more

I speak Italian along side English, and I truly believe that the Italian language is very pleasing to hear as all of the words seem to match up to make a melodious language. Unlike English, Italian is very accurate in spelling. Italian is a great way for people to learn other languages as it resembles many other Romance languages and some other languages such as German or Slovenian.

I know I shouldn't talk as I am Italian, but always living abroad I think a can give a personal opinion. I really love French and Spanish, I like English (British), Russian and actually Arabic too, a little. But I must say, Italian is the best. Its sound is amazing, is romantic, fluent, joyful, so poetical and "classical" (also because it comes from Latin). Its meanings are wonderful, with plenty of different shades and synonyms. There is no language like this, or at least for me.

We don't like Italian language and can not stand Italian dudes. I have worked during 8 months in Italy and they are very rude and dishonest from my experience and every time I hear their accent attempt to speak English, I have a bad feeling in my gut that some kind of new bad experience is about to happen.

And by the way, Italian didn't invent pasta which is Chinese and the same for Pizza which is form central Asia and the same for major they say.

6 German

The most useful Germanic language besides English. I would be interested in learning it; however, it has declensions of which I am not a fan.

There is only one language I know perfect for science on this planet. And it is German. I am studying physics in America. And even the war is over for years and English overtook the place for the most important language in science. Our professor still has told us to study this language, to get better in physics, and I did. What did I learn? I firstly understood the relativity theory in a whole new way of course, but I was able to get it much better. Still, it is hard to get, because I wasn't able to get all of it, but I am moving on...
What I've learned is, that German is a language you should learn at least for science, because it has developed very important stuff we still need today.
And if you are not that kind, it is still worth learning, because English lost so much through invasions of its heritage, you'll see by learning German. So learning is easy after a while, but the start is hard, because you are prejudiced by bad rumors of this language.
Not to forget, I am just ...more

Only through the complexity of this language, many developments have occurred like "the relativity theory" and a lot of other modern stuff. But this is only a sidewalk of this language. It sounds hard to most non-native speakers because the language is in relation to "Hitler" and it will stay there for a long time, I guess. Whatever language you like to learn, a language is always the best thing you can do for your brain. So as a native English speaker, German is very related and should not be banished because of history, like nearly 70 years ago.

The language is very precise because of its articles and cases.
It doesn't have much homophones.
However the articles make it hard for non-native speakers since they can seem arbitrary.

7 Japanese

A idiom with a lot of character. The pronnunciation becomes easy if you talk spanish or another similar language, but the grammar and rules are so different

I think This language is very beautiful because it flows in a sweet way this language sounds so pretty because no harsh sounds are in this beautiful language because people get to roll their tongue very well as it's a smooth language to listen to sounds very cute and very smooth and beautiful, cute, smooth, colorful Japanese people when they talk it's sounds like they are singing while they talk very soft I would like to listen to this language forever because I've heard Japanese it sounds very beautiful, romantic, cute, pleasant, colorful, smooth and soft spoken language for me I love this language sounds so beautiful and cute and colorful and peaceful and smooth loves this beautiful language Javanese is the worst sounding language doesn't sound beautiful and romantic or anything but Japanese sounds very beautiful and peaceful but I'm hoping for a video called what Japanese sounds like to foreigners if I see it I'm gonna react to it because the man asks the strangers what they think ...more

Very beautiful and unique in their own way. You can only understand the beauty of Haiku (shortest poem in the world) in Japanese language sadly, because it carefully deals with word choice according to seasons, emotions, rhythms and nuances etc. It would lose its beauty once it's translated into another language.

I love Japanese language, I speak both Spanish and English and after speaking these languages for all your life you eventually get tired. I started watching anime a few months ago and the moment I hear it, I loved the language.

8 Arabic

Have you guys ever listened to nasheed? Have you guys ever read portions of the Quran? I am not a Muslim myself, but I start trembling and crying every time I do. The words sound so beautiful when recited, and the complexity in its meaning is simply beyond me. Have you guys ever visited an Arab or Muslim country? These people respect their mothers. These people are honest with their employees. These people cherish their neighbors. These people personally welcome tourists as their guests. These people genuinely care for one another. These people are so smart, so kind, so content... they're simply enlightened.

And our society? We disrespect our parents, our teachers, our women, our neighbors, and our coworkers. We are far too busy to care for the single mother or the homeless man or the orphan child. We don't even have enough modesty to respect ourselves. I don't know why but in these people I see pure light. And I think their language and their culture are one and the same - ...more

I am Swedish, I can speak French, Spanish, I usuallly listen to arabic people speak with each others it looks very disgusting, but the first time I listened to an arabic poem, I was crying without even understanding the world, it's heart-touching! I have never felt like that! oh my god, unbelievable! this is not a language this is MAGIC! I have a dream that one day the whole world will speak arabic so we can speak from the HEART!

The original Arabic text of the Qur'an has been preserved from the time of its revelation. Translations have been done into various languages, but they all refer back to the original Arabic. In order to fully understand the magnificent words of their Lord, Muslims make every attempt to understand the rich and poetic classical Arabic language.

I started being interested in Arabic when I got some friends. I wanted to understand them better, since their English isn't fluent. I enetered an Arabic course and in 2 months I learned to read and I feel very happy. Arabic is very beautiful and melodic langauge. One of my favourite ones. I am a European, not a Muslim, but what matters, I really love it. Arabic language and culture is very richful!

9 Portuguese

There really isn't a "best" language, as all languages are beautiful and unique. One language should not dominate the world, the lack of variety would be boring. My personal favorite, though, is Portuguese. The culture is very loving, not just in a romantic or sexual way - although this is definitely present - but in a you're a human being and you deserved to be acknowledged and cared about kind of way. This, among with the beautiful, unique sounds of the language allow a sense of belonging and worth. Brazilians hug and kiss strangers. Physical contact in the United States among friends of the same sex can sometimes be perceived as being gay (which, if it is, is TOTALLY okay, not saying that this bad, it just shouldn't be the only conclusion ever drawn from this type of interaction) but in Brazil, it is absolutely normal and just a way of showing that you care deeply about your beloved friend. Portuguese is often compared to the other romance languages, but really, it has its many ...more

The Portuguese from Europe and Africa sucks, but the Portuguese from Brazil is awesome. It sounds totally different than any other kind of Portuguese spoken worldwide. It is consequence of the influence that the Brazilian Portuguese received of a lot of other languages, such as Italian, Spanish, German, languages of Brazilian Indians, and languages brought from Africa by black slaves. It is what made the Portuguese from Brazil be the beautiful language that it is nowadays.

It is my language, but I can surely say that I'm not voting in it for that. I realised that portuguese it's a language that make such sense in everything, every phrase, every word make sense, its incredible!
Following I would say english, not because I think its beautiful, or because I like it, but it's a language the everybody speaks, right, so that's it.
And finally my favorite language just by side with portuguese, german! I love it, although I know just a few words, I hope I can crack it someday.

I love this language so much I'm actually learning it right now, it's easy when you start with the basics but it gets harder after that. I even know a few words! "Cadeira" is chair, "Casa" is house, "Carro" is car, and "Ola" is hello. It's also not unoriginal like Spanish or Italian. Best language for me!

10 Tamil

Why Tamil is the Best language? Because,

* Tamil is one of the oldest language of the world.
* Tamil is the oldest living language of the world.
* Tamil is one of the Classical Language of the world.
* For which language people ready to Die called 'Tamil'.
* Which language people like more than their mother ' Tamil'.
* which Language name is named to their children by people is 'Tamil'.
* This is not only a language. This is a religion. Tamil is the god of it.

And, More and More to say...
But, If you want to know about the richness of Tamil, search of 'Siddhas'.
You will find who are the first scientists of the world and many more amazing things!

Tamil is a ancient language and it is still strong with its literature. Tamil is a language which is rich with information or knowledge of science, marshal art, culture, medicine, technology, mathematics, history, geography, business, and more. Tamil also one and one and only language which have 16 different types of specials, features and became as ' semmozli . Although its 70 of literature got destroyed, Tamil is still rich in literature with its 30 literature compare to other languages. If anyone want to know the beauty of this language, please learn Tamil. Tamil is a marvelous language with its wonderful vocabularies. ' . . ' . ' ' ' ' .

I am a Thamizh. I know fluently to read, write and speak in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, and have knowledge in Sanskrit grammar also. In my opinion I see Thamizh is "THE BEST". Not because I am a Thamizh but in no other languages I knew the words are having their roots and correct reasons in them. And those words' roots you can find in Thamizh. And the words not only just have correct reasons but when put together in sentences "ITS SWEET". I think this sweetness is because of its "SIMPLENESS".

I was born in California but I am mixed race as my dad came from Andhra Pradesh a state in India and speaks Telugu and Tamil. My Mum is mixed race white having European backgrounds she is English, German, French and Norwegian and can speak all those languages and she can also speak my dads languages. I learned Tamil from my dad because it is if you know Telugu as it was evolved from. I researched a lot and found Tamils have the oldest history and the language it is more 20,000 years old and still exists

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11 Greek

Greek is one of the longest lasting languages. Aside from it being a beautiful and complex language, Latin was based almost entirely off of Greek and English was based off Latin and Greek. At the time this comment was being written English is #1 on the list but it is simply a modernized and edited version of Greek. Almost any other European language is also at least somewhat based on the Greek language.

I think Greek should be at least at top 10. Because Greeks spread the western civilization to Europe through history and except that, many medical terms or astronomic terms or mathematical terms were used by the Greeks and invented by the Greeks. Greek is also an easy language with easy grammar but difficult vocabulary because there are many different meanings with different words and if you put a ' (tone) in between the word and the meaning will change.

Greek should be at least at top 10. It's the Big Mama of ALL European Languages. It is a very interesting, and one of the few surviving Ancient Languages. For a thousand years it was the most important language in tge world, everyone should speak Greek, even Jesus Christ knew Greek. It is simply Majestic...

The Greek language is the language of the arts and sciences. It is a language of literature and discovery. It's existence has advanced civilization as we know it.

12 Mandarin Chinese

Chinese is one of the most successful languages in the world. It has a proud history (not only 5000 years, according to historical records, 20 thousand years ago) and an amazing number of users. Its accumulated cultural background can be comparable with any other language in the world, and even surpass many. Its beauty makes millions of people intoxicated. It is the sediment of wisdom of millions of people. The popularity of the Chinese world is not optimistic now, mainly because China's national conditions are still developing, and China is also very nervous about its own governance. It is not open enough, but it is working hard!

Chinese is a beautiful-sounding language and even more beautiful-looking. There is endless meaning behind the characters and the tones aren’t really as hard as people say they are. Also the grammar is easy which is a dream for me as a native English speaker (I learn Chinese)

Chinese is the most beautiful language in the world, especially traditional Chinese, it consists of China's 5,000 years of history. Either in its writing or speaking, it's perfectly amazing.

I am disgraced to be Chinese, I wish I were any other than Chinese. I mean it's so annoying when the chiense speak their language in public, too high pitched. Which is why I don't know much Chinese anymore.

13 Telugu

It can be treated as the worlds sweetest language... Because already it has a title "Italian of the east".. Most of the words in Telugu ends with vowels which brought the language sweetness... Once you listen the language you can will believe that even honey is also somewhat lesser in sweetness of the Telugu... Its simply rocks... And music in this particular language is simply super... This language had preserved the language game called 'asthavadanam' which has extinguished in the other Indian languages except Sanskrit...

Telugu has many peculiar qualities than any other languages in the world, ancient poets not only from Telugu but from other languages also accepted and stated that Telugu is such asweetest and beautiful language to speak, read, write. Telugu is also being called as a most convenient language for music and the number of accents that Telugu have may no other language would have had. Many non Telugus say its really beauriful to listen. Telugu is been existed since more than 2000 years and been recognised by GOI as one of the classical language. Current Telugu have only 25 % of ancient Telugu content and rest was wiped out in the calamities, still it have great words, knowledge and literature. I'm always proud to be a Telugu for having such rich and ancient monther tongue.

Here some people expressed their opinions about their mother tongue... it's very good to hear that still our Indians are loving their own languages... in my view "Telugu", it's a language that can mesmerize anybody in the world... We had language of circles (varthulakaralu) means all the letters will be in circles shape naturally. It is very cute to see those circles... When I forced to choose another language in India, its Malayalam. It's also a sweet language to hear... N is also tough to learn...

Telugu is a very rich language, equipped with 56 alphabets. No other language posses this many alphabets. It has words for each and everything, yet it is very flexible. You can express different meanings for the same word based on context. It is logically expressible and sweet. It derives its roots from Sanskrit. It has many range of conjunctions which helps to put complex sentences in very logical fashion.

14 Czech

It's very unique language for sure with a nice sound and melody. It may be challenging to learn it, but result is worth it

It is a very nice languages to learn. I am mostly proud to be learning it well.

It's such an interesting and unique language.

It's nice, unique and hart language to learn.

15 Sinhala

Sinhala is considered as the most beautiful accent & most beautiful alphabet that a language has on earth. It has evolved for over 1000 years and so is well designed today. But, unfortunately, it's spoken by a very small number of people around the world and majority in Sri Lanka, also among the top 30 dying languages due to decreasing use of it due to lack of natural evolution and lack of availability of reference for higher studies and research. But, it still is the most beautiful language on earth.

I followed Sinhala literature and language just because I am Sinhalese. I have been USA for a long time and I can tell you that one of best and very emotional languages in the world is Sinhalese. I believed that's because the influence of Buddhism which is very advanced philosophical religion, but nowadays due to globalization and competitiveness in the world, the appreciation of beautiful languages have gone down and I don't see a problem because it's impossible to change the world. But if you wanna be little bit smarter and understanding about the world, you could learn about hidden smart cultures and languages. I promise that it will change your life. But realistically, it's hard to learn it. Also, there's no use financially so I know only few will learn it but that few is very lucky, according to my perspective.

It's a well known language. And I'm proud to be a Sinhalese. There are many facts about suspicions about Sinhala Language.

1) A Person who can Pronounce Sinhala well undoubtedly will able to Pronounce any Language in the World.

2) Even NASA includes Sinhala when the are sending shuttles to find life forms away from our planet.

3) Sinhala word is used in Greek language to tell about aliens or to mention about them.

4) Richest language in the world. Many similar words, Many opposite words and even though same thing can say in different manner. Lots of way to express our feelings.

5) Although we can write any word from any language using Sinhala alphabet.

This is all I can remind for now. Love my tongue love my language.

Ayubowan. (may you live long) is how we greet in Sinhalese. Sinhala is the cream of sanskrit and pali. The unique language is beautiful in its melodious sound and the curved writing as well. With its origin dating back to 5th century because, the language is easy to convey in its meaning and pronunciation because each word has its unique syllable. So that once you learn the alphabet, you don't need to learn to pronounce a written word separately. Also the language is being used for literature in numerous creative ways to make stories, essays, various types of poems etc. Sinhala language uses a lot of "aa" in it with extended silable (not like chinese) and less stops and pauses. Also the number of ka, ba, ta, the which makes it very soothing and subtle to the ear. It's a language to be preserved and is also reaching the far ends of the universe in the sound record of the voyager satellite as well.

16 Persian

Besides sounding so beautiful and soft, Persian language is the key to understand thousands of amazing poems and texts. People have studied Persian and English, French, Russian, Chinese and other literatures all claim that Persian is the richest one. Many poets like Hafiz revealed signs and adjectives of a 3rd word and they say words that are so reaching and beautiful and complicated. Persian, with a very special structure of language, can be the best host for poetry (with tools like saying sentences with two meanings and hiding meanings with them.)

Exactly, it's so poetic. The most amazing poets of the history were spoken Persian or Farsi (an other name of Persian) and wrote their poem by that
and the native Iranian can speak Arabic Turkish and English.
And there is a poem of an Iranian poet written on facade of UN's main building in NY and I remember an American boy who spoken most of these language and when the reporter asked him which one is the most beautiful he said Persian so Persian or Farsi is the most beautiful. Persian. It's the language of Iran.

One of the most beautiful sounding languages! It sounds so soft, the words sound beautiful and I basically love the way it sounds. Also I think that if you will learn persian you will not speak it with the accent of your native language. (I'm not persian by the way).

As I am afghani and I speak identical language to Persian I can tell you that Persian is sounds soft and sweet. They use excessive posh word from small kids to old people and one thing attracted me towards Persian is their accent and I love to imitate them.

17 Norwegian

Danish spoken with a Swedish accent. I can speak quite a bit of Norwegian and it's a very easy and simple language, especially if you know another scandinavian language already. If you want to learn a scandinavian language, learn Norwegian. You'll be able to understand most Danish and Swedish and even some Icelandic because of how mutually intelligible it is with the other languages! The grammar is almost identical to English besides the V2 rule, which is very easy to grasp!

I'm Swedish and this language is so beautiful! Yes I know, swedish and norweigan (and danish) are identical, but for me, norweigan sounds like Swedish but with such a beautiful and holy accent.
Way prettier than Swedish (my opinion, Swedish sounds quite natural for me).

I'm learning Norwegian and it has become my favorite language already. It might sound like someone is passing gas when you speak it, but that's what makes it fun. It's easy to remember and fast to learn. I give it 5 stars!

Few languages have so many dialects, each with their own vocabulary, tone and rhythm. The writing language is not that good though. You spit the words out so it is perfect for Rock!

18 Ukrainian

I am in love with my own native language (Ukrainian). It has beautiful melody, amazing songs, and very funny phrases that for some other countries might seem weird. But for us, it's just like a big inside joke from all of us Ukrainians.

The best language ever. At least the best in the Slovenian group of languages. It is so melodic, soft and beautiful. If you hear real Ukrainian speech you would definitely fall in love with this language.

Ukrainian songs are well known in all former Soviet republics because of their beauty. When Ukrainians speak their language abroad, many people stop to listen to it and ask: what language is this?

Ukrainian language sometimes like Italian, so nice melodic and soft

19 Swedish

Simply a lovely language! Pretty simple grammar, words are usually pronounced as they are written and thus it is easy to learn. Quite a "relaxed" language overall. However, Swedish still sounds so beautiful and cute, especially when people from central or southern Sweden speak, it is like they're singing! Furthermore, I am very proud and happy to say that I speak Swedish fluently and also understand it well :) It is always a massive pleasure when I'm in some public place (for example in a bus or tram) in Stockholm or Gothenburg or wherever actually and hear Swedes talking to each other in this lovely language! Just nothing beats that feeling and like I said, it is so great when I can understand at least most of it what they are saying :) Swedish is one of the most underrated languages in the world!

I'm learning this language and its just amazing and Easy to be honest I was gonna learn Spanish but I found it difficult compared to Swedish Can't wait to be Fluent! Plus I love the Country!

I just love to hear it, it so smooth and musical. I would like to learn it.

Its very smooth and sweet to hear and they don't need many words to talk

20 Dutch

People say Dutch is a funny language, actually, it's not. You should hear Dutch people saying 'alstubleift' everywhere which makes every sentence sound so sweet to me.

I'm not sure why Afrikaans is rated above it's father, Dutch.
Anyway, I'd like to say that Dutch is an extremely rich and flexible language.
Using Dutch you can describe things in more detail compared to English, there's lot of literature in Dutch/Flemish. Just think about books like Anne Frank's Diary! Besides that there are the masterpieces written by Louis Paul Boon. These are just 2 examples, there's much more. There are words like "Gezellig" which can't be properly translated to English and there are many more examples. So while German is flexible, Dutch is still a bit more flexible. As how others describe Afrikaans for example, all of those features are in Dutch but more explored, more complex. After all Afrikaans grew from a simplified Dutch. So to me, Dutch is the most impressive language and I'm glad or rather proud to speak it.

I watched the langfocus video on German and Dutch and I was infatuated with dutch the whole time, I have watched that video ~7 times

The language most closely related to English, almost exactly the same grammar. the only thing that is difficult is the pronunciation, but still very difficult for people who aren't Dutch.

21 Hebrew

The tone of it is far more rough than the other languages but being an ancient and old language can make the beauty of it more, and I like it by the way...

Not the best language, but it's my language and that's all that matters.

How do you say holocaust in hebrew?

Sounds annoying and whiny.

22 Polish

Polish is so beautiful! It's unique compared to other Slavic languages, with way more French, German and Latin influences than most Slavic languages. Also, some people have compared our phonetics to Portuguese - probably because of the nasal ą and ę, which only our Slavic language has! It's not as hard as most people say - all of the grammar that most people learn while learning Polish is archaic or not used in speaking. Most Poles make a ton of grammatical mistakes anyway :P Polish music is cool too!

BEST LANGUAGE honestly it seems hard to learn but with enough time you could speak it really well also it sounds really pretty and amazing and to me when someone sings it, it beats english by a long shot

I am from Germany and in my opinion Polish language is nice to hear but I don't understand anything.

What I would be speaking as a young child alongside English if my Grandmother taught my mom it.

23 Hindi

Best language, with great pronouns and many meaning of one word, like in English... You can sing really great song in Hindi, which can be feel in heart, and its easy to speak as an second language, if you can speak neighbour language of Hindi, like Nepali, Bhojpuri, Bengali etc... I am not botn in India so my mother tongue is not Hindi, but I can still speak Hindi, I learn Hindi in 2-3 years. Just by watching movies, etc. So if you live near by India than its easy for you to learn English. And I think its kind of easy for others too. You can feel the words that is in Hindi... This language has really good feeling to your emotion. You can easily make jokes, story, etc in Hindi... Because it is different but the best language to learn and speak. My native language is Nepali, but I think Hindi is also a great language to speak.

Hindi is revered a beautiful language around the world with exposure to Bollywood being a big factor in this. However the truth is that Indians aren't as patriotic as they portray themselves to be. They speak Urdu in their daily lives, sure that's cool, but then they have also claimed that bolly wood is a Hindi film industry which is FAR from the truth. Never have I seen any country just reject their own language like that. India needs their Sanskrit Hindi back and need to stop adopting Urdu which isn't their language and no, neither did it originate from India. The Mughals which rules India sure left them the language but of course it didn't originate in India.

You know what good about it, you can use any other language's vocab and it'll make sense and is acceptable because of its fluid grammar and rich culture. It also has almost every phonetic sound a human can produce.
Learning Hindi make learning other languages easier.

To be honest I can't tell if people voted this because they like the language in Bollywood songs or because they appreciate actual Sanskrit Hindi. Because Bollywood songs are pretty much in Urdu and you actually have plenty of information that is trying to educate you on this. If it was all in Hindi, how would I, as a non-hindi speaker and non-indian, even understand their songs and movies.

24 Finnish

I think finnish is prettiest language in the world! I'm from Spain and I just love ite. I heart it first time when I listened mulan reflection in finnish. So lovely

A very beautiful Uralic language


25 Icelandic

It's a fantastic langage.

It’s beautiful language and the land it’s so beautiful and nirth lights

A Germanic language that retains its Viking roots, being the only one that still uses letters ð and þ

It's easy to learn abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzðæþö

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