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41 Tagalog

Tagalog is the language who are not stammer..and very clean and not stammer to speak english..

This language has strong yet blooming diction. Sounds truly feminine, especially the Tagalog idioms. - VNTMFans

Among the 500 dialects of the philippines, tagalog is the national dialect. It is a very rich language and flexible in any language in the world

Tagalog is a beautiful language and sounds unique!

Saranghaeyo tagalog

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42 Mandarin Chinese

Ni Hao!
Mandarin Chinese is actually about a step harder than Japanese. Like I said, you'll get the hang of it!

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43 Croatian

It's hard to learn it, and you wont learn it if you're not born there... but it's beautiful

44 Oriya

Those who don't know, I here by pleased to tell them that Odiya is the sweetest language in world. And please no one dare to argue about it...

All the facial expressions can be done only by Oriya language. We can express our facial reactions only by words. It is pretty much sweeter that one can easily convince others. Love Oriya language...

Oriya is the best

Odia language belongs to Lord jagannath's name..

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45 Telugu

It can be treated as the worlds sweetest language... Because already it has a title "Italian of the east".. Most of the words in Telugu ends with vowels which brought the language sweetness... Once you listen the language you can will believe that even honey is also somewhat lesser in sweetness of the Telugu... Its simply rocks... And music in this particular language is simply super... This language had preserved the language game called 'asthavadanam' which has extinguished in the other Indian languages except Sanskrit...

Eager to learn Telugu.. Its nice to hear this language and even to learn... I can say this, as one of the sweetest classical languages I heard. It is even called as "Italian of east"...

Telugu has been voted as the 2nd best script in the world by International Alphabet Association.

Telugu is the best

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46 Punjabi

world's best sweetest language
no language can beat punjabi

Yes I agree with it because I found Punjabi is the most comprehensive and beautiful language of the world. It had single worded names of most things. Punjabi is not only language it is culture and way of simple life. It has been hijacked or victim of linguistic genocide in India and Pakistan.

Most sweetest language to any person is the mother tongue, by which a person can express his emotions to the highest degree, and in the same manner the, compared to any other language known to him


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47 Farsi

The most poetic language ever.

There is no deference between Persian and Farsi!

FARSI is the best and sweetest language ever...

The sweat Language

48 Gujarati

This is the sweetest language in the world & easy to understand

My gujarati language is best of world.

Sweetest language in the world

I love Gujarati

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49 Catalan

Sweetest. Specially Catalan from Valencia.

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50 Pashto

Although, not a lot of people know about this language but it's on of the hardest language to learn and it's worth it. I am an Aussie and this language is thought to me by my boyfriend. It sound like Russian and has a lot of rich old history to it.

By learning Pashto, you can be treated like a friend by Pashto speakers; they are friendly, like guests, committed in friendship and loyal to promise.

Language of Poetry and stories, that's all I can say. (An American soldier)

By learning Pashto, you can be treated like a friend by Pashto speakers; they are friendly, like guests, committed in friendship and loyal to promise.

Ho ho nice name whoever thought of it 1 billion years ago is a cracking person

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51 Yoruba

It's a very poetical language
even the simplest words mean so many things
it's the language of the beautiful yoruba tribe in Nigeria

52 Estonian

I think Estonian language is the most beautiful language in the world. I've visited a lot of countries, but nothing beats it.

It is a hard, hard language, but it sounds so pretty and some how safe

Loads of vowels makes this language ideal for singing and that is what Estonians are doing

The way estonian language sounds is amazing.

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53 Turkish

No gender, no irregular words, vowel harmony which helps you speak more easily..

I learned it and I think it's the most logical language. It has great literature wisdoms. Its spoken in very wide area and sounds good. I suggest you try it.

No gender difference, only one irregular Word (to be).However, when you speak that language, people will think you are a language master.

come on

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54 Serbian

The most perfect language in the world. Write as you speak, Read as you write. No spelling crap needed.

The guy who said it's the worst language ever must be some Croatian or Albanian... Best language ever.

Beautiful language with perfect grammar but hard to learn. I love it because it's my native

The worst language ever

55 Esperanto

Esperanto sounds sweet and is easier to learn than all the languages that are there in the list.

10 years loving English (and still loving it), but 1 year of Esperanto was enough to get to the same level!

A language for everyone

Not many people know that Esperanto has native speakers.

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56 Rajasthani

Even though I don't like rajasthani language that is marwari I support them
because I know that any one will not support it

57 Sindhi

High on the list for me

Greatest language and oldest language in the world

Sindhi is Best

I proud to be a sindhi.because sindhi believe all religions.

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58 Konkani

Not many people of our mother toungue. But as far as I know the people who listen us speaking plead us to teach them our language. One of the best languages in south India. Proud of it!

59 Vietnamese

If you live in Vietnam, you will feel that the Vietnamese is very beautiful. Vietnamese has 6 tones, 25 consonants and very much vowels so it sounds like singing or bird songs. You may feel tired when you start learning it. Reading and writing Vietnamese is easy not like Thai and China but speaking, listening and grammar is very difficult. You should talk much in Vietnamese. If you can speak and listen, your grammar and reading, wirting will be good.

The most beautiful language I've ever seen. You might not imagine how fantastic it is when you hear a Vietnamese person speak up. The tones in the language makes their voice sound really amazing.

One of best language in the world. I love my country

Best language, ng'n ngữ hay nhất

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60 Banjara

It is the language which use by banjara people
Actually Banjara are from rajsthan

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