English is the most easiest language to learn! There are no verb conjugations, and its grammar is very easy, even the irregular verbs are not difficult at all. This language has the international power, and like a bulgarian, I am proud to be a part of the English community. I have learned this language since I was 10 years old, although my English still did not reach a high level - I am proud to know it, to read it and to speak it. I accept this language like my native language and I want to improve my knowledge. I love you, you are my number one!

I view English as the core language of the world, not just because I've spoken it all my life, but also by seeing how many people of many different countries have learned it, whether English is an official language of that country or not. Honestly, it's quite a mystery to me how a lot of people can learn their native language without English translation.

It's a simple language for you to learn because it contains words that come from other languages, so you'll find parts of your old language in there! The USA has no official language, but English is the most common, though there are lots of Spanish speaking people. I think the USA is making either English or Spanish the official language.

It is certainly world's best language because of many things: short words, simple grammar, beautiful sound and much much more I can hardly point out. English is the language of mankind.

Simple grammar.. Yet hardly anyone knows how it.. Even native English speakers struggle like hell with it. - LemonComputer

Yet another gift Britain gave to the world. This language is easy to learn at a basic level. So easy that some Americans have stopped making grunting noises and learnt to be understood using English.

English is the most universal language on Earth and for good reason as it is beautifully creative. Whenever I see the English language and the United States flag put together it pisses me off however. The language is English not American, get it right!

English is considered the language of the intern and is a second language to most of the counties in Europe. It is also very easy to learn compared to other languages like French

Not all people in the world can speak Spanish, French, Japanese and other languages. Only sone knows. But most of then can speak English. It is a international language that everyone should understand.

I am writing in English right now. Which actually proves something! English is the greatest thing that happened to the Earth

A language should be easy to learn and understand, and as well easy to read a write- English is all of the above when compared to the worlds other spoken languages.

I think the Slavic tongue sound terrible, as do the languages from the Orient, and Oriental writing is vastly over complicated, unnecessarily so. True Spanish is a pretty language, almost reminds me of poetry.

I love English because it's the most understated language but I speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, Cat and Japanese but I like English the best.

English is global language. It is sure that nobody owns English, even English do not own English because people from all over the world speak English with their own style and accent. However, the most important thing is to break the barriers with communication.

Well we write now in English and it's the international language for many reasons. But not because is the best.

English can be a bit difficult with pronunciation and spelling sometimes but on the whole it is much simpler due to no different genders and endings

It's not my mother language but I have learnt how to use it right (or at least, I think I have! ). It's awesome.

If we know English very well we can buy the world you won't believe this comment is written by it's me america's president barack obama

I grew up learning it, I understand it, and English is one of the most spoken language so everyone should speak some form of it.

A great mix of words from Germanic and Romantic origin. It also has a great potential of becoming a universal language.

I know a bit of Japanese from my old school, but English is the language I am most fluent in. - Lunala

Come on! All your comments are in English! There is not one person who can't agree with me on this one (there can't be! )

I don't know about you guys, but I speak English, and because of this, I learned 3 other languages: British, Australian, and Canadian, which I tried to add to this list

Needs to clean up its spelling problems to be more phonetic

Music is the language of emotions, math is the language of science, and English is the language of internet.

I am an Indian but I think english is number 1 because it's a formal language and is easy compared to others

It is more practical and world can communicate easily