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81 Gaelic

I have been speaking gaelic my whole life everyone says its hard to lean and boring but to me its one of the best languages in the world!

I have just started learning it and Russian but this one is more fun and easier

Sounds retarded to be honest.

The one and only Irish accent cunas ata tu

82 Aboriginal Australian
83 Bosnian

So beautiful a language that their neighbors copied it as their own

84 Singlish

I really want to learn this language. It's fun

It is a very common language in Ceylon

I really want to learn this language

85 Slovenian

Such a beautiful melodic sounding language with no spelling required and all phonetic speech and writing. It is different to Croatian but more akin to Serbian and Czech languages. Slovenia is the greenest country in Europe and fantastic place to holiday with clean air and water.

It sounds very magic

86 Tulu

The sweetest and most popular language amongpeople of south India s west coast.

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87 Divehi
88 Amharic

Amharic is the most spoken semetic language in Africa.

I'm from Ethiopia Ahmaric language is largest and oldest language also it is different from anather language.
Man can say the best language over the world

89 Ilocano

Lingua franca in the northern region of the Philippines. The BEST for me. - rez13

90 Mongolian
91 Haryanvi

Best language ever, and of course most masculine. Its spoken in haryana (india)

92 Kabardian V 1 Comment
93 Quechua
94 Venetian
95 Fijian

My Mom's from Fiji so every time she's on the phone with my family she speaks Fijian plus I know a little bit of Fijian. Ni Sa Bula Vinaka

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96 Sourashtra
97 Bisaya
98 Tok Pisin

Amazon buy goods here

99 Xavante
100 Warao V 1 Comment
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