Most of the IndoAryan Languages have the same origin and Sanskrit is the mother of many languages speak in Indian subcontinent. Sanskrit was the language of a rich culture and heritage since the time when most of the modern languages did not exist even English, the best international language without doubt. But this supremacy and elegant nature of English (with all due respect to the language from my heart and all the people speaking English) would not be possible without the British empire... What I mean to say is political power and not the pronunciation beauty of English played the key role for its world wide acceptance. Bengali is the sweetest language emerged from Sanskrit without doubt and in course of evolution since 10th century or prior to it, mixing with other languages it has become simpler as well as sweeter because of its eclectic quality and is still evolving. Bengali literature, songs, films has won all the greatest awards of the world in their respective fields without ...more

Any language that can express the highest, noblest human thoughts, and can generate divine feelings of selfless love, mercy, compassion, non-violence, humility, and countless other loftiest divine attributes, to their maximum conceivable level, that language should be considered as the greatest language of the world. Bengali has all these highest qualities in it. Many great thinkers and humanitarians have enriched this language with noblest human thoughts. Unless you knowBengali properly, you really miss countless great treasures and expressions of this world.
Bengali is a language of selfless love. And you will agree that true love, without any barrier or boundary, is the highest wisdom. There is no place of any narrow feeling in proper Bengali language. Bengali language incorporates in itself no discrimination for community, caste, creed, race, language, nationality, sex etc

Bengali is the language of the heart. This language is really not for selfish people who understand ...more

Languages are required for smooth communication. And there won't be a any barriers in communication if the chosen medium For communicating is simple and easy. Bengali sweet or not, it is the easiest language spoken... Not too many complications are there in articles, gender and tenses... So it makes it easier for a person to speak Bengali..
Well, that's what is needed, an easy language for communication.. People residing in kolkata at least for 6 months will be able to get hold of this language to a great extent.. Its that easy! And I think, as far as my thoughts go, its the best language for communication...

Bengali is the only language in the history of the world for which the people of it's country (Bangladesh) gave their lives in 1952 in the movement against Pakistan. International Mother Language day was announced in the honor of Bengali language.
The language possesses a long history of culture, literature, lifestyle, livings, joys & sorrows of Bengali people.

Firstly the language have a rich spectrum of emotional expression that is I think should be the parameter of measurement the quality of the language (that is nothing but a tool of expression of human mind).
Also if you hear it also please your ear. And lastly as a native regional language (by past) very few have the same poetic and highly enriched stock of literature as Bengali, form these Perls only few translation can won Nobel prize (Geetanjali of R. Tagore).

I live in England and I live in a community crawling with people who speak Bengali. I have loads of Bengali mates as well and I think the language is pretty sweet! Apparently they've borrowed Portuguese, Dutch, French and Arabic words into their language. It sounds proper cool.

To see how people have responded so positively to Bengali's addition in this list, with over 360 comments, speaks for itself. As a native Bengali speaker, I can vouch for its delectable richness, not only in the pronunciations, the accents, the varying dialects, but also, of course, in its literature, which I feel surpasses that of any other language in the world, in both its sheer volume and creative potential. And yet so much of it remains unnoticed by the rest of the world and unexplored even by us, especially people of my own generation who, I feel ashamed to say, actually take pride in NOT knowing about their own mother tongue. It infuriates me.

21st February is declared as the international mother language day by UNESCO and celebrated first time in 2000. It's a tribute to this language as for the first time people came into road to withstand their mother tongue Bengali in Bangladesh in a large scale and many a people became martyr in the year of 1952. So... Hats off to this unparalleled passion and love for this beautiful language "Bengali"

Bengali is worlds most sweetest language. National anthem for India and Bangladesh is in Bengali. Also there has lots of nice songs which was written in Bengali. Just listen this language. Who don't know this, they also can enjoy the smoothness of Bengali.

Why it is no.11? Bengali is the most beautiful language in the world undoubtedly. Where else people died for their mother tongue?

Bengali is the seventh most spoken language in the world consisting a dynamic range of vocabulary, phrases and very sweet pronunciation. The rich cultural heritage and artistic approach in the world of literature has marked this language to be one of the most influential language in the history.

Bengali is everywhere, you walk down the street and you hear at least one periods speaking Bengali. I am British born, but my parents are Bengali. I was always interested in speaking Bengali since a young age. As I grew older I had a increased interest in speaking Bengali, it create a whole new community between Bengali speaking people when they are together, and we can talk about non- Bengali people right in front of them. Speaking Bengali just gives a whole new sense of belonging between Bengali people and makes people feel more accepting of people.

Bengali has imbibed all languages that came to its vicinity and took the best in them and modified to enrich its vocabulary, it own, still it bears the basic sweetness and rhythm. Over the years it was made simpler. All sounds which can be clearly understood can be written in bengali. Being flexible to modification over time, flexible to imbibe words from other languages to enrich vocabulary and continuous smoothening by a vast amount of culture it was exposed to (arab, urdu, Hindi _bhojpuri_maithili britain English) during its history (as bong was very rich and fertile land in ancient times) made it most beautiful as an end product. As more people use something over a long period of time, only the best qualitities are preseved till the end. Other attributes fade over time. The other languages in the world which were so rigid about all these things actually remained the same old language at the end of time, not smoothened. They were not exposed to to many cultures too, which could ...more

I'm from kolkata and my mother is Bengali... I have heard so many languages and talked with different language speakers but Bengali is undoubtedly the sweetest language because every time you listen to the language it'll bring a smile in your face...

Sweetest language of the world

I am very proud to listen that Bengali is the most sweetest language in the world. The Language gives many thing to the world from the Literature to the entertainment and I think Bengali get's its real position with this. so, I feel proud to be an Indian and also a Bengali.

Bengali is the sweetest language by the survey of UNESCO... How it can be in the 3rd position in this list? Bengali should be the 1st language..

Wow, bengali! Bengali... Top language of the world

What can I say more about it? According to me it's the most sweetest language in the world. I personally speak 8 languages and can understand another 5, but it just proves how better is this than any other language in the world... It should come at first

The most sweetest language in world..

The enriched cultured language

Bengali ranked 1st in the list of world's most sweetest language.. Bengali has two sub part- chalit and sadhu.. Today's spoken Bengali is of chalit one.. Though the other one is a little bit of tongue twister.. But indeed it is a sweet language.. The slang are even sweeter

Bengali is our beloved mother tongue. We bengali people love it as like our mother. It has her own charm which is very rare to find. It makes us able to believe that we have the power to nurture him much more. As a result most of the bengali can imagine themselves as a writer, poet, novelist or a singer.

Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore was a Bengali litterateur who got his Nobel for bengali literature. So undoubtedly it is best of the best among all the languages.

A single man wrote the national anthems of two countries in this language. For this language, people have died. For this language, International Mother Tongue Day is celebrated. I'm still really shocked to see how someone can even dare to ask others to not vote for their native language (if they love it, although there's absolutely no harm in not doing so - a language, at the end of the day, is simply a tool to express ideas) in favour of the language spoken most in the country (I'm referring to you, overzealous Hindi-Hindu-Hindustan guy).