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21 Telugu

It can be treated as the worlds sweetest language... Because already it has a title "Italian of the east".. Most of the words in Telugu ends with vowels which brought the language sweetness... Once you listen the language you can will believe that even honey is also somewhat lesser in sweetness of the Telugu... Its simply rocks... And music in this particular language is simply super... This language had preserved the language game called 'asthavadanam' which has extinguished in the other Indian languages except Sanskrit...

Eager to learn Telugu.. Its nice to hear this language and even to learn... I can say this, as one of the sweetest classical languages I heard. It is even called as "Italian of east"...

Telugu has been voted as the 2nd best script in the world by International Alphabet Association.

Telugu is the best

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22 Dutch

Dutch is a very beautiful language and it's sad that people are now forgetting about this language and using English instead.

Dutch and English are sister languages, so it uses some English words

How to write in Dutch:
1. Bang head on keyboard.
2. If you can read it erase and start over.
3. Press space. Repeat.

I'm just playing. I just love tryin to pronounce this stuff.

The language most closely related to English, almost exactly the same grammar. the only thing that is difficult is the pronunciation, but still very difficult for people who aren't Dutch.

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23 Urdu

Urdu is better than hindi
Hindi is a copy of yrdr..
Even in bollywood most of dailoge in urdu...

To be honest, if Hindi is what is being known as Urdu as in Bollywood movies, then, Urdu should be in place of Hindi in the top ten. Urdu should be recognised, I wouldn't be watching Bollywood or listening to their songs if it was all Hindi. Urdu has definitely influenced what we know as Hindi and the Bollywood industry and there's no match with Urdu.

People don't like urdu cause it is what Muslims speak I mean I don't get it. Urdu is a great language and how is Hindi higher than urdu?!?! It is just urdu with like slightly different wording

My sweets who voted Hindi instead of Urdu, all your Bollywood songs are in Urdu, with learned urdu pronunciation. The world is fooled because Urdu is a gem that's being brushed under the carpet for them thanks to Bollywood claiming its entire industry is Hindi

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24 Danish

Danish is one of the best languages in the world. And people who say the language sucks, their language probably sucks too.

Not sure if somebody is choking or retarded

Not necessarily useful (unless in Denmark) but a good stepping stone for other languages. I recommend to learn Dansk!

Dansk is dank, Hank! (kill me now)
I suggest this very highly, right under Norwegian. (it still does kind of sound like they're speaking Norsk with a potato in the back of their throat but it's fine)
I was joking, by the way. - SenpaiNoticeMe

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25 Celtic

Celtic is a collection of languages. This should be removed. - LemonComputer

26 Polish

BEST LANGUAGE honestly it seems hard to learn but with enough time you could speak it really well also it sounds really pretty and amazing and to me when someone sings it, it beats english by a long shot

Feel like a snake!

I am from Germany and in my opinion Polish language is nice to hear but I don't understand anything.

I'm polish and it is an awesome spy language!

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27 Hebrew

The tone of it is far more rough than the other languages but being an ancient and old language can make the beauty of it more, and I like it by the way...

How is this so far down! - turtwig

I really really really like this language and I use it for a second language and I want to learn more about the language itself.

It's a very nice languages

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28 Sign Language

Sign language is very beautiful it brings pleasure and joy, I love the hand movements the way we express our feelings through hand movements its just beauty in itself

W-what? - LemonComputer

29 Afrikaans

Beautiful language! Mixture of dutch and german. Is spoken by south africans.

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30 Taiwanese

Hokkien is one of the Chinese language's dialects which is used by Taiwanese & Southeast Asia's Mainland Chinese diaspora nowadays. - VNTMFans

There is no such a language called Taiwanese, Taiwan people speak

31 Romanian

To me, Romanian sounds very beautiful because it sounds like you are speaking two languages at once. I really think it deserves some attention because it is sad that people hardly know this language.

Romantic sexy latin language :)) just love it!

Beautiful Romance language similar to Italian and Spanish but distinct and sweet in its own way

Sorry I am part GreekArumanian...if u knew Rumanian it has most awful curses ever heard on earth! U better avoid speaking rumanian in europe rumanian folk especially women below age 40 are rude and violent just like Gypsy Rroma folk their ethnic brothers! - Eraklious

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32 Sanskrit

As everybody knows it is the mother language of all languages it is the best language ever and very ancient als

The language of value and purity. The best and sweetest language of the world. I am a student of class 9 and I am hundred percent sure no modern language can beat the glory and beauty of sanskrit. Although every language have their own glory, sanskrit is much more than all the languages. And I am sure it will come back to India with great pomp and splendour.

Learn sanskrit and you will easily understand ten Indian languages!
It's a language tree, with lots of branches.

If Sanskrit didn't exist, we would all be pointing at stuff to communicate

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33 Kannada

As a saying goes "you don't need a teacher to learn Kannada" ("ee bhaasheyanna kaliyalu guruvina agathyavilla! "). It's so simple, technically rigid & soothing to the ears. Many outsiders have learned the language & have continued their interest into Kannada literature (E. G George Ferdinand Kittle & among many others ). That says a lot about the attractiveness of it. It's one of the oldest living languages of the world dating back to several becauses. It's grammatical completeness is sought after by many litterateurs. Kannada words are so interesting & wonderful. I love my language to the core

One of the oldest and classical language in the world and considered as the 3rd most beautiful script language in the world. The only Indian language to enter the list.

Its the sweetest of all languages in the world. Anyone in the world can easily learn kannada. And I'm very proud to be a kannadiga. This is the only language which has got more number of jnana peeta award.

It has more than 2500 years od history

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34 Swahili

Very easy language to learn. You literally pronounce the word from how it looks. No weird rules like English.

Best language easy to learn as well as speaking

I think it's deserve to be at the first position

35 Malayalam

I can speak Malayalam. Classical Malayalam is such a rich language.

Toughest among the south Indian languages. There are words unique to it that are not found in any other languages' alphabet.

The sweetest of languages with a distinct culture and tradition as a backdrop.

My language

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36 Indonesian

This is the most beautiful language in southeast Asia. This beautiful country even completes the whole package.

I'm Indonesian and I can understand it, this language is cool

Bravo! Bahasa Indonesia/Melayu is the most gorgeous language in Southeast Asia that embraces the wonders of the whole country! Its dialects could give them a twist to learn more, just like Tagalog and other Filipino dialects! - VNTMFans

Easy to learn.especially when you usually speak English or Melayu. And also can be simplified.

For example:

English:"I've told you..."
Indonesian:"Saya sudah bilang..."
Indonesian (daily use): "Kan.."

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37 Armenian

No other known language has such a reach capacity of expressions than Armenian language

Most beautiful cinematic language. It is very graceful and rolls on the tongue.

Breathtaking! Most beautiful language I've eer heard. It's like words coming out of the mouth of a European prophet.

38 Huttese

THE greatest language of all time, from the greatest film franchise of all time! It is a pretty cool language and it should be used in some countries laugh out loud

The best language in Star Wars from Jabba the Hut. It sounds pretty good

39 Tagalog

Tagalog is the language who are not stammer..and very clean and not stammer to speak english..

This language has strong yet blooming diction. Sounds truly feminine, especially the Tagalog idioms. - VNTMFans

Tagalog is a beautiful language and sounds unique!

Among the 500 dialects of the philippines, tagalog is the national dialect. It is a very rich language and flexible in any language in the world

Saranghaeyo tagalog

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40 Hawaiian

One of the simplest langauges ever, not that I can speak it. - RecklessGreed

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