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61 Hausa

A very interesting language to learn. One of my friends knows Hausa and she taught some to me.

62 Zulu
63 Creole
64 Lithuanian

One of the oldest still spoken languages

65 Malay

A language that full of good culture

Its easy to learn.

Great Language!

Bahasa Malaysia adalah bahasa yang sangat indah bila disebut..

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66 Finnish

I think finnish is prettiest language in the world! I'm from Spain and I just love ite. I heart it first time when I listened mulan reflection in finnish. So lovely

67 Georgian

Georgian is very old and interesting language.

Beautiful alphabet

If you know ever!..

Come on you don't know about Georgia and it's language.Find out about Georgia and you will like it.

68 Bhojpuri

Bhojpuri is the sweetest language of India and if you are arguing with anyone in anger, no one will come to know that you are angry because this language is so sweet and you can show your in a sweet way of bhojpuri

Just because some people feel shame in telling that Bhojpuri is their mother tongue, its at such a low level on this list. More than 40 crore speakers can't be wrong. Truly sweet.

Really, Bhojpuri is the sweetest language in the world.

Very soft language

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69 Albanian

It is a unique language. Just see the Family Tree of Indo-European Language. Albanian is unique language without any connection with any other family language. Absolutely is a great language. And it has 36 letters.

Wonderful language, and beautiful country, to bad politics makes it look worse than it really is

Sounds very unique and nice


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70 Icelandic

Best language in the world should me number one - ListCreator

It's a fantastic langage.

It's easy to learn abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzðæþö

71 Slovak

Polite, sweet sounding and reeeaaaly hard to learn language, I am learning it at the moment and I am glad

72 Latvian
73 Welsh

A very beautiful sounding language.

Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl I mi " Old land of my fathers is dear to me (first line of the anthem) BEST ANTHEM EVER

A b c ch d e f ff g h I l ll m n ng o p ph r s t th u w y. This language has no v, j, q or v. Very useful if you can manage to speak it.

74 Bulgarian

I am sad they forgot the language, which gave the whole literature tradition to the whole Slavic nations. And the Cyrillic alphabet came from here. Also, it enriched the world of Orthodox Christianity, thus giving the opportunity to think beyond the common sense!

75 Sentinelese
76 Kiswahili

Simply a beautiful language! No comparison. In it you find calmness, and it's enjoyable listening to it when indigenous swahili people speak. The very best language to learn! Kiswahili, a melodic language!

77 Saraiki

Very sweet language like Persian n French

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78 Khmer

I don't get what's wrong with it, it sounds sweet.

Beautiful alphabets and easy to speak love it.

79 Kurdish

Kurdish is a great language, sounds great and has a large variety of accents between cities. It is also one of the oldest languages known and is just a darn good language in my opinion =)

Kurdish language have always been discriminated against because the government was not sure if the Kurdish language, this language would be better handled Rank

This language is descended from the ancient Iranian language of median.

I'm kurdish but we are just 30_ e5 milions don't overstate please
And I should say these half of our words are compeletly drawn from middle persian called pahlavi but when it's abondoned in persian we think that they are kurdish

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80 Macedonian

That is Bulgarian (no difference).

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